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About Birth Injury Cases

Did your obstetrician’s negligence cause your baby to have brain damage or other injuries? Get genuinely compassionate legal service from proven personal injury lawyers with decades of experience.

What should you do if you believe your child’s birth injury resulted from obstetrical malpractice?

Law allows medical professionals to make honest mistakes. But sometimes, they cross the line and act irresponsibly in a negligent manner.

And that’s when you may have a legal claim that entitles you to compensation for your child’s injuries.

Birth-related medical malpractice is costly and difficult to prove. So, you need the best lawyers you can find.

And since birth injury lawyers only collect their fee from your final settlement value when you win, you can afford the best available – even if you don’t have a single cent to pay them.

Is your doctor responsible for your child’s birth injuries?

It’s a sad thing when you don’t have the healthy child you want.
You wait nearly 9 months with nervous excitement about your unborn child.

Did you find out the gender? Will it be a surprise? What’s it going to be like to be new parents, or parents again for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time?

And then the unexpected, the scenario you worst fear, happens. Your child isn’t healthy.

In fact, they have birth injuries that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Was your doctor responsible? Or were these injuries unavoidable?

In truth, medical malpractice claims are the most difficult of all personal injury claims to prove.

What should you look for in a birth injury attorney?

Obstetricians make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes just happen.

But when they act in an unreasonable way that no other obstetrician normally would, under the same circumstances, the law entitles you to compensation.

Unfortunately, it can’t reverse the brain damage or other injuries your baby experienced.

But it can help you pay for the medical services, therapy, and emotional harm you and your child suffered as a result of their medical malpractice.

And since obstetrical malpractice is difficult and expensive to prove, you need the best lawyer you can find.

You can afford the best obstetrical malpractice lawyer in Texas. That’s because they charge a final percentage of your claim after you win. You pay absolutely nothing up front.

Why is it so Hard To Prove Medical Malpractice?

In a nutshell, this is because the burden of proof is on you, the patient. And it usually takes a slew of expert witness testimony from people with medical experience, that requires a lot of time and money to collect. Then it takes even more time and money to actually try your case. Sometimes, it costs a lot to simply learn your case isn’t viable!

But let’s assume you have reasonable suspicion it is.

To Prove Medical Malpractice, You Must Show 3 Things

  1. That the medical provider acted negligently (They acted unreasonably, doing something no other medical professional would do in the same situation). Note this is different than making a mistake. Medical providers are allowed mistakes under the law.
  2. Once you show negligence, you must then show the negligent actions caused your child’s birth injuries. If your doctor was negligent, but his actions did not cause your child harm, you have no case.
  3. If your doctor did not act negligently, your child would not have experienced their birth injuries.

Because medical malpractice claims have a high burden of legal and scientific proof, and because they are so costly and cause such immense emotional distress to the medical professional, the alleged victim, and their family, most Dallas personal injury lawyers only take these cases on if they are very clear-cut. This usually means your child experiences a catastrophic and permanent injury like brain damage, paralysis, mental disability, organ failure, or even death.

Most individuals alleging medical malpractice won’t have their claims pursued in court. It also wouldn’t be fair or ethical to you if your personal injury lawyer took on your case, knowing there’s a 50-50 chance you would win.

There is some good news, though!

Mullen & Mullen Law Firm in Dallas offers free consultations, so it costs you nothing to find out if you have a valid birth injury claim.

What makes our Dallas birth injury lawyers different?

Our attorneys combined have 89 years of personal injury experience. While important, experience isn’t everything. Many large injury law firms have experienced senior attorneys supervise your case – but then most of the real leg work gets done by inexperienced junior attorneys and paralegals. When you do a free consultation, make sure you ask the lawyer if they will personally do the work on your claim.

At Mullen & Mullen, we do not employ a single junior attorney or paralegal. That means when you have a serious obstetrical malpractice claim because of your baby’s brain damage or another injury, you get the best chance of winning. And, because of stronger legal arguments from more experienced lawyers.

In addition, our injury attorneys have long-standing relationships with medical providers who delay billing until after your claim settles. That saves you a ton of mental stress and financial chaos.

We also save you more money by using an employed private investigator. Most law firms contract this service out, which costs you more.

Finally, you probably know how most lawyers have a reputation for liking to talk. At Mullen & Mullen Law Firm, we spend more time listening and caring. After all, how else are we supposed to get to know you, your concerns, and how the incident impacted your life and your child’s life?

While we’re ferocious when dealing with insurance companies and defense lawyers- we’re genuinely nice and down-to-earth guys when you meet us in person.

