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If you were injured in a car accident, our Plano attorneys will vigorously fight for justice and will secure the maximum compensation available to you. As per the esteemed, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm successfully represented 19 cases in the Texas “Top 50” personal injury settlements in 2021 (awaiting results for 2022). Notably, all of these cases were related to motor vehicle accidents. Our firm’s exceptional performance stood out among others, as no other Texas firm achieved as many appearances on the list. With unwavering confidence, we assure you that we will achieve superior results on your behalf.


Plano Car Accident Attorney

Hurt in a car accident because of someone else’s careless behavior?

You now have intense stress and a slew of problems to deal with: physical injuries, psychological trauma, financial hardship, a car to repair, and possibly even the loss of a loved one.

To top it off, you know the insurer doesn’t want to pay any more than they must. They’re watching you for just a single misstep so they can minimize or eliminate what they should have to pay.

And, you have another problem. One you may not even realize. And that lies in finding a car accident lawyer in the Plano area who can get you the most money possible for your injuries.

Because in Plano, you have hundreds of options to choose from. But not all car accident attorneys are the same. A rare few have the experience, financial resources, and genuine concern necessary to get you the most money possible for your injuries.

Others simply want to ram you through their system as fast as possible, so they maximize their profit. Sure, you’ll win some money. But you could miss out on thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. You could even lose your claim entirely, when really you should win.

Yes. That can happen when you choose the wrong car accident lawyer to represent you.

Mullen & Mullen Law Firm gets you the most money possible for your injuries. That’s because a personal injury lawyer with at least 17 years of experience and a proven track record of winning claims like yours does all the real work on your case. Many larger firms only have an experienced senior attorney supervise while inexperienced junior attorneys or paralegals do all the real work.

This happens at larger firms and at firms you see advertising relentlessly on TV. And while you still might win your claim, you will have to live with the uncertainty that maybe you missed out on a lot of money that you could have used to improve the quality of life for yourself and your loved ones.

At Mullen & Mullen, we’re a small firm of just three car accident attorneys. This means you and your claim get the individual time and attention you deserve.

It’s a recipe for success that allowed us to win 19 of the top 50 most valuable claims in Texas in 2021 (most were car accidents).

One large insurer’s report said the average car accident lawyer won 2-3 times the insurer’s initial offer. Many of ours settle for 10 – 15 times. And in a few cases, clients have won 20x.

Personal Injury Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison
Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison

Get Solutions for All the Other Stressors You Face Too

While you do need fair compensation for your injuries, you also have several other problems you now have to navigate too.

Relax. Mullen & Mullen helps you deal with each one:

  1. Worried about medical care? No problem. We’ll connect you with the top medical professionals and institutions in the Plano area. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Don’t worry! We have exclusive arrangements (available when you become our client) that result in you not having to pay until after you win your claim. Not only do these institutions have the best knowledge to get you back to normal as fast as possible, but they also genuinely care about you as a person and want to keep your stress in check too.
  2. Already have medical bills? We can help you deal with the medical bills you already have, even if you’re broke and feel dead sure you can’t afford to pay anything. That goes, even if you have medical bills in collections already.
  3. How will you recover from your physical injuries? No worries here either. Because you’re connected with top medical institutions in the Plano area, you know you’ll get back to normal as fast as possible. And if that’s not possible, you will come as close to normal as is medically possible.
  4. What about getting payment from the insurer? We have our name built up enough that just the sight of it changes how negotiations with insurers goes. Then, our legal skill and experience comes into play, and we do everything in our power to get you max compensation for your injuries. We’re nice people in person. But don’t sweat it – we’re ruthless when it comes to dealing with insurers.
  5. What if you can’t produce an income while you wait for your claim to resolve? Seems hopeless, doesn’t it? But there is a solution for you. And that lies in “law loan companies.” These companies advance you 5-10% of your settlement’s potential final value to live on while you wait for your claim to resolve. Once you become our client, they’ll contact us and ask what the final settlement value will likely be. We tell them a number. And then you get 5-10% of that in cash. You do have to pay hefty interest on that amount. But it’s a solution to tide you over if you have no other options. Some of these companies charge you outrageous interest. We connect you with the reliable ones that charge more reasonable interest rates. Finally, in the extremely rare event that you lose your claim, you don’t have to pay back any of your “law loan.”
  6. What if you feel emotionally traumatized? Don’t worry, we can seek compensation for counseling services, if you feel you need them. And, when you talk with our car accident lawyers, you’ll feel genuine concern for your personal wellbeing.
  7. How will you handle the stress? Let Mullen & Mullen handle all the difficulty for you while you focus exclusively on your recovery and getting back to normal. We can connect you with every type of service you need to get through this difficult time (auto repair, financial services, counselors, and so on).

