Our Plano Personal Injury Attorneys Care about You and have 38 Years of Experience Maximizing Injury Settlements. That’s almost 4 Decades!

We Won the 4th Largest Car Accident Settlement in Texas in 2019

1. Child injured in car accident requiring surgery. Gross settlement $2,050,000.00. Client net $1,378,010.24 after case expenses, medical bills / liens, and attorney fees.

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There is absolutely no cost to you unless we obtain a recovery. Get medical treatment upfront with no out of pocket.

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Our Plano accident attorneys are experts in handling bodily injury due to third party negligence. It’s all we do!

Mullen & Mullen Law Firm was established in 1982. Our founding attorney, Regis L. Mullen, has 53 years of experience and used to work for a very big insurance company. Suffice it to say, we are EXPERT ADVOCATES. We also won Top Injury Law Firm from Top Choice Awards™ for 2019 & 2020.

We have access to all the best legal strategies to fight for your rights. We regularly obtain policy limits from all available insurance sources. You won’t owe us a dime until or unless we win your Plano accident case. If we do, any and all fees will be taken from your settlement.

We will get you medical treatment upfront and once you are all healed we will acquire the very best possible recovery award. Get a free consultation with our Plano car accident lawyers now at (972) 947-3370 or use the contact form or chat function on this page.

No matter how you were hurt, in a car accident, motorcycle collision, commercial truck wreck, or if you slipped and fell on another’s property, we can help. Get the medical treatment you deserve, even if you don’t have health insurance. We will make sure you do not have to suffer financially for something that wasn’t your fault and we will help you get treatment and get your life back on track.

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Our home page explains in great detail EXACTLY how we will go to work for you, some about what makes us unique from other Plano personal injury law firms, and tells more about our credentials. Please read it.

We offer free consultations, and there is never a fee unless we win. See our special offer page for details on our discounted contingency fee. Find our 240+ online ratings in one place here for your convenience.

We will come to your home, office, or hospital room if it makes it easier on you! We also offer virtual consultations and sign-ups.

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Our Accident Lawyers Can Help if You Were Personally Injured in Plano, TX

Dear Plano injury victim –

The saying “America is a litigious society” often comes off as a criticism. Sure, some people and their lawyers certainly misuse the legal system for personal profit.

You hear about Cleanthi Peters suing Universal Studios $15,000 because its haunted house was “too scary” (the case was dismissed). Or, there’s the 1991 case of Richard Overton, who sued Anheuser-Busch for falsely advertising women in bikinis would appear when he drank Bud Light (he wasn’t successful).

But those are only the ridiculous, and extreme, cases that capture media and public attention. It gives you the false perception people only use the legal system to get as much money as they can.

That’s certainly one way you can do it, but it’s not really ethical and courts will call you out on your absurd behavior, labeling your suit “frivolous,” and not giving you any compensation at all.

But should you really pay for your own medical bills and lost time at work when someone else in fact causes your injuries?

Let’s say you were responsibly walking down the aisle at a grocery or fashion store. The company forgot to put a sign up notifying you the floor was wet. You slip, fall, and end up twisting your ankle to the point where you are unable to work for a week.

You contact the store management and report the situation, but they never get back to you. A few contacts later, and you still haven’t made any progress.

You have to go to the doctor to get an evaluation. Fortunately, he says nothing major is needed – just ice your ankle, stay off of it for a week, and you’ll be fine.

Now, you have 5 days of missed work, and a couple of doctor visits to pay for. Not a huge deal, but it certainly wasn’t your fault your ankle got hurt.

Should you be the one taking financial responsibility in that situation?

Or, let’s talk about another. Say you’re driving down a busy city street in Plano, TX. You go slightly above the speed limit, but nothing dangerous.

You hit a red light and stop just like you should. It turns green, and you go just like you’re supposed to. But another careless driver thinks they can quickly sneak through their own red light and they smash into you.

You come to consciousness a bit later, still in your car. It looks like everything’s going to be okay. You’re in a significant amount of pain, but you don’t notice any broken bones.

After a few visits to your family doctor, you find out it’s going to take a few months of physical therapy to get your back and neck feeling good again. And they also say you shouldn’t go to work for the next month.

You weren’t able to get the other person’s contact information because you had to take care of your own injuries. Their insurance company has contacted you a few times, but you’re too afraid to pick up the phone and talk to them.

Should you have to foot the bill for someone else’s careless actions?

Our Plano Injury Attorneys Will Help Get You The Fair Compensation You Deserve!

We’ll be right up front: we’re high-integrity accident injury lawyers who pride ourselves in serving you and always doing the right thing. We don’t help you cash in for your big payday and sue for millions – if it’s really only thousands you deserve.

But, we do hold careless and negligent people, and even billion-dollar corporations, accountable for their actions. And we’ll help you get fair compensation for minor injuries, like twisted ankles, to even very serious injuries, like wrongful death.

Unfortunately, there are many people, businesses, and global corporations who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. And you shouldn’t be the one having to clean up their mess.

That’s why victims turn to our Plano personal injury attorneys for help. It’s our goal to minimize your legal costs.

Mention this website, and you only pay a 29% fee (instead of 33.33) if we settle your case without litigation (approx 90% of cases settle out of court).

While most Plano car accident lawyers pass the investigator’s fees on to you, we take care of them ourselves. We’ll never deduct them from your settlement.

And at many accident injury law firms, especially the bigger ones, you speak to the attorney handling your case once in person and then never see them again. At Mullen & Mullen, we meet with you personally before, during, and after your case. And if you need to talk with our investigator, he will visit with you at your office, home, or hospital room if needed or desired.

And what about experience?

We’ve got 38 years of experience in pursuing accident and personal injury cases of all types and have a very strong network of medical providers in Plano, Texas.

You pay nothing unless you win (called a “contingency” fee).

So you risk nothing by contacting our car accident attorneys in Plano, TX and learning whether you have a valid case or not.

What are you waiting for?

In Texas, you have just 2 years from the date of the injury to pursue your case, otherwise you can never legally pursue it again (called the “statute of limitations”).

All you have to do is call us today at (972) 947-3370 or contact us online now.

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