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Has someone else’s reckless and careless behavior caused you physical, emotional, and financial pain and suffering?

Suddenly, you have an intense set of problems and high stress to deal with. But don’t worry! Mullen & Mullen solves every single one so you can focus exclusively on recovering and getting life back to normal again:

  1. High medical bills? Relax. We have connections with medical professionals and institutions willing to delay billing until after you win your claim. It’s ready to use the moment you become our client. We’ve had these relationships for years. And the medical professionals and institutions are among the best St. Louis has to offer. Plus, they take pride in offering great service and making you feel like a human (and not just another number).
  2. Already have medical bills? Even if medical institutions are already hounding you, we can make them happy. That includes even if you’re broke and don’t have money to pay them until after you win your claim. Yes. We can make them go away right now. And we can help you make collections happy, and again even if you don’t have the money to pay them.
  3. How fast will you recover physically? Not a problem. Because we connect you with the brightest medical minds in St. Louis, you’ll get back to normal ASAP. And when that’s not possible, you will get back to the best quality life you can live, given your constraints.
  4. What about getting payment from the insurer or at-fault party? While they’re not on your side, we can force them to pay fairly for your injuries. Our combined 89+ years of experience means we know all the levers available to make insurers pay much more than they initially want. Just the sight of our name changes how the conversation goes. We’ve won multimillion dollar claims against billion-dollar companies. You will get fair compensation. And we’ll do everything we can to make sure you get max compensation.
  5. What if you have no income while you wait for your claim to settle? Again, not a problem. This could be months, or even longer than a year. Despite our experience, it’s not possible to predict exactly how long resolving your claim will take. However, you can use “law loan” companies to keep money coming in while you wait. These companies advance 5-10% of your potential winnings within 24-48 hours of you becoming our client. They simply give us a call, ask how much we think we can win, and then give you your funds. You do have to pay interest. And some of these companies can charge outrageous interest. However, we have connections with reputable ones who treat you fairly. And they don’t require you to pay in the rare event that you lose your claim.
  6. How will you cope emotionally? A personal injury can leave emotional scars that linger for years – or even your entire lifetime. Again, we can help you out. Not only will we recover money for therapy and counseling, but we have connections with excellent service providers who will help you regain your mental peace once again.

One major insurer’s report says the average personal injury lawyer wins their client 2-3 times the insurance company’s initial offer. We routinely win clients 10-15x. And some even get 20x.

Personal Injury Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison
Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison

Why Choose Mullen & Mullen’s Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis?

You have dozens of options when it comes to personal injury lawyers in the St. Louis area.

So, why choose Mullen & Mullen?

First, you’re wise to compare personal injury lawyers. Thousands of dollars are at stake. And, perhaps much more. You want to make sure you’re in the hands of the best.

I highly recommend Mullen & Mullen Law Firm.  I was rear-ended by a semi-truck and lost work, needed rehab, was looking at mounting medical bills AND the truck company’s insurance company wouldn’t even respond to my communications. Joe Morrison, my attorney at Mullen & Mullen, and his team took over and got me a great settlement. Best of all, I barely had to do a thing.  As busy business owner, my time is extremely valuable. The high level of service that the “Mullen” team provided was exactly what I needed. They went the extra mile to earn my trust and respect.  Hiring an attorney can be a daunting task. I’m just so glad that I didn’t hire one of those TV ad truck accident firms. –Dan Levin

Having your medical bills delayed until after you win your claim is just one major way Mullen & Mullen differs from other personal injury lawyers in St. Louis.

Here’s some other major value you get with Mullen & Mullen too:

  • Experienced attorneys do all the real work on your claim. Believe it or not, many firms let inexperienced paralegals or junior attorneys do much of the real work on your claim. The experienced senior attorney merely supervises. Sometimes, the junior attorney even does the arguing in court. Usually, they do it to process more claims faster and make more money. At Mullen & Mullen, an attorney with nearly 20 years of experience does all the real work on your claim. And that means you walk away with the most compensation possible.
  • We have won claims like yours. Inexperienced junior attorneys and paralegals haven’t necessarily won claims like yours already. They don’t know all the details to look for. The experienced senior attorney may be too busy to scrutinize every detail. At Mullen & Mullen, our experienced attorneys have won a claim just like yours. And we can say that confidently because each of our personal injury attorneys has at least 18 years of experience. That means you have the best opportunity to win maximum compensation for your injuries.
  • Save thousands thanks to our in-house private investigator. Most personal injury firms contract a private investigator’s services. This costs more. A lot more. Instead, we employ our own in-house investigator, Mike Foster. This saves you a lot of money. Plus, we know the awesome quality of Mike’s work. He knows the exact questions to ask that reveal the most powerful details that give you the most persuasive claim possible. And that raises your odds of collecting the most compensation.
  • You pay only 29% (regularly 33.3%) of your case’s final settlement value if your claim stays out of court. About 90% of our claims settle out of court. Because it costs so much less to settle your claim out of court, we pass the savings on to you.