I highly recommend Mullen and Mullen to anyone in need of a Personal Injury Lawyer. After I was rear ended and my car totaled, they took excellent care of me. When my injuries ended up being more severe than originally expected, they stayed by my side and helped me find proper affordable medical care. Without a doubt, this has been one of the toughest challenges life has thrown at me. If I didn’t have their support and guidance, I would have been alone and lost. At the end of this crazy journey, they were able to get me the maximum policy limits allowed and the peace of mind knowing I’ll be okay now that this is all over. Thank you, Mullen and Mullen, for being there for me. -Sarah Armstrong

Need More Proof that Mullen & Mullen Will Win You More Money than Other Car Accident Lawyers in Plano?

You’ve already learned a few reasons why Mullen & Mullen wins you more money than other car accident lawyers. Now, let’s remove any doubt that may remain in your mind.

First, take a second to learn more about the proven experience you get with each of our car accident lawyers:

Regis L. Mullen, Attorney at Law - Personal Injury Lawyer
Regis Mullen, Car Accident Attorney
  • Attorney Regis Mullen, the firm’s founder, has more than 55 years of legal experience. He began his career working for insurance companies. During that time, he learned how they train their adjusters and attorneys. Not long after he began, he decided to switch to representing car accident and other personal injury victims. And now, you can bet he knows all the tricks and traps and games insurers like to play and how to thwart each one of them.
Shane V. Mullen, Personal injury attorney, Mullen & Mullen
Shane Mullen, Car Accident Attorney
  • Attorney Shane Mullen, Regis’s son, has more than 20 years of legal experience. He won the 4th largest car accident claim in Texas in 2019, valued at $2.05 million. And during his entire career, he’s won many $1 million+ claims. Shane is now a member of both the Million Dollar and Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forums and Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys of America. Both of these invite-only organizations accept just the top 1% of all personal injury attorneys in the nation.
Joseph R. Morrison, Personal injury attorney, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm
Joseph Morrison, Car Accident Attorney

The point is that no matter who takes on your claim, you’re not just in good hands, but in some of the best hands in all of America.

Pay Only After You Win Your Claim…and Pay Just 29% [Regularly 33.3%]

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)

Can you really afford to have Mullen & Mullen represent you?

Yes. You can! That’s because we only take our fee out of your claim’s final settlement value after you win. So, that means you can easily afford the best car accident lawyers in Plano.

When you schedule your free consultation, you’ll learn exactly how we’ll approach your case. But you won’t experience any annoying high sales pressure to hire us on the spot.

Instead, learn what you need, ask your questions, and feel our genuine empathy and concern as we take the time to fully understand your situation and all your needs.

We know you don’t need any more stress. Just relax and be yourself. And make sure to ask for any assistance with anything you need. We have connections to every kind of service you may need.

Then, make your hiring decision when you feel good and ready.

Just call (972) 947-3370 today!

Why Call a Car Accident Attorney?

It may seem like you can handle your car accident claim yourself. And you might be right. But you could also be wrong. And if you’re wrong, you could cost yourself tens of thousands of dollars.

And we can probably help you…even if it turns out that you should self-represent.

