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If you were injured in a bicycle accident, our Dallas attorneys fight tenaciously to ensure the maximum available settlement while offering you the lowest contingency fee. We handle your case the way we would want our own case handled.

Mullen & Mullen is consistently recognized by TopVerdict for obtaining some of the largest recoveries in the entire state of Texas for our clients. In the last 3 years our firm made the Texas “Top 50 Personal Injury Settlements” list 43 times. Our stellar results allow us to offer a below industry standard 29% pre-suit contingency fee which means more money in your pocket.

Our experienced local team has an incredibly strong work ethic and truly cares. We’ve been privileged to serve North Texas for over 40 years. This is our backyard. Call (214) 747-5240 now for a free consultation and some excellent advice.

$1,250,000 Verdict in Personal Injury Lawsuit for Child Injured by a Motor Vehicle While Riding a Bicycle
$1,250,000 Settlement for Child Hit by Motorist While Riding a Bicycle

What Your Attorney Says

“We put boots on the ground and developed the evidence to win the case.”

Shane and I are avid cyclists, and it hits close to home when we get the opportunity to represent other cyclists injured through no fault of their own. Cyclists don’t have the safety protections afforded to motorists and these cases often involve traumatic injuries. It’s always extremely sad when an innocent child riding a bike is injured.

I recall one case in which our client, a minor child, was riding his bicycle in his neighborhood with a friend. He rode out of an alley and was struck by a nearby neighbor’s motor vehicle. He sustained a significant traumatic brain injury.

The police report assigned 100% fault to the child. The neighbor told the investigating officer she was only going 10 mph at the time of the collision. When I personally went to the scene and examined the area in question it didn’t make sense to me how the motorist could claim she didn’t have sufficient time to react to this child pulling out of his alley if she was traveling at such a low speed.

I immediately retained an accident reconstructionist expert to further investigate the incident. He took detailed measurements of the scene and – utilizing the road surface coefficient of friction – determined at 10 mph the at-fault motorist would have only needed 26 feet (of the 62 feet available) to stop without striking the child. Our expert proved the neighbor had over 4 seconds to see and avoid the collision!

I should also mention we developed evidence that our client’s friend was standing next to his bicycle on the sidewalk adjacent to the alley where our client had emerged just prior to being struck. This alone should have acted as a “red flag” to the neighbor that other children might be in the area since children often ride bikes with their friends.

The speed limit in the neighborhood was 30 mph, but I knew the at-fault motorist would be acknowledging she provided a false statement to law enforcement if she later attempted to increase her speed to lessen her reaction time and distance. Based in part on our expert report, full policy limits – which included an umbrella – were eventually obtained for this catastrophically injured child.

We didn’t get back the police report and give up when it blamed an innocent child. We put boots on the ground and developed the evidence to win the case based on the at-fault motorist’s own statement to the investigating officer. This was an exceptional result, and we are grateful for the progress the child made overcoming his injuries.

Joseph R. Morrison, Attorney

About Dallas Bicycle Accident Injury Claims

Bicycle accident injury cases encompass a unique set of intricacies that require a deep understanding of both traffic laws and the specific challenges faced by cyclists on the road. These cases involve a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding the accident, the extent of injuries sustained, and the liability of all parties involved. It is critical that your legal representative have a very clear understanding of the intricacies of bicycle accident injury cases to effectively represent you. Mullen & Mullen attorneys Shane Mullen and Joseph Morrison are both avid cyclists who understand these intricacies.

Liability Determination

One of the key factors in bicycle accident injury cases is establishing liability. Establishing who is at fault for the accident is essential for pursuing a successful claim. Liability can be attributed to various parties, including negligent motorists, pedestrians, bicycle component manufacturers, or even government entities responsible for road maintenance. Proving liability requires a comprehensive investigation that may involve collecting accident reports, interviewing witnesses, analyzing video footage, and reconstructing the accident scene.

Comparative Negligence

Another aspect of bicycle accident injury cases is comparative negligence. In some instances, the victim’s actions or behavior leading up to the accident may contribute to the injuries suffered. Comparative negligence laws vary by jurisdiction, but generally, they assign a percentage of fault to each party involved. The compensation awarded to the injured party may be reduced based on their degree of fault. Understanding how comparative negligence laws apply to bicycle accident cases is crucial for maximizing the potential compensation.

Insurance Coverage

Navigating insurance coverage can be complex in bicycle accident injury cases. Depending on the circumstances, various insurance policies may come into play, such as the at-fault driver’s auto insurance, the victim’s auto insurance (if applicable), or even the homeowner’s insurance of the responsible party. Determining the scope of available insurance coverage and negotiating with insurance companies requires a deep understanding of insurance policies and the legal obligations of the involved parties.

