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Hurt in a car wreck? You may experience lifelong injuries and accumulate costs well over $100,000.

Get the money you deserve. Hire Mullen & Mullen’s award-winning lawyers, with more than 86 years of combined legal experience. We settled 2019’s 4th largest car accident claim in Texas (valued at over $2 million). We have the proven track record needed to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

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  • Get medical treatment upfront with no out-of-pocket costs, even if you don’t have health insurance

We have relationships with medical professionals happy to delay billing until after you win your claim.

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What Will Our Plano Car Wreck Attorneys Can Do For You That Others Can’t

You need an attorney, but not just any attorney. You need one with skills and unique value that you can’t get with any other firm. That gives you the greatest opportunity to win the most money possible for your injuries.

Here’s what you get with Mullen & Mullen’s Plano personal injury law firm that you don’t get with others:

  • Experienced attorneys do all the real work on your case. Mullen & Mullen doesn’t employ a single paralegal. Other firms allow paralegals, or inexperienced junior attorneys, to do the real work on your case while an experienced senior attorney merely supervises.
  • We employ a private investigator who’s been with the firm for 10 years, which saves you money. Most firms pay private investigators by contract, which costs you more. Plus, Mike Foster has been with us more than a decade and knows exactly how to ask the right questions to get the best information needed to win your claim.
  • Because of our proven legal experience, you pay just a 29% fee when you win your claim if it settles out of court. And about 90% of our cases settle out of court.

In addition to all this, you speak with your attorney when you call. You will only talk with someone who knows exactly what’s going on with your claim.

Hurt in a Traffic Collision in Plano? Injuries You Can Experience

Car wrecks can cause mild and severe injuries, and possibly even death. Here’s some of the more common ones we’ve seen and that you’re likely to experience:

  • Whiplash – The sudden, violent movement of your body in a collision can strain your tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Whiplash can take months to heal. And sometimes, it can take just as long to simply show up.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – TBIs lead to both immediate and long-term injuries. In the moments following your car wreck, you can experience blurry vision, confusion, a headache, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and difficulty concentrating. In the long-term, a TBI can cause comas, slurred speech, unusually aggressive behavior, loss of coordination, profound confusion, and intellectual deficits.
  • Burns – Excruciatingly painful, burns can also be mild or severe. First and second degree burns, which are the less intense kind, usually heal in 2-3 weeks. Third degree burns, the worst kind, require physical and occupational therapy to maintain your joint mobility and function. They can take months or even years to fully recover from. And in some cases, they leave permanent scarring.
  • Broken Ribs – Even though they protect your most vital organs, ribs are relatively fragile. They’re also extremely painful when broken. If your accident is particularly violent, broken ribs can also damage your internal organs. When your ribs are broken, they can make it painful for you to breathe. Fortunately, in most cases they usually only take about 6 weeks to heal.
  • Internal Bleeding – Cuts, scrapes, and bleeding on the outside of your body hurt. But it’s easy to recover from such injuries. Internal bleeding, however, is a far more serious issue. If not treated quickly, internal bleeding can cost you your life.
  • Back and Neck Injuries – Any injury to your back or neck is always serious. In some cases, these injuries can be lifelong and prevent you from doing even the most basic of activities. They also come along with extremely costly medical bills.
  • Broken Bones – You can break just about any bone in your body in a car wreck. Broken arms, legs, hips, and shoulders are among the most common to happen.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries – These include a variety of injuries to your muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, or even body fat. Sprains, strains, and contusions are common types of soft tissue injuries. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be hard to prove because they don’t have visible external symptoms.

The good news is that you can prevent many of these injuries by taking simple actions when you drive, such as:

  • Wearing your seatbelt
  • Driving close to the speed limit
  • Leaving with plenty of time so you’re never in a rush

Of course, those simple strategies don’t guarantee your safety. But they’re easy to do, and they reduce your risk of experiencing a life-altering injury caused by another negligent driver!

What Do Our Attorneys Do to Win Your Case?

In 90% of situations, we can build a case strong enough to settle your claim without having to go to court. It’s really in your best interest to avoid court most of the time because it takes a long time to deal with and increases legal costs.

But in some situations, the at-fault party doesn’t want to take responsibility for the damages they caused and going to court becomes unavoidable. They may also try to claim you have at least partial responsibility for your damages too.

In Texas, we follow the principle of “Modified Comparative Negligence.” This means that you can be held partially responsible in an accident. And if you cause 51% or more of the damages, you can’t recover any compensation at all.

