$960k Settlement for Herniated Disc & TBI Injuries in Live Oak, TX Car Wreck

Cervical Herniated Disc and TBI Injuries Caused By a Car Accident in Live Oak, TX Settled by Attorney for $960,576.60

Our client was driving in Live Oak, TX when an inattentive commercial motorist failed to yield the right of way and violently collided with him. The Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report placed 100% fault on the other driver.

This was a massive property damage wreck and our client had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance due to the nature of the injuries he sustained. Initial complaints at the emergency room were neck pain, back pain, and facial pain. Lacerations were noted to his left eyebrow and right temple on physical examination. When his pain did not resolve he was evaluated by a pain management doctor who subsequently referred him to a neurologist whose diagnoses included occipital neuralgia, diffuse TBI, and post-concussion syndrome.

A neurologist is a medical doctor with highly specialized training and education in the diagnosis of, treatment of, and management of disorders of the brain and nervous system. Neurologists routinely treat patients who have sustained concussions and other traumatic brain injuries.

Our client was also referred to a neurosurgeon who recommended cervical discectomy and fusion, as well as a lumbar laminectomy. In addition, the client was enrolled in a TBI recovery program that involved counseling, speech therapy, and other programs designed to help him recover from his head injuries.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: It was immediately apparent that this client had personal injury damages that were going to be well in excess of insurance policy limits. Our law office performed a very diligent search to identify all available sources of recovery and I was supremely focused on getting the applicable carriers to tender full remaining policy limits pre-suit. We also discounted his attorney fees. I sent a 51-page Stowers demand to the liability insurance company to make sure they knew just how serious we were about recovering every single dollar available for this client.

I obviously wish additional funds had been available but under the circumstances we obtained the best result possible while saving him over $80,000.00 with his discounted pre-suit contract compared to the industry standard fee of 33.3%. That is quite the savings and I am really glad he received those additional funds. At Mullen & Mullen, we always strive to obtain our clients the maximum available compensation, in the least amount of time possible, and at a discounted pre-suit fee. We always put our clients’ interests above our own in accordance with our ethical duties.

The policy limits settlement for this claim involving a cervical herniated disc injury and moderate traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident in Live Oak, TX was $960,576.60. Attorney fees were $240,138.15. Case expenses were $7,451.10. After paying medical providers and lienholders, the client’s net recovery was $544,000.00.

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