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Personal Injury Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison
Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison

How Our Attorneys Maximize Compensation

Were you hurt in a slip and fall accident in Plano that was not your fault? Our lawyers will make sure you obtain the maximum settlement you deserve. Consult Mullen & Mullen’s award-winning law firm with 39 years of experience. Get a free consultation today. There is no obligation or pressure to hire us. Call (972) 947-3370 now!

A slip and fall can lead to months of physical recovery, tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, the inability to work and lost wages, and not being able to do the things you want with your loved ones.

Our lawyers have over 90 years of combined experience practicing personal injury law. We have won the most prestigious awards in the industry (Super Lawyers, The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum).

Unlike with many other firms, we can get you all the medical treatment you may need up front with no out of pocket costs, even if you require surgery. Our lawyers have special relationships with medical professionals in Plano willing to defer payment until after your slip and fall case settles. This can save you a ton of time and stress and allow you to focus on your physical healing.

What Else Can Mullen & Mullen Provide That Other Firms Can’t?

You need an attorney in Plano but not just any will do. You should have the best. You should be wary of any law firm who will be passing your slip and fall case on to an inexperienced junior attorney or paralegal to work on while they simply supervise.

Make sure to ask WHO will be handling the day to day details of your claim. Many firms profit off of handling a higher volume of cases that are worked by lesser experienced staff members that settle for smaller amounts.

The outcome of your slip and fall case depends a lot on the skill and care of your lawyer. We don’t have any junior attorneys or paralegals. If you choose our Plano law firm, an experienced lawyer will handle your case from start to finish. This means you will have a far greater chance of obtaining the maximum settlement your case warrants.

With Mullen & Mullen in Plano, you’ll get access to the best lawyers, but you won’t pay anything until after your claim is settled and paid by the insurance company. You will also get:

  • A private investigator who’s a firm employee at no added cost. Mike Foster has more than a decade of service with our law firm. Not only does he know all the right questions to ask so you maximize the value of your claim, but he is also an employee. Most private investigators are contracted and their fee comes out of your settlement. Because we employ Mike, that saves money. And we never pass the cost of his services on to you.
  • A 29% contingency fee instead of the industry standard 33.3%. Unlike most firms, we reduce our attorney fee when we settle your case without having to file a lawsuit (about 90% of cases settle out of court). Because of our proven track record of success, you have a much higher chance of settling your claim without it requiring litigation which can drastically increase the time involved thus the attorney’s fees.

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Call (972) 947-3370 to schedule your free consultation today or use the contact form or chat feature on this page. You’ll learn how we’d approach your claim. But you won’t feel any pressure to hire us on the spot. Simply relax and learn the viability of your case.

Plano Slip and Fall Attorney

What Are The Most Common Injuries Caused by Slip and Falls?

You can experience catastrophic injuries that affect you the rest of your life. Fortunately though, most injuries are relatively short-term and you can fully recover from them. These could include:

  1. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – The CDC says falls are actually the leading cause of TBI. TBIs can be relatively benign or completely devastating. A minor TBI could be a mild concussion that makes you feel woozy but which soon heals with rest. A severe TBI can cause lifelong seizures, cognitive impairment, and drastic mood changes that completely derail your life.
  2. Hip Fractures – Hip injuries are no joke. 95% of all hip injuries happen because of falls, according to the CDC. The average hip injury results in surgery, a week-long hospital stay, and then admission to a nursing home for extended rehabilitation. The CDC also adds that about 20% of hip injuries result in death.
  3. Back and Spinal Cord Injuries – On the more mild side, you may simply experience a slipped or herniated disk. Though it’s painful and limits your mobility, you can usually recover from a slipped disk within 6 weeks or so. Severe back and spinal cord injuries, however, can be lifelong. They can lead permanent paralysis, for example.
  4. Shoulder Injuries – Many slip and falls lead to injuries to the brachial plexus. It connects your spinal cord to your shoulder, arm, and hand. Such injuries frequently require surgery and it may be several months before you can return to normal activity. Fortunately, medical advances have made it possible to fully recover from many brachial plexus injuries that would have been permanently life-altering just a couple decades ago.
  5. Sprains – Sprained ankles take anywhere from one week to six months to heal, depending on the severity. A sprained ankle can completely sideline you from work and the activities you enjoy. In rare cases, you may need surgery to repair a torn ligament.
  6. Fractures – Fractures from slip-and-falls happen most frequently to older adults. Symptoms can vary dramatically depending on the type of fracture. For example, arm, leg, and hand fractures take a few weeks to heal. And you’ll more than likely fully recover physically. However, more severe fractures like hip and spine fractures can be permanently disabling, possibly even resulting in death.

