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If you sustained injuries in a truck accident, our dedicated attorneys in Plano will vigorously pursue justice and will secure the maximum available compensation for you. According to, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm successfully represented 19 out of the esteemed Texas “Top 50” personal injury settlements in 2021, all of which were related to motor vehicle accidents. No other Texas firm achieved such frequent recognition on the list. This exceptional track record allows us to assert with complete confidence that we will attain the highest possible settlement for your case.

2020 Texas Top 10 Truck Accident Settlements

Awarded Texas Top 10 Personal Injury Settlements 2021 by Top Verdict

Personal Injury Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison
Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison

About Our Law Firm & How We Maximize Compensation

Because of their massive size, 18-wheelers cause more damage, more catastrophic injuries, and more deaths than car accidents.

Trucking companies put their drivers under a lot of pressure to work insane hours and deliver as much product as fast as possible. As a result, the drivers focus more on getting to their destination quickly than driving there safely.

Freight companies and truck drivers know this and have relationships with insurance companies with entire departments devoted to minimizing or eliminating their potential financial losses.

That means you need a skilled truck accident attorney who has already taken on these companies and won. One client was awarded $1.3 million in compensation for their injuries and damages.

Our award-winning (Super Lawyers, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Best Attorneys of America) truck accident lawyers are among the best you can get in Plano. With Mullen & Mullen Law Firm, you:

  • Never pay until you win
  • Get access to all the medical care you need with no costs to pay (even if you don’t have health insurance) until after you win because of our specially negotiated professional relationships
  • Have only experienced attorneys do all the real work on your claim

Unlike other truck accident attorneys in Plano, we don’t use a single paralegal or inexperienced junior attorney. That skyrockets your chances of winning your claim and means you win more when you do.

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The final outcome of your legal claim depends greatly on the skill of your attorney. Many of our clients learn new legal strategies other firms overlook. In some situations, clients who were told their case had no chance find out that they in fact have an excellent opportunity to win.

But you can only find out if you schedule your free consultation today by calling (972) 947-3370. Don’t worry. There won’t be any pressure on you to hire Mullen & Mullen. Simply learn the strategies we’ll use to defend your claim. And then make your decision when you feel ready.

What Do You Get with Mullen & Mullen That Other Truck Accident Lawyers in Plano Don’t Offer?

Lawyers are just like any other professional service. You can find lawyers who really don’t care about you and simply slam you through their process so they make as much money as possible.

And you can find truck accident lawyers with a proven track record of experience, and an impeccable local reputation, who also really care about getting you the most compensation possible for your injuries.

With Mullen & Mullen, you get among the very best truck accident lawyers Plano offers. Just Google “Mullen & Mullen’s Reviews” to research our reputation for yourself.

With Mullen & Mullen’s Plano personal injury attorneys, you get:

  • Legal work done only by experienced senior truck accident attorneys. Most personal injury firms use paralegals. Larger firms have senior attorneys supervise cases while inexperienced junior attorneys do all the real work. If you talk to larger law firms, ask your lawyer who does the actual work on your claim.
  • An experienced private investigator who finds all the right information (and saves you money). Most law firms contract out private investigators. At Mullen & Mullen, we’ve employed Mike Foster for more than 10 years. Not only does this save you money and increase what you put in your pocket, but Mike knows the right questions to ask to get the most useful facts possible so your claim maximizes its winnings.
  • Just a 29% final case fee when your claim settles out of court (and about 90% do). If your claim settles out of court, you pay 29% of the total amount won as your legal fee (instead of the normal 33.3%). It’s just another way Mullen & Mullen helps you get more than other firms.

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)

And when you call Mullen & Mullen, you talk to your attorney. That means you only speak with someone who can answer your questions and let you know exactly what’s going on with your claim.

Call (972) 947-3370 today to schedule your free consultation and talk personally with the truck accident lawyer who will take on your claim. It’s yours free. And there’s absolutely no obligation to hire us on the spot. Get the facts and then make your decision when you feel ready.

Plano Truck Accident Attorney

Injured in A Truck Accident in Plano? What Should You Do?

We’d like to tell you to tend to your injuries first. While important, unfortunately it’s just as important that you document the accident scene and gather as much evidence as possible.

If you are hurt too severely to do any documentation, try to get a witness to do so for you. Here’s the basic steps you should follow:

  1. Figure Out the Extent of Your Own Injuries

First, make sure you’re okay. You can’t do anything else unless you’re stable. Next, check on any passengers or other accident victims to make sure they’re okay.

Don’t move them unless the situation becomes even more dangerous and warrants it. You could accidentally make their injuries even worse.

  1. Now, Document

Once everyone looks like they will be safe until emergency personnel arrive, document the accident scent.

Shoot a video and narrate how the accident happened from your perspective. Focus particularly on any damage to your vehicle, the semi truck, and any physical evidence at the scene (skid marks, destroyed tree branches, smashed signs, broken windshields, and so on…)

Take pictures of everything. Take a photo of the truck driver’s license plate. Snap pics of your own injuries. You cannot go overboard.