I had small auto accident that wasn’t worth taking to court, but they told me how to handle it, and informed me about the process to work a diminished value claim against the person that hit me.  Not only that, but they also shared with me their contacts, and spent about an hour on the phone with me.  Hope I never get in an accident, but if I do, these are the guys I am going to call.” -Charaka Dharmagunaratne

And that’s the worst case. You might also learn that you have a claim which we can pursue and win on your behalf. And that could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Protect Your Health and Legal Rights: What to Do and Not Do after Your Car Accident

Just like you have things you should do after a car accident, you have things you shouldn’t do. What you do immediately after your car accident and in the months that remain ahead can greatly affect the outcome. In fact, your actions can make the difference between winning and losing.

So, here’s what to know:

  • Do call the police. Police reports do not guarantee fault. However, it’s strong evidence. Get one at all costs. Or fill one out yourself by contacting your local precinct if an officer never arrives.
  • Don’t move if you feel too injured. It’s perfectly okay to not collect evidence if you feel doing so would make your injuries worse. Evidence can be collected after the fact. It’s ideal to collect witness info and other evidence immediately after your accident. But it’s not the end of the world if you absolutely cannot. You can also try asking a bystander to do this for you. People are usually happy to help.
  • Don’t assume fault is obvious. Practicality may dictate it’s obvious who did what. But don’t assume things will support your conclusion later. Always, always, always get that police report or fill one out yourself.
  • Do exchange info with the other driver. If the police don’t come, get the other driver’s name, address, and driver’s license number. This guarantees they won’t vanish.
  • Don’t move your car. Only move your car if you feel it’s a safety hazard or if law requires you to do so. Otherwise, leave it where it is. This gives you the best evidence to support your claim.
  • Don’t talk any more than you must. Never say, “I’m sorry,” because that can be used to say you admit fault. And of course, those insurers, who claim to be on your side, will use anything you say against you later. So, best to say almost nothing at all.
  • Don’t say you feel fine at the accident scene. Injuries like whiplash or traumatic brain injury may not manifest for weeks or months. Saying you feel fine at the accident scene could lead to an insurer “proving” you were unharmed.
  • Do share explicit detail with medical personnel. If they have to come, share every little detail with them. The more you share, the more evidence you have. Again, don’t say you feel fine. That could still harm you. But do give every little indicator you can. And always be honest.
  • Don’t make accusations about the other driver. This may be hard to resist, but you must do it. The problem is that insurers can say that, since their driver intentionally caused the accident, the insurer has no liability at all. And yes, this is a viable legal defense. So, avoid making accusations.
  • Do make sure everyone is safe. It’s simply the right thing to do. Make sure the other driver and all individuals are safe after the accident. Don’t move anyone else unless you think leaving them where they are makes them vulnerable to further injury.
  • Do take as many images and videos of the accident scene as you can. You can’t overdo it here. Get evidence of the location of the vehicles at the time of the accident, the damage done to each vehicle, and any hazardous road conditions that may have caused your accident. If you can’t take pictures, ask someone at the scene to do so and get their contact information if you must leave for emergency medical help.
  • Don’t leave the accident scene unless your injuries require immediate medical attention. Pretty straightforward here. Stay at the accident scene unless you absolutely must leave to treat your injuries.
  • Do get the at-fault driver’s contact info. Most at-fault drivers will remain at the accident scene. Get their insurance company’s name and policy number, driver’s license number, name, address, and phone number. This makes them easy to track down later. And it nearly eliminates the chance that they disappear.
  • Do get witness contact info. You need every witness’s name, phone number, and address. Make sure they text this information to you, so you know you have it right. Get a video of them making a statement of what they saw regarding your accident. It’s always best to get their story immediately after the accident because it’s easy to forget or misremember details over time.
  • Do make your own video. Just like your witnesses, shoot your own video narrating what happened with your accident. Do it as soon as you can after your accident. If you must shoot the video when recovering in the emergency room, do it as soon as you can.
  • Do call your insurer as soon as possible. Your insurer doesn’t want to pay any more than the at-fault driver’s insurer. Some have time frames in which you must report your accident. Wait too long, and they can legally deny coverage.
  • Don’t talk to insurers or sign anything. Talk to a car accident lawyer first. The very worst you can learn is that you should simply self-represent or accept the insurer’s offer. And it costs you nothing to see a car accident attorney anyway. You may also learn that you can win much more money than you initially thought.
  • Don’t relax with the insurer’s rep. No matter how nice the claims adjuster seems, remember that they most certainly are not on your side. If you must talk to one, always assume they will use what you say against you later. Speak in facts only. Do not share feelings, impressions, or opinions. And talk as little as you must.
  • Do record your medical history. Put this all in a journal and do not lose it. Record every interaction you have with the medical system. Write down who you saw, why you saw them, and what you talked about. Also log your own personal feelings, as well as your physical symptoms as you recover.
  • Do note the time you missed from work. Texas law says you do get compensated for time you’re unable to work due to your injuries.

