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If you injured by a dog bite, our attorneys in Plano will vigorously pursue justice on your behalf and will secure the maximum compensation available to you. As confirmed by, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm successfully represented 19 out of the Texas “Top 50” personal injury settlements in 2021 (awaiting results for 2022). No other Texas firm achieved as many appearances on this prestigious list as we did. Therefore, we can confidently assert that we will go above and beyond to ensure an outcome that surpasses your expectations.

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About Dog Bite Cases

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It may be months or years before you get back to normal again. You may even have permanent disfigurement. And then you have psychological trauma that a loose dog may be around or the next dog you meet will smell your fear and attack.

The dog owner should have to pay for your injuries. And you should get fair compensation for the harm their dog caused you. This can include payment for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, property damage, and possibly punitive damages.

But, you unfortunately have another problem. And that lies in finding the best dog bite attorneys in Plano. You’re wise to hire the best because insurers like to argue you had some responsibility in the incident so they don’t have to pay.

And you can afford to hire the best because Mullen & Mullen Law Firm does not charge anything unless you win. Plus, we have relationships with medical professionals who will delay billing until after you win your claim (as long as we take your claim on).

$500,000 Settlement for Child Attacked by Dog
$500,000 Settlement for Child Attacked by Dog

How Do You Know Mullen & Mullen Has the Best Dog Bite Lawyers in Plano?

We helped one child dog bite victim win $500,000 for their injuries…and their medical expenses were just $3,000!

It starts with experience. Mullen & Mullen’s personal injury lawyers in Plano, TX have a more than 86 years of combined experience. We’ve battled and beaten insurance companies of all sizes who have massive legal departments intensely committed to not paying.

A skilled dog bite lawyer does all the real work on your claim. Many firms, and especially the larger ones, allow inexperienced junior attorneys or paralegals to do the real work on the claim (the senior attorney merely supervises).

We don’t employ a single paralegal or junior attorney. As you talk to lawyers, make sure you ask who does the work on your claim.

This could be why 90% of our cases end up settling without having to go to court. And when your claim settles out of court, you pay just a 29% fee of your case’s final settlement value (compared to the industry standard fee of 33%).

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)

Finally, we employ an in-house private investigator, Mike Foster. Most firms contract this service out, which costs you more.

Since we’ve been working with Mike for more than a decade, we know he’ll ask you all the right questions. That means you have stronger evidence, and a much greater chance of winning your claim!

Finally, we’ve got all sorts of awards and recognitions from major names in the legal industry. That includes Super Lawyers, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Newsweek, Forbes, and more.

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When you choose Mullen & Mullen, you really do get the best legal representation available. Plus, while we’re fearless warriors when it comes to dealing with insurers, we’re pretty nice guys to our clients. You’ll love how we listen and care not just about your case, but also about you as a person.

So schedule your free consultation by calling (972) 947-3370 today. It’s yours free. You have absolutely no obligation to hire us. Simply learn how we’ll approach your claim based on the facts you offer. And get your questions answered. Many new clients learn legal strategies other firms overlook. Then, make your decision and act when you’re ready.

What Should You Do If You Were Attacked By an Animal?

We’d love to tell you that you should only focus on taking care of your injuries. But unfortunately, you need to focus on gathering evidence too, if you’re able. If someone else’s animal attacks you, you should:

  1. Get emergency medical care, if needed. Not every bite requires emergency medical care. But many do. To protect yourself legally, you’re best off at least visiting your general practitioner so you know you’re okay. And this also gives you some evidence if you need it later on.
  2. Get the name, phone number, and address of the owner. Collect the same information from any witnesses.
  3. If you can, take pics of the animal, the attack scene, and your injuries. Also consider shooting a brief video narrating how the situation came to happen from your perspective.
  4. Report the incident to the police and the local animal control office.
  5. Keep the clothing you wore during the incident. Do not wash it.
  6. Keep all medical bills, receipts, insurance company letters, emails, and any other communications you get related to the situation.
  7. Don’t talk to the insurance company or sign anything unless you’ve talked to a lawyer first. The worst thing you can hear is that you don’t have a case.
Personal Injury Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison
Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison

What Do You Do When Texas Law is Unclear on Dog Bites?

Unlike most states, Texas law strangely does not spell out what damages a dog owner is responsible for should their dog attack you.

The only standard clearly in place is the “one bite rule.” This means that basically, the dog’s owner gets “one free bite.” Legally, this makes it difficult to hold a dog owner liable for your injuries and damages if this is their dog’s first bite.

But it’s not impossible!

If you can prove the dog was vicious even though this is their first bite, you can still win your claim. You must show the dog owner should have been aware of the substantial and unjustifiable risk that resulted in their dog attacking.

If the dog’s owner knew the dog had acted aggressively in the past and they failed to use reasonable care in controlling their dog, they may meet the legal definition of “negligent.” And you more than likely can win a claim against them.

If the dog attack happens on a rental property, you may also be able to sue the landlord too. If the landlord had knowledge of the dog’s dangerous propensity, yet failed to take no action in regard to it, they may have some liability for your injuries also.

How Might a Dog Owner Defend Themselves?

Dog owners actually have a number of legal defenses available to them. Just because someone else’s dog bit or attacked you doesn’t mean they’ll be 100% responsible for your injuries.

This is another reason why you should hire the best dog bite lawyers in Plano. Dog bite lawsuits are difficult to win and require extensive skill and experience.

The dog’s owners may try to say you:

  • Trespassed onto their property and have responsibility for your injuries
  • Provoked the dog in some way. They won’t be able to completely avoid paying for your injuries. But, they may be able to reduce their payment by a percentage based on the amount of responsibility you have for your injuries (called “comparative negligence”).

If this is their dog’s first bite or attack, they can also try to say they had no knowledge their dog would act aggressively. However, this could be countered with other evidence, such as statements from neighbors or other witnesses or “Beware of Dog” signs on the dog owner’s property.

Can Witnesses Get Compensation for Mental Anguish?

Maybe. Texas law does allow “bystanders” to get compensation for the mental anguish of witnessing severe or fatal dog attacks.

However, to qualify, the bystander must be closely related to the victim. And the injuries must have been severe or fatal.

You must have directly witnessed the incident and been near it at the time of its occurrence. You also do not have to show you had some sort of physical manifestation of the emotional distress.

How Long Do You Have to File A Dog Bite Lawsuit in Plano?

The Texas statute of limitations for personal injury claims of all kinds runs 2 years (with a few exceptions).

But generally, you have two years from the date of the incident to file your claim. If you think about it, that’s not a long time. It may even take longer than that just to recover from your injuries.

So, you’re wise to file your claim as soon after the incident as you can. You don’t want to give the negligent party any more time than necessary to assemble their defense.

And judges and juries, should court become necessary, give the most credibility to dog bite victims who act quickly.

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