If witnesses are available, get their name, email, phone number, and physical address.

  1. Get Medical Treatment

It’s up to you whether or not to go to the hospital for emergency medical attention. If you feel you don’t need it, make sure you at least go to your primary care physician for a general check-up as soon as you can.

It’s important to make sure you don’t have any injuries you aren’t aware of. Some injuries, like whiplash or a traumatic brain injury, can actually show up weeks or even months after an accident.

At Mullen & Mullen, we have relationships with medical professionals who delay billing until after you win your claim. So, if you can wait for medical care, you do have that available so you can focus on your recovery.

  1. Don’t Talk to the Trucking Company, Insurer, or Any Lawyers

Because they don’t want to pay any more than they have to (and ideally nothing at all), the trucking company, insurer, or any lawyers representing either will only talk to you to gather evidence to use against you.

Even the most seemingly benign statements can be twisted to make your story look inaccurate.

So, just keep your lips tight, and talk to a truck accident lawyer in Plano first.

  1. Keep Records of Everything, Including a Journal

Document everything related to this situation. Store all documents (medical bills, pay stubs, unemployment payments) related to this situation in place (either a file folder or in online cloud storage). Just make sure you have everything. Don’t worry too much about organization – Mullen & Mullen can figure that out for you later.

Keep your own personal journal related to the incident too. Record your thoughts, feelings, and all physical symptoms. Don’t embellish. Just state the facts as you experience them.

None of this is fun stuff. No one wants to be in a truck accident. But it’s what you need to do if you want to be fairly compensated for your injuries and damages.

And then, as soon as you’re able, contact Mullen & Mullen for a free consultation at (972) 947-3370.

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen in Plano?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, “driver error” accounts for the greatest percentage of truck accidents. The real reasons behind these errors can vary widely.

Here’s just a short list of reasons why semi truck drivers make errors:

  1. Poor Hiring Practices – Some trucking companies don’t even bother to hire drivers with commercial driving licenses (CDLs). But a CDL is legally required to drive a semi truck.
  1. Not Enough Training – In their rush to get product to market, especially since so many more people buy online now, many trucking companies don’t properly train their drivers. So, the drivers make mistakes they shouldn’t.
  1. Bad Maintenance – Maintaining semi trucks costs money. Some trucking companies avoid maintenance as much as possible. Brakes and tires are frequently not in the condition they need to be for hauling big loads. This, combined with poor training, causes most truck accidents.
  1. Road Hazards – While truck drivers and trucking companies usually are responsible for accidents, they don’t cause them all. Dangerous weather, barriers left by construction crews, and poor road maintenance can lead to truck accidents too.
  1. Mechanical Failure – Sometimes, the truck itself has faulty design. If that’s the case, you may actually have a legal claim against the manufacturer.

What Legal Defenses Do Trucking Companies Use?

Because of their sheer size and momentum, semi trucks cause accidents with greater damage. Drivers carry insurance with high monthly premiums ($600 – $1000 per month) and high coverage limits (compared to car drivers).

Because of all these higher costs, insurance companies take extra time and care to minimize their payout after a semi truck accident.

Common legal defenses they use include:

  • Comparative Negligence – Insurers will try to say you were at least partially responsible for your injuries. In Texas, if you are found to have some responsibility for your injuries, your final case settlement gets reduced by your amount of responsibility. For example, you might be found 25% at fault because you were speeding. So, you can only recover 75% of what you legally could have. If the insurer can show that you were more than 50% responsible for your injuries, then you can’t recover anything at all.
  •  Multiple Parties – The insurer may try to show other parties were to blame in the accident. You may need to file a claim with multiple defendants in this case, depending on the evidence supporting that claim.
  • Mitigation of Damages – If you’re injured, you have an obligation to seek medical treatment and comply with your doctor’s orders to minimize your own damages. If you don’t, the insurer could say your actions caused your injuries to get worse. And if they prove this, they may not have to pay for a portion of your financial damages. This is why you don’t post anything on any of your social media accounts after you’re injured in a truck accident.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Plano: Get the Best On Your Side

Insurers dedicate entire armies of lawyers to minimizing what they should have to pay. These lawyers handle these cases full time for decades. They know what they’re doing.

So, that means you need to hire the best truck accident attorneys in Plano that you can find. Mullen & Mullen has 39 years of experience and a proven track record of success in defeating large insurers in court.

Need more proof? Just Google “Mullen & Mullen’s Reviews” and read our hundreds of nearly-perfect ratings. And you can afford to hire Mullen & Mullen because you don’t pay anything until after you win your claim. Learn what we can do to help you win your claim during your free consultation. Call (972) 947-3370 today!

Simply learn how we’ll approach your claim and what we can do that other firms can’t. But you won’t feel any pressure to hire Mullen & Mullen. Learn the facts, and then make your decision when you’re ready.

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