This settlement by attorney of $142,217.39 was for a spine injury caused by a wreck in Denton, TX. Pain relief was achieved with a medial branch rhizotomy.

Our client was driving westbound on Loop 288 in Denton, TX and was merging onto the I-35 E. Service Road. He brought his truck to a stop to wait for traffic to clear. A distracted motorist operating a private bus failed to slow down and rear-ended our client. The bus driver provided insurance information to our client but refused to stay at the scene and wait for law enforcement to arrive.

Comments from Attorney Shane Mullen: This was a significant car crash in Denton, TX. Mechanism of injury was never a concern as the collision at issue knocked the bumper and lift-gate off of our client’s truck. I was deeply troubled by the fact that the bus driver, even though he had caused a serious accident and injured our client, refused to stay at the scene and wait for law enforcement to arrive. During the course of the settlement negotiations, I constantly reminded the insurance adjuster that a jury would take serious issue with the driver’s complete and utter lack of remorse and compassion.

Following the car accident, our client complained primarily of neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain. His back and shoulder pain eventually resolved but his neck pain did not respond to conservative treatment. An MRI of his cervical spine demonstrated no significant objective findings and was essentially normal given his age.

Remember: Imaging studies are usually not beneficial in confirming a diagnosis of facet syndrome. Imaging, in fact, usually only rules out other possible sources of pain such as tumors or fractures. It is well-recognized, however, that facet joints can be a source of neck pain. Accordingly, a normal MRI does not rule out a diagnosis of facet syndrome.

The client underwent a medial branch block based on the diagnosis of cervical facet syndrome. He obtained relief for about a month before his neck pain returned. He later elected to proceed with a medial branch rhizotomy. That procedure was very successful and allowed him to obtain lasting relief.

Mullen & Mullen Law Firm was able to assist the client in having these procedures performed with delayed billing so that he didn’t have to worry about finances while recovering from wreck. His incurred medical bills totaled roughly $37,000. Given the nature of his injuries and the amount of his medical bills, I was very pleased with the $142,217.39 settlement.

The settlement for this claim involving cervical facet syndrome resulting from a car crash in Denton, TX was $142,217.39. Attorney fees were $42,665.21. Case expenses were $549.70. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $77,981.90. This is an outstanding result by the lawyer given the procedures the client underwent.

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