$787,500 Settlement for injury to neck in Quanah, TX truck wreck
$787,500 Settlement for client requiring surgery after commercial truck accident

This settlement for a neck injury to our client, involving a discectomy and fusion, caused by a trucking accident in Quanah, TX, was $787,500.

Our client was operating a motor vehicle in Quanah, Texas (Hardeman County). He was traveling west on US 287 when a distracted driver of a semi-truck unsafely changed lanes. The 18-wheeler clipped our client’s automobile. This lead to a series of events that resulted in a second impact. Our client drove himself to the hospital after the police left the scene.

Comments from Attorney Shane Mullen: Our client had immediate complaints of neck pain following the collision. Physical therapy failed to provide him with adequate pain relief. His pain management physician performed multiple procedures including epidural steroid injections, a medial branch block, and radiofrequency ablation. Unfortunately, he continued to experience significant pain and discomfort impacting his life on a daily basis.

Remember: A radiofrequency ablation utilizes radiofrequency waves (electromagnetic waves that travel at light speed) to generate heat to kill nerve tissue sending pain signals to the patient’s brain.  It is a safe procedure and often yields longer lasting pain relief than nerve blocks or other types of injections.

Our client was examined by a neurosurgeon and it was determined that he would benefit from an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). The neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist, and hospital all agreed to delay payment until the conclusion of his case.

The discectomy decompressed the nerve roots and spinal cord while the fusion stabilized the corresponding vertebrae. The surgery was an absolute success and finally provided him with the pain relief he needed.

I was very patient while negotiating the case and that played a large role in the result we were able to obtain on behalf of a truly deserving client. Some personal injury attorneys can be too eager to recommend an offer when they first start getting blow-back from the insurance company. At Mullen & Mullen Law Firm we have the financial resources to patiently push forward and maximize our client’s recovery.

The settlement for this claim involving a cervical injury that required surgery as a result of an 18-wheeler accident was $787,500. Attorney fees were $204,671.25. Case expenses were $299.89. After paying $332,136.39 to medical providers, the client’s net settlement was $250,392.47.

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