What If You Don’t or Can’t Get Some of This Information?

The more of this that you can gather, the better. But we understand you might be in no condition to collect what’s needed.

If that’s the case, then you don’t have to panic. We can help you gather the information. However, it always works out best if you can get the information needed because that’s the closest time to your accident. And that’s before evidence gets lost or damaged.

But if that’s simply not possible, we have an in-house private investigator, Mike Foster, who’s a super sleuth at digging up the most persuasive evidence. And one of our car accident lawyers will send a “demand to preserve evidence” letter to the at-fault party that legally obligates them to not tamper with evidence related to your car accident.

What You Should Know about Police Reports

Police reports are powerful evidence. However, they don’t guarantee fault or victory.

To work in court, the police report must be proven to not have errors. If it does have errors, the judge will throw it out, so the jury doesn’t even get the opportunity to hear it.

Regardless, you should still do everything in your power to get a police report. It’s usually the most powerful piece of evidence available. If the police don’t or won’t come to your accident scene, you can fill out your own report at your local precinct. That is wise to do if all else fails.

Without a police report, insurers have more leverage to work the situation for their financial benefit. So, make sure you do your best to get an accurate police report regarding your car accident.

What Should Be in Your Police Report?

If you do get stuck filling out your own police report, make sure you’re as thorough and detailed as possible. The more, the better. Yours should include this information:

  • Date, time, and location of your car accident
  • Name, address, and insurance info for everyone involved in the accident
  • Name, address, phone number, and driver’s license number for all witnesses
  • Your opinion of who was at fault

Why You Need to Act Before Texas’ Statute of Limitations Runs Out

In Texas, you have two years from the date of your accident to file your legal claim. If you wait longer than that, the court will throw your claim out and you won’t be able to recover any compensation for your injuries.

Two years sounds like a long time, but it goes by fast. And besides, the longer you wait to file your claim, the more time the at-fault driver must destroy evidence, disappear completely, or simply mount their defense.

Exceptions to the statute of limitations exist. But they cover a limited number of situations. Talking to our car accident lawyers in Plano doesn’t cost anything.

And the worst that can happen is that you find out you don’t have a claim. But the best that can happen is that you learn you’re entitled to more compensation than you thought.

What to Know about Insurance Companies

Don’t worry about insurers. You can safely assume they could care less about you…and more about not paying for their driver’s accident.

After all, they spent $111 million lobbying Congress in 2021. And how do you think they want Federal law written?

Things don’t work any differently at the state level here in Texas. What they do isn’t right. But it is legal. So, here’s what to know when dealing with insurers:

  1. They’re not recording your call for “training purposes.” Okay, well maybe your call will be used for training purposes. However, it also will be used to get you to make statements that weaken your claim.

Remember that insurers care mostly about making a profit. Fail to profit, and eventually the company fails. In the short-term, their stock loses value. And that could mean the CEO loses their job.

So, don’t buy the line about using your call for “training purposes.” It’s a ruse designed to get you to relax so that you say something that hurts your claim.

  1. Never ever relax when talking to claims adjusters. Treat a claims adjuster like you would an interrogation with a secret agent. Claims adjusters have a much nicer, far more polite approach.