Injury Assessment

Assessing the extent of injuries suffered in a bicycle accident is a critical aspect of these cases. Due to the vulnerability of cyclists on the road, bicycle accidents often result in severe injuries, including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and internal organ damage. Properly evaluating and documenting the injuries is crucial for establishing the long-term effects on the victim’s physical and emotional well-being. This assessment plays a vital role in determining the appropriate compensation to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Special Considerations

Bicycle accident injury cases may also involve special considerations unique to cyclists. These considerations include the use of safety gear, adherence to traffic laws, whether the bike was being ridden or walked through an intersection, compliance with local regulations, and others. Your legal team must understand the specific rights afforded to cyclists and how they apply in the context of your accident.

Expert Witnesses

Engaging expert witnesses is often necessary in bicycle accident injury cases to strengthen the legal arguments. Experts may include accident reconstruction specialists, medical professionals, or vocational rehabilitation specialists. Their expertise helps establish liability, prove causation of injuries, and provide insight into the long-term impact on the victim’s life.

Navigating the intricacies of bicycle accident injury cases requires the skills and experience of attorneys well-versed in this specific area of law. By understanding these complexities, legal professionals can effectively advocate for the rights of bicycle accident victims, pursue maximum compensation, and help them on their journey to recovery.

Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Dallas

If you were injured in a bicycle accident in Dallas, you need the expertise and guidance of dedicated attorneys who will fight for your rights and secure you the compensation you deserve. At Mullen & Mullen Law Firm, two of our attorneys are not only avid cyclists themselves, but they also excel in representing victims of bicycle accidents. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, and our attorneys have 95 years of combined experience assisting injured cyclists.

Compassionate Legal Support in Your Time of Need

We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that a bicycle accident can take on your life. Our compassionate legal team is here to provide you with the support you need during this challenging time. We are committed to helping you navigate the complex legal process and will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected when it comes to dealing with all applicable insurance companies.

Expertise in Bicycle Accident Cases

Bicycle accident cases require specialized knowledge and understanding of both traffic laws and the unique challenges faced by cyclists. Our Dallas attorneys have extensive experience in handling bicycle accident cases and are well-versed in the intricacies of personal injury law. It’s all we do. We will thoroughly investigate your accident, gather evidence, and build a strong case on your behalf.

Fighting for Maximum Compensation

Our primary goal is to secure you the maximum compensation available for your bicycle accident case. We aggressively advocate for your rights. We consider the physical and emotional injuries you have suffered as well as any and all financial losses you have incurred. Our attorneys will meticulously calculate the damages you are entitled to, which may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain & suffering, mental anguish, and more.

At Mullen & Mullen Law Firm, we take great pride in our track record of success. Our dedication and commitment to excellence have resulted in thousands of numerous favorable settlements and verdicts for our clients. According to TopVerdict, we settled 19 of the “Top 50” personal injury settlements in the entire state of Texas in 2021. Our firm made that list a significant number of times in 2022 as well. While past results cannot guarantee future outcomes, our successful history speaks to our ability to effectively represent your interests.

Examples of Recent Case Results

  • $4,000,000.00 for Wrongful Death
  • $2,978,104.95 for Neck and Hand Injuries
  • $2,550,000.00 for Neck and Back Injuries
  • $2,550,000.00 for Neck and Back Injuries
  • $2,250,000.00 for Brain Injury
  • $2,050,000.00 for Car Accident Injuries
  • $2,024,050.00 for Car Accident Injuries
  • $2,000,000.00 for Neck Injuries

Committed to Your Best Interests

When you choose Mullen & Mullen Law Firm, you can be confident we have your best interests at heart. We provide you with personalized attention and keep you informed throughout every stage of the legal process. Our attorneys will answer all your questions, address any concerns, and guide you towards a favorable outcome.

Contact Our Bicycle Accident Attorneys Today

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident in Dallas or anywhere in Texas, don’t wait to seek legal representation. Contact our experienced bicycle accident attorneys at Mullen & Mullen Law Firm today for a free consultation. We will evaluate your case, explain your rights and options, and outline a strategic plan to pursue the compensation you deserve. Let us be your voice and advocate during this challenging time.

How Can Mullen & Mullen Help You Recover More?

In Dallas, you have many bicycle accident attorneys to choose from but not all lawyers have the same skills or intensity.

We Are Not a Settlement Mill

High volume law firms often get called “settlement mills.” That’s because these volume firms have a reputation for taking as many cases as possible and settling them as quickly as they can to cover huge marketing budgets. This means they may not analyze every detail of your injury case or develop your case properly. They might have an inexperienced junior attorney or paralegal assigned to work your claim. Young attorneys do their best but are, frankly, unlikely to recover you as much compensation as an attorney with years and years of experience.

At Mullen & Mullen Law Firm in Dallas, you get proven and experienced attorneys to do the heavy lifting on your bicycle accident claim. Skilled and experienced attorneys allow you to recover more – especially when factoring in our discounted contingency fee rate compared to other firms.

