Mike Foster, In-House Accident InvestigatorMike has been with Mullen & Mullen since 2011 as our in-house private investigator.

Mike goes to work gathering evidence for your personal injury case. As it progresses, Mike is tasked with obtaining all information necessary to secure a positive result, including photos, crash reports, witness affidavits, and any other documents requested by our legal team.

Before joining our Dallas personal injury law firm, Mike was employed as a private investigator. His past work experience also includes customer service positions.

When you hire Mullen & Mullen to represent you, Mike Foster will likely be the first person to meet with you from our office. He will also assist you in completing your initial paperwork.

We provide Mike’s accident investigation skills at no expense to our clients. He is an employee and we do not charge you for his services. Most other attorneys hire out accident investigators and then take their fees out of your gross settlement. Not us. It’s just one of the ways we are different.



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