But, they still have a goal of using everything you say so the company can avoid paying you anything.

They try to get you to relax by being super nice and easy to talk to – just like your next-door neighbor. With your guard down, they hope you say things that hurt your claim.

Instead, assume they’re bullies. Figure that they will use whatever you say against you. Give them only the bare information (just the facts) that’s necessary to process your claim. And you’re also wise to speak to a lawyer first.

  1. Never sign anything fast. In life, if someone puts pressure on you to do something quickly, they’re trying to slip something by you to get more for themselves.

Your insurer’s no different. They want to get you all excited so that you make mistakes

that cost you money and put more money in their pocket.

That’s why they’re so nice and quick now. But then when it comes to them having to pay, they’re slow, argumentative, and try not to pay at all.

If you’re unsure or if you feel overwhelmed, you can always run your situation by one of our car accident lawyers. This costs you nothing. You’ll learn how you can protect your rights. And you might even learn you’re entitled to much more money than you thought.

What Can You Get Compensation For?

If you get hurt in a car accident, what does Texas law entitle you to? Well, it depends a lot on the skill of your lawyer. The better they are at what they do, the more money you walk away with. Not every car accident attorney in the Plano area is the same.

Here’s what you possibly can get compensation for:

  1. Cost to repair or replace all your damaged property.
  2. Cost of current or reasonably anticipated medical bills
  3. Lost wages from work due to your injuries
  4. Reduced earning capacity if your injuries prevent you from returning to your previous work
  5. Emotional pain and anguish
  6. Loss of consortium (Your inability to fully participate in your primary relationship due to your injuries)
  7. Funeral and burial expenses if your loved one died.
  8. Punitive damages in cases where the court wants to send a message to the at-fault party for particularly negligent behavior (drunk driving, for example).

Plano Car Accident Resources

  1. Plano Police Department
    1. 909 14th St. Plano, TX 75074
    2. 972.424.5768
    3. Map to Plano Police Department
    4. Plano Police Department Open Records Request
  2. Collin County Sheriff’s Office
    1. 4300 Community Ave, McKinney, TX 75071
    2. 972.547.5100
    3. Collin County Open Records Request
    4. Collin County Court at Law Clerks (for court records)
    5. Collin County District Clerk (for court records)
    6. Collin County Justices of the Peace (for court records)
  3. Forbes List of the Best Car Insurance Companies for June 2022
  4. Texas DOT Car Accident Data
  5. How to Request Texas State Court Records

Get Your Free, No-Obligation Consultation with Our Car Accident Lawyers in Plano Today! Pay Only After You Win. And Save More with Our Reduced 29% Case Fee If Your Claim Settles Out of Court (And 90% of Claims Do)

You just cannot get any more value with one single law firm than you can with Mullen & Mullen:

  • Proven car accident attorneys who have already won legal claims like yours.
  • Personal access directly to your lawyer whenever you need it.
  • Connections to the best medical professionals in Plano willing to delay payment until after you win your claim.
  • Connections to all other possible types of services you could need during a challenging time in life (auto repair, counseling, financial services…)
  • Genuinely empathetic lawyers who are easy to talk to and take a strong personal interest in helping you
  • Putting thousands of dollars in your pocket because we hire an in-house private investigator and don’t let inexperienced junior lawyers work on your claim

Call (972) 947-3370 today to get your free consultation. You won’t feel any annoying high sales pressure to hire us on the spot.

Instead, learn exactly what we think we can do for you. Sit back and relax and feel personally cared for while we learn about your situation. You may even learn you have a viable legal claim when other car accident attorneys in Plano already said that’s not the case.

Then, make your hiring decision when you feel good and ready.

Do remember that Texas’ statute of limitations lasts 2 years. That means you have just 2 years from the date of your accident to file your claim. You don’t have to see a car accident lawyer immediately.

But you should do so as soon as you can because that gives the at-fault party minimal time to destroy evidence or to mount their defense.

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