That means you need a tough and experienced legal team working on your behalf. We’ll evaluate the facts of your case to show the negligent party caused at least 51% of your damages. The categories these facts typically fall into include:

  • Distracted Driving – This frequently means talking or texting on your phone. But it can mean paying attention to anything that takes your mind off the road (eating, putting on makeup, adjusting the radio etc…)
  • Drowsy Driving – Some studies suggest drowsy driving may be just as dangerous as drunk driving.
  • Impaired Driving – It’s illegal to drive with a BAC of .08% or higher in Texas. And you can’t have any street drugs in your body while driving. You can drive with prescription medications in your body, but you can also overdo them and be considered driving “impaired.”
  • Speeding – Driving way over the speed limit or too fast for conditions can be a potential area to pursue.
  • Manufacturing Defects – To be held liable, you must prove manufacturers “should have known” about a manufacturing or design flaw. This is difficult to prove in court and requires a highly experienced attorney.
  • Dangerous Road Conditions – Local governments can neglect road maintenance to the point where it causes an accident. Contractors may also set up road safety warnings incorrectly.

As noted, our lawyers can usually negotiate a settlement with an insurance company without having to go to court. Sometimes, a lawsuit must be filed to show the insurer you’re serious about recovering fair compensation.

However, at any point before the court date, the insurer may agree to a fair settlement. You never know exactly how they’ll respond to your claim. You’ll learn about any offers the insurer makes, and our law firm will help you decide whether to accept the offer.

Possible Compensation You Might Win

Our experienced legal team does everything possible to win you the compensation you deserve.

What you can recover depends on the specific facts of your case and the skill of your lawyer. We may be able to win you compensation for your:

  • Medical Expenses – These are the most obvious expenses directly related to your collision. You can win compensation for any medical service, professional, or product required for you to recover from your injuries. You can also recover compensation for your future medical costs if they apply.
  • Property Damage – Your car and the property you have in it should be covered by the negligent party.
  • Lost Wages – If you can’t make yourself an income because of your injuries, you can hold the negligent party responsible for that.
  • Lost Earning Capacity – Say one of your injuries disables you and reduces your ability to do your job either for the short-term or for the rest of your life. You can’t earn the wages you normally would have in the future. So, you can potentially recover those wages from the negligent party.
  • Pain and Suffering – There is no limit to the amount of money you can recover for pain and suffering. However, because this is subjective, it’s difficult to prove and assign a value to. If you want to recover compensation for pain and suffering, make sure you get the best lawyer you can find.
  • Loss of Consortium – If you lose a loved one or they suffer a serious injury and aren’t present in the relationship, you can possibly recover damages for that lost relationship. They can also be challenging to recover and require a highly skilled attorneys.

What We Recommend You Do If You’re In a Wreck

The last thing you want to think about after a motor vehicle collision is gathering all the evidence necessary so you can win your legal claim.

Unfortunately, that’s precisely what you need to do if you’re able. And if you can’t, ask someone to do it for you.

Here’s basically what you should do:

  1. Get Medical Attention – Keep yourself safe first. You can’t do anything else until you know you’re okay. If you don’t need medical help immediately, do at least go and see a doctor for a general evaluation as soon as you can. Not only is it good to make sure your health is okay, but the evidence you get is invaluable in court.
  2. Take Pics of Everything – With this, you can’t do too much. Make sure you get pictures of the damage to your vehicle, the other driver’s vehicle, your injuries, debris in the road, and anything in the area that may have contributed to the crash. Cover all sides of the accident if possible.
  3. Shoot a Video – If you’re able, shoot a quick video from all sides of the accident while narrating your version of how the accident happened.
  4. Get Witness Contact Info – Send yourself a text with each witness’s contact phone number, name, and email. Don’t ask them to send it to you. They may or may not show up. You never know.

Never Talk to the Insurance Company – Call Mullen & Mullen in Plano Instead

You can talk to an insurer in the case of a very minor accident, but that’s it. Remember, the insurer’s primary interest lies in making a profit. And they will do anything they can to minimize what they have to pay you.

Don’t talk to them for any reason. Talk to an attorney that offers free consultations first. You have absolutely nothing to risk. At Mullen & Mullen, we won’t pressure you into making any decisions you don’t want to. Simply learn the facts of your case as we see them, and the strategy we’ll use to win your claim. Call (972) 947-3370 now!