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We won the 4th largest car accident settlement in Texas in 2019 according to TopVerdict™.

4th Largest Car Accident Settlement in Texas in 2019

4th Largest Car Accident Settlement in Texas in 2019


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About Our Accident Injury Lawyers Serving Farmers Branch, TX

We are no-win no-fee personal injury attorneys near Farmer’s Branch with 38 years of experience maximizing accident settlements for North Texas victims hurt in:

We fight hard for the rights of victims hurt in Farmers Branch, TX car accidents. Our personal injury law firm has assisted thousands of clients in securing necessary medical attention, navigating the claims process, and obtaining the financial compensation they deserved.

Proven Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Farmers Branch, TX Who Work Hard to Get You Maximum Car Accident Compensation

You got injured in a car wreck. Dealing with your injuries, time lost at work, and all your medical bills is just the beginning of your problems. If you’re like most people, you don’t even know where to start.

Many people think they have to hire the first personal injury lawyer they talk to because they’re all the same. But just like finding a school for your child, or looking for a new employer, you sometimes have to go through a few before you find the best fit.

That’s okay, and even wise, to do.

Here’s what you’ll find as you talk to different personal injury attorneys:

  1. Big Firms

Their reputation precedes them. But they’re not always what you think. Ask the attorney you meet with who will actually do the work on your case. If he/she hesitates, it’s often because they’ll have a junior attorney do the real leg work, and/or even the trial work.

Senior attorneys often just supervise. So that experience you think you’re getting? It’s not really going to work for you like you think.

If senior attorneys supervise rather than do the work, guess what? They can take on more cases and make more money, because they profit by focusing on case volume instead of quality. This will often leave the client (YOU) with less in compensation.

  1. Well-Known Firms

These law firms are different from large firms. They may be big in size. But they have a strong name because they advertise so much. You see them on TV, hear them on the radio, and see their billboards.

But here’s the problem with those personal injury firms: they make their money on volume. So they get lots of cases in the door, settle them fast, and take their cut.

Settling cases for less than they’re worth doesn’t bother them because they make it up in volume. And most often, inexperienced junior attorneys do the negotiating. You get your money fast, but you don’t get nearly as much as you should.

We call these firms “settlement mills.”

  1. Small Firms

Small firms take your car accident injury case more seriously than other firms. They have fewer clients, and lesser capacity to take on more clients. So it’s in their best interest to settle each case for the maximum, and fair, amount they can.

The one fear you might have, even with small firms, is getting that stereotype “arrogant, egotistical” lawyer who knows it all. They can probably get you lots of money, but they’re annoying and frustrating to work with.

Calls go unreturned. They make you feel ashamed and embarrassed, like an “idiot.” It’s not what you need during this stressful time in your life.

Small, Personable Law Firms

You want a great outcome – getting the financial compensation you deserve. But you want a personal injury lawyer who’s kind, sympathetic, empathic, honest, and has high integrity. You want someone who understands this whole legal process is scary and overwhelming for you. Someone who walks you through step-by-step, gently telling you in “Plain English,” not confusing lawyer speak, what’s going to happen and how you’ll make it through.

That’s precisely what you’ll get with Mullen & Mullen. An experienced car accident attorney will work on your case from start to finish, answer your calls, and work hard to win you the maximum compensation available.

Call us for your free consultation today at (214) 747-5240. We’ll calmly learn all the facts of your case and give you our best legal opinion.

There’s absolutely no pressure to use our legal services. And all information you share stays 100% confidential.

Example of an Accident Injury Case We Won in Farmers Branch

$52,500 Settlement for Disc & Shoulder Injuries in Farmers Branch, TX

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