This settlement by attorney for $52,500 was for disc and shoulder injuries caused by a car accident in Farmers Branch, TX. Client had no health insurance.

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle traveling northbound on I35 in Farmers Branch, Texas in the center lane. The driver lost control of the car, struck an orange barrel on the right side of the roadway, crashed into the wall, and then fled the scene. It was a single car accident. Our client was taken to the hospital by ambulance with complaints of neck and shoulder pain.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: This client did not have health insurance. In addition, the injuries he sustained in the auto accident left him initially unable to work his physically demanding job.

We were able to help him get the therapy he needed to recover at no up-front cost. The Medical Doctor who oversaw his recovery agreed to delay billing our client until the conclusion of his car wreck case. This allowed the client to focus on healing and gave him one less thing to worry about on his road to recovery.

The driver who caused the crash had no insurance. His policy had lapsed prior to the collision. Fortunately the client had uninsured motorist coverage that was applicable to the loss. The client’s injuries were primarily soft tissue in nature. His therapy was effective and he eventually obtained the pain relief he needed.

I submitted a demand letter for full policy limits and the carrier offered limits a short time thereafter. The real work on this auto accident case was done after policy limits were offered. The hospital bill alone was over $13,000. I personally negotiated with the facility to reduce the bill so I could maximize the client’s settlement. I was able to get the hospital to accept $5,485.13 as full and final payment. This was a sizable reduction and I was really happy for the client.

Remember: Mullen & Mullen Law Firm has been in Dallas for 40 years and has long-standing relationships with area hospitals. We are routinely able to get them to significantly reduce their bills.

The settlement for this claim involving a minor spine injury and shoulder injury as a result of a car wreck in Farmers Branch, TX was $52,500. Attorney fees were $16,143.24. Case expenses were $323.38. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $16,143.25. This outstanding result was made possible by the large hospital bill reduction we negotiated on behalf of the client.

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