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)

We’re a small firm. That means your claim gets the personalized attention it deserves so you have the best opportunity to win the most compensation possible. And it also means you feel like a human, and not just another number rammed through a system.

Larger firms do generate noteworthy results. However, they don’t do so on as consistent of a basis as small firms who take the time to meticulously handle each claim.

At Mullen & Mullen, you’re always in good hands. Learn more about each of our personal injury attorneys to find out just how good of hands you’re truly in:

Shane V. Mullen, Personal injury attorney, Mullen & Mullen
Shane Mullen, Personal Injury Attorney
  • Attorney Shane Mullen has more than 20 years of personal injury experience. He knew he wanted to be a lawyer since the third grade. Since then, he’s won a car accident claim worth $2.05 million and several more worth more than $1 million. He’s become a member of the Million Dollar and Multimillion Dollar Advocate’s forums, an invite-only organization that accepts less than 1% of all personal injury lawyers in the US. He’s also become a lifetime member of Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys of America, another invite-only organization which accepts less than 1% of all personal injury lawyers in the nation.
Joseph R. Morrison, Personal injury attorney, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm
Joseph Morrison, Personal Injury Attorney
  • Attorney Joseph Morrison won one client 20 times the pre-suit settlement offer from the insurer in Douglas v. Cameron. He also helped another client win the fifth largest premises liability verdict in Texas in Young v. Conagra Foods, a multibillion-dollar company. He also partnered with Shane Mullen in winning the $2.05 million car accident lawsuit mentioned earlier. And Joseph has also won several million-dollar claims of his own. These victories have earned him invite-only memberships to the Million Dollar and Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forums, as well as The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers and The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40. All these organizations accept just the top 1% of all lawyers into their membership. And they only take on members based on their merits on an invite-only basis.

To see our legal expertise in action, read this story about one client who won $250,000 after a fall at a car wash.

While at a car wash, this client suffered a deep leg laceration that eventually required irrigation and closing by a surgeon. While the surgeon noted there was no obvious neurovascular injury, the patient consistently complained of numbness and tingling. However, it remains important to understand that nerve damage is best diagnosed by a neurologist, and not a surgeon.

Fortunately, the client’s numbness and tingling greatly improved over time. The scar at the site of her injury, which ran from the back of her calf and all the way to the front, also healed nicely. However, it was still slightly visible.

The insurance carrier dug their heels in for a tough defense. They retained a defense attorney. They also requested mediation.

If we feel the mediation session is set up to be conducted in good faith, we’ll gladly attend. In this case, that’s exactly what we did.

Though challenging, we were able to win $250,000 for the client. To put this in perspective, the original medical bills totaled $25,000. This also saved the client thousands of dollars because the case did not have to go to court. The client also put an extra $13,333 in her pocket because of our reduced 29% case fee for cases which do not go to court.

$250,000 won on $25,000 in medical bills was a nice win for this client!

Pay Only After You Win Your Claim – And Pay Just 29% (Regularly 33.3%) of Your Case’s Final Value When You Mention This Ad

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)

Everyone can afford Mullen & Mullen. That’s because we only charge you after you win your claim. And, if in the extremely rare event that you don’t win your claim, you pay nothing at all!

So, you can easily afford the best personal injury attorneys in St. Louis!

When you schedule your free consultation, you’ll learn exactly what we can do for you. Many clients learn they have winnable claims when other personal injury lawyers told them that wasn’t the case.

Get all your questions answered. Feel our compassion and kindness as we calmly walk through your case. And just sit back and relax while you share what happened.

Plus, do it all with no obnoxious high sales pressure to hire us now. Simply learn what we can do for you, get your questions answered, and then make your decision when you feel good and ready.

In Missouri, you have five years from the date of your accident to file your personal injury claim. This sounds like a long time. But remember that defendants intentionally lose or destroy evidence as soon as they can. Even if they don’t, you still give them more time to mount their defense. So, you’re wise to file your claim as soon after your accident as you’re able.

Start the process with a free consultation with Mullen & Mullen by calling (314) 465-8733.

What Kinds of Personal Injuries Can You Experience?

As much as modern society tries to make every aspect of your life stable and predictable, it’s still simply not possible. You can’t control whether someone else acts negligently or not.