How Do Our Lawyers Strategize Your Slip and Fall Case?

In 90% of cases, we can assemble a strategy so strong that the at-fault party will simply settle without going to court. It’s really in everyone’s best interest to avoid the filing of a lawsuit because it takes a lot of time and costs a ton more money.

But in some cases, the defendant believes they can win the claim. Because Texas law allows them to show you have partial responsibility for your injuries, they may go that route to try and minimize their potential payout.

With our proven attorneys on your side, you’ll get the best slip and fall legal representation available in Plano. Here’s what we have to prove, and the more evidence you can provide that supports this, the more viable your claim is:

Prove a Dangerous Condition Existed

First, the property owner must have a dangerous condition on their property. For example, a grocery store has a wet floor that has been mopped. If the store has a wet floor and you don’t know about it, that’s dangerous and potentially could cause you serious injuries.

But, the store also needs to have a reasonable period of time to respond to the condition. You can’t wait for a store to finish cleaning, and then the moment before they put up a warning sign, slip on it and get hurt. The store has rights too.

Show the Property Owner Failed to Fix the Dangerous Condition

If the property owner didn’t cause the dangerous condition themselves, you can also prove that they should have fixed a dangerous condition on their property. For example, say they hire a tree service to cut down a few branches.

Those branches then fall on the sidewalk, and you accidentally trip on one and sprain your ankle. You could potentially hold either the property owner and/or the tree service responsible for your injuries if they had a reasonable period of time to remedy the situation but failed to do so.

The Property Owner’s Negligence Must Have Caused Your Injuries

If the property owner was negligent, you must also show that negligence actually caused your injuries. This can be difficult, as many stores train their employees to keep quiet about potential dangerous conditions on their property. They also destroy video evidence if it’s not used within 30 days. And passer-by witnesses frequently don’t come forward.

Injuries cost businesses a lot of money. So they come prepared to vigorously defend them.

Did You Have Some Fault For Your Injuries Too?

In Texas, we have “shared fault.” That means you can be partially responsible for your injuries also. Companies may say that you weren’t paying attention like you should have been (for example, you were on your phone). They can also say you wore footwear inappropriate for the situation. And they can also say the dangerous condition should have been obvious to you.

And if a company can show you were more than 50% responsible for your injuries, they can get away without paying you anything at all.

That’s why you need the most skilled slip and fall attorneys in Plano on your side. Large corporations have entire departments and armies of people working to minimize your claim, or eliminate it entirely. Fortunately, because you pay nothing until you win, you can afford to hire the best in Plano: Mullen & Mullen.

What To Do If You Slip and Fall in Plano

Unfortunately, while your health is the most important, you somehow have to balance paying attention to that while gathering evidence. Hopefully, you’re with someone when you get injured.

If you’re not, ask someone nearby to help you out. Most people are willing to help someone who’s just been injured.

Here’s a quick plan for what to do:

Seek Medical Attention ASAP

If you haven’t suffered a severe injury, make sure you at least go to your primary doctor as soon as you can. If you do have injuries that you should be compensated for, you need a paper trail of evidence from your doctor. Judges and juries, should a trial be necessary, will also believe victims who seek medical treatment promptly.

Do Your Own Documentation of the Incident

You don’t know how the property owner will document the incident. Since they have a financial interest in the matter, it’s to their benefit to create the most favorable version of the story for themselves.

So, make sure you have your own story. Shoot a video and narrate what happened at the scene, beginning with what you were doing immediately before you were hurt. Focus intently on the exact area where the incident happened. Take plenty of pictures here too. Don’t worry about overdoing it. Include the exact time and date. And don’t forget to document your injuries also.

Get the name, address, email, and phone number of all nearby witnesses. Consider also writing down a detailed account of what happened as soon as you’re able. Finally, store the shoes and clothes you wore in a safe place where they won’t be disturbed. They can be important evidence later on.

Report Your Injury, But Don’t Give a Statement

Make sure the property owner knows about the incident as soon as possible. They’ll have to make their own written report. Request a copy of that report before you leave.

If the property owner asks for a statement, politely decline to give them one. You have no legal obligation to give them one. And they’ll only use it against you anyway.

Don’t blame anyone. Don’t take any blame. Simply don’t say anything.

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