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Special Offer 29% Discounted Attorney Fee

How Our Contingency Fee Works

What is the standard contingency fee on personal injury cases that don’t require litigation?

33.3% of the gross settlement proceeds.

What % fee does Mullen & Mullen Law Firm offer on cases that don’t require litigation?

29% of the gross compensation. Must request special offer when you first hire us.

How much will the reduced attorney’s fees save you?

4.3% of the gross compensation. Example: On a $500,000.00 settlement our discounted rate would put $21,500 more in your pocket.

How can we offer this discounted rate?

We can provide this discounted attorney fee because we’re confident in the quality of our personal injury settlements.

How do you get the discounted rate?

Ask us for the special fee when you first contact us, or at the time you retain our legal services. It will apply if your case does not require litigation. Only you can authorize the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. 90% of claims settle pre-suit.

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