Many types of personal injuries can happen. And below are the types we can best help you with:

  1. St. Louis Car Accidents They’re the most common type of personal injury. That means lots of money is at stake. So, of course, insurers will aggressively defend these claims. Fortunately, Mullen & Mullen has a combined nearly 90 years of experience winning every type of car accident claim you can imagine.
  2. St. Louis Slips and Falls – Property owners owe you a duty of care to take reasonable actions to keep their property free of dangerous conditions. When they fail to do so, we hold them responsible for the harm they cause you.
  3. St. Louis Truck Accidents – Truckers are under a lot of pressure to drive as fast as possible. Sometimes, trucking companies even force their drivers to break the law. When truckers drive with negligence and cause you harm, we’ll help you get max compensation for your injuries.
  4. St. Louis Motorcycle Accidents – You must admit motorcycles can be hard to see because you’re not used to looking for them. However, that doesn’t absolve drivers of all responsibility. If a driver negligently causes you harm while you’re riding, we’ll help you get max compensation for your injuries.
  5. St. Louis Work Accidents – Employers have an obligation to provide a reasonably safe workplace and to notify employees of dangerous conditions. When they fail to do so and act with negligence, we help you get max compensation for your injuries.
  6. St. Louis Dog Bites – Everybody loves dogs. But not every dog loves every person. When a dog bites or attacks you, and the owner is negligent in the matter, we help you hold them responsible for your injuries.
  7. St. Louis Wrongful Death – Any of the above accidents, or any personal injury situation, can result in death. If your loved one loses their life because of someone else’s negligence, we help you get max compensation for your loss.

Is Your Personal Injury Claim Winnable?

When someone else causes your harm, it always seems obvious to understand exactly what happened and who’s at fault. But Missouri law and your own practical understanding are two different things.

Following is what our personal injury lawyers look for to see if you have a truly winnable claim:

  1. Did Someone Owe You a Duty of Care?

To have a valid personal injury claim, the other party must have owed you a duty of care. For example, a doctor owes you a duty of care because they charge for their services and have a level of expertise above and beyond the lay person.

However, a friend telling you about a natural supplement that relieves pain does not owe you a duty of care. So, you can possibly sue the doctor. But you can’t sue your friend.

  1. The Duty of Care Was Breached

Speaking generally, law allows people to be imperfect and make mistakes. However, they generally must exercise the same care a reasonable person would in that situation.

If they act differently than a reasonable person would, you likely have a personal injury claim. For example, someone driving drunk is not acting like a reasonable person. Therefore, you have a claim you can pursue if they cause you injuries and damages.

  1. The Breach Caused Your Damages

Insurers love this one because they know how to lever it to their advantage. They agree that you’re injured. However, they’ll argue their customer’s actions didn’t cause your injuries.

For example, they may use Facebook pictures you post after an accident to show that the accident didn’t cause your injuries (even if that really was the case).

When injured and seeking compensation, you must show the breach in the duty of care resulted in your injuries.

  1. Your Damages Happened in the Past 5 Years

Missouri’s statute of limitations says you have five years from the date of your accident to file your claim. Wait longer than that, and your claim will be tossed out in court.

Five years is a long time. However, you still should pursue your claim with a personal injury attorney as soon after your accident as possible. That’s because the longer you wait, the more time the other party must destroy evidence and mount their defense. Don’t give them any more time than is necessary.

  1. You Don’t Make Devastating Mistakes

Personal injury law allows you to be imperfect. Missouri is a “partial fault” state, which means that you can still recover compensation for your injuries, even if you bear some fault.

At the same time, you can still make game-changing mistakes that could cost you your entire claim. For example, those Facebook pictures could be enough to do just that.

You can also make lesser mistakes like apologizing or failing to follow your doctor’s orders. Those mistakes may not cost you your claim entirely. But they still could cost you a lot of money.

This is another reason to hire a personal injury lawyer immediately. One can tell you what mistakes to avoid so you get the most compensation possible for your injuries.

St. Louis Personal Injury Resources

How to Choose the Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Louis Who Will Win You the Most Money

With any type of professional service, there’s a range in quality, right? You carefully research the reputation of the service provider first, so you know you come up with the best one.

Well, it’s no different with personal injury lawyers in the St. Louis area. Choose the right one, and you can win the most money possible for your injuries. Choose the wrong one, and you win a lot less. You could even lose your claim entirely.

