Mullen & Mullen: Giving Back To North Texas

This Is Our Backyard™ and has been for 40 years!

Mullen & Mullen Law Firm is committed to organizing, participating in, and contributing to charitable causes that make a real difference in Dallas-Fort Worth. This is our backyard and has been for 40 years. Many big out of town or out of state firms setup satellite locations, buy billboards and TV ads, and make themselves seen in DFW, but they’re not part of the community and they don’t give back. By contrast, we only exist because of our community, and we are dedicated to supporting it.

Charities & Community Programs We Support

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Scottish Rite For Children

Scottish Rite for Children is a world-renowned leader in the treatment of orthopedic conditions such as scoliosis,
clubfoot, hand differences, hip disorders, sports injuries and fractures, as well as certain related arthritic and neurological disorders and learning disorders, such as

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Divine Equine Therapeutic Riding Center

Saving Veterans & First Responders from Depression, PTSD, and Suicide

The Veterans & First Responders EFP Program was established to help resolve mental health and suicide crises for North Texas veterans and first-responders. The goal is to improve and even save their lives by helping them process emotions and cope with trauma, anxiety, and PTSD. Using equine facilitated psychotherapy (EFP), a modality utilizing horses, scientifically proven to reduce symptoms of PTSD, veterans and first responders restore their confidence, trust, and emotional grounding. These skills help them avoid serious mental health issues and reduce their suicide risk. Learn more about Divine Equine.

In response to the program, Mullen & Mullen’s Managing Partner, Attorney Shane Mullen said: Active military, veterans, and first responders represent the best of us. They are heroes that exhibit courage, selflessness, and steadfastness in serving our country and communities. Mullen & Mullen is honored and incredibly excited to sponsor such a worthwhile program right here in North Texas to help them heal.

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Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation

Enhancing Youth Outdoor Activities

Want your child to build confidence, grow closer to your family, and learn potentially life-saving skills? That’s precisely what they get when they participate in the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation’s Outdoor Adventures program in their public or private school. The Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation helps children learn a full range of outdoor activities, including hunter’s education, boater education, trapping, camping, camp cooking, and others. It is easily the largest program of its kind and is currently present in 1,000 K-12 schools! Learn more about Outdoors Tomorrow.

Speaking about the program, Mullen & Mullen’s Managing Partner, Attorney Shane Mullen said: 

In our hyper connected world, it’s so easy to become disconnected from what really matters… Family, Friends, Love, Kindness, Respect, Values. That was certainly my case growing up. I’m thankful my parents sent me to Colorado for six weeks as a kid. We hiked, camped and ultimately built lasting bonds. That experience, above all, helped me find my roots. For me, it is a no-brainer to support a cause as fantastic as Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation. There is no question in my mind that taking kids out in nature helps them ground, learn new skills, and gain self-confidence.

At Last! – The Urban Boarding Experience

Providing Educational Resources to Under-Resourced Families

Money shouldn’t be the deciding factor in your child’s educational outcome. But many times, this turns out to be the case. Founder Randy Bowman came from an impoverished background. But, he doesn’t want such a background to affect any more children than it has to. And so he started At Last! Urban Boarding with a goal of keeping children in their families and schools while also giving them access to the same educational and developmental opportunities more affluent students get. Learn more.

About the program, Mullen & Mullen’s Managing Partner, Attorney Shane Mullen said:

We’re proud to assist an organization that gives children the educational opportunities they need to achieve their career dreams. Lifting children out of poverty via self-empowerment is something everyone can agree on. And especially so with At Last! because it also keeps children with their families and schools. Providing ongoing financial support to such a worthy cause simply makes sense.

The Family Place

Where Family Violence Stops

In 1978, The Family Place was founded as one of the first domestic abuse shelters in Texas. Since then, it has become the leader in preventing and ending family violence. Today, it serves more than 9,000 people with 22,000+ hours of counseling and 65,000+ days of emergency shelter. The organization has a comprehensive enough service selection such that anyone involved in family violence can totally rebuild their lives. This includes both victims and batterers. Learn more.