  • Proven track record of success. Senior attorney Shane Mullen won $1.1 million in Robinson v. Howell and $1 million in Foster v. Nelson – both settlements that didn’t require a trial. Senior associate attorney Joseph Morrison used to manage his own firm and also won the 5th largest premises liability verdict in Texas in 2012. Attorney Regis Mullen has 54 years of experience – including working for insurance companies. So you can rest assured knowing you’re in the hands of a true team of professionals.
  • Maximum chance of winning the most money possible for your claim. Our injury law firm doesn’t employ a single paralegal or junior attorneys. Larger firms (and smaller ones too) routinely employ both and pass off much of your case’s work to them. Their lesser experience and skill results in weaker legal arguments, which also lowers your chances of winning – and the amount you win. At Mullen & Mullen, our experienced senior attorneys do all the real work. That means you have a far greater chance of winning your claim – and getting the most money possible.
  • Relationships with medical institutions that delay billing until your claim finishes. Tired of medical bills piling up, watching your credit score plummet, and bill collectors harassing you for payment with no concern about your ability to pay? Don’t worry about it! We have relationships with medical institutions willing to serve you – and who wait for payment until after your claim settles.
  • Impeccable reputation. Go ahead and Google “Mullen & Mullen Law Firm Reviews” You’ll only find great things about us.
  • Genuinely nice guys. Even when a lawyer’s on your side, you tend to think they may be difficult to talk to or arrogant. But relax – you get none of that with us. Not only do we have some of the best birth injury lawyers in Texas, but our lawyers listen and care with great compassion. This isn’t an easy time in your life. And we do everything we can to make this stressful process as painless as possible for you.

Why hire our obstetrical malpractice lawyers in Dallas, Plano, Frisco or Fort Worth?

With us, you truly get among the best of all such lawyers in Texas. Attorney Shane Mullen was named a Texas “Super Lawyer” three consecutive years. The publication, owned by Thomson-Reuters, uses a rigorous 12-point system to identify the top 2.5% of all lawyers in the state. It also eliminates the possibility that you can simply win the award based on who you know or do favors for. Just Google “Shane V. Mullen Super Lawyers” to find his profile.

Besides that, Shane’s also won $1 million+ claims – without having to file a lawsuit – saving the client increased attorney fees and expenses. Here are a couple examples:

  • $1.1 million in Robinson v. Howell
  • $1 million in Foster v. Nelson
  • $2,024,050.73 (Confidential Settlement)

Senior Associate Attorney Joseph R. Morrison has litigated well in excess of five hundred cases.  In 2012 he won $588,516.23 in Young v. Conagra Foods. The claim was the fifth largest premises liability verdict in Texas that year. Conagra Foods is a publicly traded company that generates $11.6 billion in revenue yearly. So, Joseph isn’t afraid to take on large hospitals and other medical systems and force them to own up to their mistakes.

And Attorney Regis L. Mullen, Shane’s father? Well, he’s used his 50+ years of legal experience to help groom Shane into the winning attorney he is today. When he first started, Regis worked for large insurance companies. Horrified by all their tricks, traps, and gimmicks, he decided to switch over and help out hardworking, everyday Americans. And with his 53 years of legal expertise, you can bet he understands every nuance of obstetrical malpractice and how large insurers and medical institutions might defend themselves.

Regardless of who takes on your obstetrical malpractice injury claim, you’re in some of the most skilled hands in Texas.

Need more proof?

Simply read our client reviews. When was the last time you saw any business, let alone a law firm, with 275+ reviews and a 5-star rating?

Why should you act fast?

Texas’ birth injury statute of limitations is extremely confusing. You should have until your child turns 20 to file your claim. However, Texas has a “statute of repose” which limits this to 10 in medical malpractice cases. But sometimes you can’t know the full extent of the birth injuries, so your lawyer may be able to successfully argue this time limit should be extended.

You should play it safe and smart and act immediately because over time evidence disappears and your memory fades. Plus, it doesn’t look good if you wait for years with full knowledge your child has serious birth injuries.

You can recover compensation for past, present, and future injuries. So filing your claim as soon as possible makes sense.

We can help you with any birth injury claim imaginable – Erb’s palsy, Klumpke’s palsy, brachial plexus injuries, brain injuries (cerebral palsy, seizures), hypoxic birth injuries (HIE), meconium birth injuries, pitocin birth injuries, hemorrhage, facial paralysis, cephalohematoma, caput succedaneum, and others.

Get Your Free Obstetrical Malpractice Case Review Today with a Qualified Attorney in Dallas

When you come in and share you and your child’s story, you’ll feel relieved with how our lawyers listen, care, and understand.

You won’t feel pressured to sign a document that makes us your attorneys today. But you will understand how we would handle your child’s injury claim, and learn a rough estimate of how much you might be compensated.

When the conversation’s complete, you’ll feel at ease knowing you’re in good hands.

Then, simply make a decision when you’re ready. Learn how our attorneys can help! Contact us in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, or Fort Worth now, to discuss the facts of your case.

Call (214) 747-5240 now or use the quick contact form on this page.

There is never a fee for our legal services unless we obtain a recovery for you.

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