Shane Mullen is a great lawyer. He is not only great at his job, but he really cares about his clients! I was rear ended last December, and he not only got me in to see a chiropractor to start my healing but called them to let them know to call me and set up an appointment for me right away! They also referred me to a great auto body repair shop that had me up and going in no time. Then when it came time to deal with Geico about a settlement Shane went above and beyond to get me more than I expected. In my opinion when an accident happens you want the best. Best lawyer, best doctors, and best repair shop. I got all of that and then some by calling Mullen and Mullen! I would recommend them to anyone. All my calls were returned, and emails answered so quickly, and his assistant Natalie is so sweet and patient! Always so ready to answer all my questions! –Michele Lambe

But what should you look for so you end up with the best personal injury lawyer you can find? Here’s a quick list:

  1. Ask your personal injury attorney if they’ve already won claims like yours. “Personal injury” is a broad term. You can experience many kinds of “personal injuries.” So, you want to make sure that your lawyer has already won claims with circumstances like yours. Some lawyers have this direct experience. Some don’t. The only way to find out is to ask. Remember, you are the CEO making the hiring decision here. The personal injury attorney is not in charge of whether you hire them or not.
  2. Find out who really works on your claim. Believe it or not, the lawyer you talk to may do none of the real work on your claim at all. Instead, they might only supervise while inexperienced junior attorneys and paralegals do all the real work. A junior attorney may even do all the arguing in court. This commonly happens at large firms, or firms you see advertising on TV all the time. They use this approach to settle more cases faster, so they make more money. Just ask them who does the real work on your claim. They may not give you a direct answer. So, if you read in between the lines, you can figure out what’s really going on.
  3. Search Avvo. Avvo is a leading online directory of lawyers practicing all types of law. Clients leave direct feedback there. In addition, because it’s the most reputable online directory, you can trust that if you find good reviews about your personal injury lawyer there, they’re probably pretty good at what they do.
  4. Research professional organizations and achievements. With professional organizations, you do have to exercise some caution. Some can be bought into. However, many are invite-only and require substantial accomplishments to join. Research the organizations your personal injury lawyer belongs to (usually found on their About page). It takes just a few seconds. And if you find your lawyer is a member of a notable organization, they’re likely a good candidate for hire. More important is the results achieved. Your lawyer should, either on their website or in person, tell you about high-value personal injury claims they have won. With that experience already behind them, it means your odds of recovering max compensation increase dramatically (versus younger, inexperienced lawyers).
  5. You should feel comfortable with your personal injury lawyer on a personal level. Most people don’t have anything nice to say about personal injury lawyers. And for good reason. But not all personal injury attorneys have a prickly personal demeanor. Some are just as nice as your next-door neighbor. At the same time, they can still turn on the nastiness when they have to deal with insurers. The point is that you should feel comfortable when talking with your personal injury lawyer in person.

The lesson here is to not simply choose the first personal injury lawyer that you talk to. Talk to several. Evaluate them based on the above criteria.

And remember that you have thousands of dollars at stake. It only makes sense to go with the best personal injury lawyer you can find in St. Louis.

During the process, one will stand out above the others. Choose that one. And then sit back and relax while they do the work needed to win your personal injury claim.

Hire the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis Because You Only Pay After You Win. And Pay Just 29% (Regularly 33.3%) When Your Claim Settles Out of Court (And 90% of Ours Do)

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)

You simply won’t find the same combination of value with any other personal injury attorney in the St. Louis area:

  • Decades of proven legal experience winning claims with circumstances like yours
  • Direct access by phone to your personal injury lawyer when you need it
  • Thousands more in your pocket because we charge just a 29% case fee (most firms charge 33%)
  • And put even thousands more in your pocket thanks to our in-house private investigator. Our employing one in-house saves you money, while other firms contract these services out at higher costs.
  • Connections to top medical professionals and institutions willing to not charge you anything until after you win your claim. They also get you back to normal ASAP and treat you like a human being, and not just another number.
  • Connections to every other possible service you could need to help you through this difficult time in life (auto repair, counselors, financial services)
  • Kind and caring personal injury lawyers who are pleasant to talk to in person and feel genuinely concerned about your overall well-being.

You simply cannot find a greater overall value in St. Louis.

Schedule your free consultation today when you call (314) 465-8733.

Remember, we won’t put any high sales pressure on you to hire us on the spot. Feel our genuine concern as we carefully listen and take the time to ask questions to fully understand your situation.

Learn our opinion of your claim and what we think we can do for you. You may even find out you have a winnable claim when other firms told you that wasn’t possible.

We’ll do everything we can to get you the most compensation for your injuries.

Once you have the information you need, take the time necessary to make your final hiring decision. You don’t need to decide now. But do decide sooner rather than later.

Remember that the longer you take, the more time the offending parties must hide or destroy evidence and to mount their defense. So, don’t give them any more time than you must.

Just call (314) 465-8733 to schedule your free consultation today!

And remember, we won’t put any pressure on you to hire us on the spot.

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