Personalized Attention

Every client at Mullen & Mullen has a dedicated legal team so that the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing. Even better yet, you can text your dedicated legal team directly 24/7 so that you always have access to the latest updates as well as a clear channel to communicate. Our attorneys are readily accessible and easy to talk to. Your case will get the meticulous attention it deserves.

You Can Afford the Best Lawyer You Can Find

Since you only pay a percentage of your claim’s final value after it’s settled, you can afford to get the best lawyer you can find. At Mullen & Mullen, if your claim settles without requiring litigation, as most of our claims do, you will pay a discounted 29% contingency fee instead of the industry standard 33.3%. This could mean thousands, tens of thousands, or more in your pocket.

But it doesn’t end there…

What Else Does Mullen & Mullen Do to Maximize Your Bicycle Injury Case?

We don’t contract with private investigators and then charge that expense back to you. Instead, we employ 2 full-time accident investigators. Other firms hire investigators and then take that cost out of your settlement amount. We never pass this cost on to you.

Also, our lawyers have relationships with medical professionals who are willing to defer billing. They’ll wait for payment until after your claim settles. That means no upfront cash out of your pocket, so you have far less stress and worry while you’re recovering from your injuries.

How Do You Know Mullen & Mullen’s Lawyers Are The Best?

Research our reputation online for all the proof you need! We have 350+ real 5-star reviews.

Take a minute to learn about each of our attorney’s backgrounds:

Managing Attorney Shane V. Mullen

Shane was named a Texas Super Lawyer by Thompson Reuters three consecutive years. That puts him among the top attorneys in Texas. He has 21 years of experience and is a lifetime member of both the Million & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums, meaning he’s won cases worth over $2+ million. Shane is also an avid cyclist.

Senior Associate Attorney Joseph R. Morrison

With 18 years of experience, Joseph is also an avid cyclist and lifetime member of both the Million and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums. He ran his own law firm in Dallas prior to joining Mullen & Mullen. Joseph has worked on hundreds and hundreds of cases and knows how to maximize your claim’s value. He even won a Top 5 premises liability verdict in Texas against a Fortune 500 company in Young v. Conagra Foods, as recognized by VerdictSearch.

Founding Attorney Regis L. Mullen

Regis is Shane’s father. He has has 56 years of experience. Regis started out working for a big insurance company as a litigation supervisor before founding our personal injury law firm in 1983. He knows the ins and outs of the Texas legal system and the tactics insurance companies use to reduce or eliminate settlement payments.

So, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your Dallas bicycle accident – and even if the defendant is a prominent company or you are going against a large insurance company – Mullen & Mullen’s lawyers can take them on! Insurance companies know who we are and that we mean business and won’t back down.

Finally, you’ll be happy to know that our lawyers are legitimately nice guys. We listen, care, and treat you like family. We’ll handle your case the way we would want our own case handled.

Your Consultation is Free

And you won’t feel any pressure to hire us. So, give us a call now at (214) 747-5240 to discuss your potential case, or fill out the contact form or use the chat feature on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bicycle Related Accident Cases

When Should I Call A Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

As soon as you can! Acting quickly gives your lawyer ample time to gather important evidence before it’s potentially lost, and to properly investigate and develop your case. You should pursue the claim with a lawyer as soon as you’re able. You have no risk or obligation to hire any specific attorney. Acting fast also gives you ample time to interview a few lawyers and choose the one you trust the most.

What Should You Do Immediately After a Dallas Bicycle Accident?

Stay calm. Take mental notes of the scene, such as identifying witnesses and observing the demeanor of the driver who hit you. Call 911 and report the accident. If you are injured, you should go to the hospital to get checked out. Get witness contact information if you can or ask someone nearby to help you secure that information. Take photos of the accident scene. Shoot and narrate a video if you’re able to. Make sure to obtain the at-fault driver’s insurance and contact information if law enforcement doesn’t come to the scene.

What Should You Do In the Weeks After Your Bicycle Accident?

Get the medical care you need. Take pictures and videos of your injuries. Keep track of all out-of-pocket payments you make, and keep the receipts.

Should I Talk to the At-Fault Party’s Insurance Adjuster after a Dallas Bicycle Accident?

No. They are not in the business of paying you money. They are in the business of doing everything they can to get out of paying you anything at all. The insurance company’s only goal when talking to you is to get you to make statements that minimize or eliminate what they have to pay for your claim.

What Should I Avoid Doing After a Dallas Bicycle Accident?

Try not to post anything on social media about your claim or how you’re doing. Insurance adjusters and defense attorneys monitor social media activity and would love for you to make a misstep. For example, if you’re hurt in a bicycle accident, don’t post on Facebook about the hike you’re going on a couple weeks later. You can be legitimately injured and still able to hike but the other side will use your post to suggest you’re not truly injured.

Reach out to our bicycle accident attorneys in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, or Fort Worth now. We want to discuss the specifics of your injury claim. Find out how our law firm with over 40 years of experience can help!

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