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About Slip and Fall Claims

Slip, fall, and hurt in the St. Louis area?

Now you have many overwhelming problems you didn’t have before: pain, piling medical bills, doctor appointments, missed time from work, lost income, an inability to do your favorite hobbies, psychological trauma…and the stress that results from it all.

But don’t stress yourself any more than you must! Mullen & Mullen has a solution for every problem you now face:

  1. High medical bills. Worried how you’ll pay all the medical bills that could come? Relax. We have connections with medical professionals and institutions willing to delay payment until after you win your claim. No money comes out of your pocket. It comes straight out of your settlement. These specially negotiated relationships are only available with Mullen & Mullen. To access this, all you need to do is become our client.
  2. Already have medical bills? No problem! We can help you make these go away too…even if you feel completely broke and unable to pay a single penny.
  3. Will you ever get back to normal physically? We’ll connect you with leading medical professionals and institutions in the St. Louis area. Not only do they care about you as a person, but they also can get you back to normal as fast as medically possible. And if that’s not realistic, they’ll get you as close to normal as they can.
  4. Will the insurer or at-fault party pay? They may not want to. But we’ll make sure they do. We have more than 89 years of combined experience. And some of that came from working for the insurance companies. We’ve won multi-million-dollar suits against billion-dollar companies. So, we know how they work and how to get them to compensate you fairly. And you also get a great shot at max compensation. We can’t guarantee it. But we can guarantee we’ll do everything in our power to win it on your behalf.
  5. No income? No worries! You may be so hurt from your slip and fall that you can’t work for several weeks or months. What do you do if you have no income and no financial resources to live on? Easy. We’ll connect you with our “law loan” partners. These companies loan you 5-10% of your potential winnings up front after you become our client. They simply give us a call, ask what your claim’s likely worth, and then loan you the money. The whole process takes just a few days. You do have to pay interest. Some law loan companies charge outrageous interest. However, we partner with the ones who charge reasonable interest. This is the best solution if you have no other financial resources available. And, in the extremely unlikely event you lose your claim, you pay nothing at all.
  6. How will you emotionally cope? A slip and fall dramatically changes your life. Suddenly, you have doctors, medical bills, medical appointments, and all sorts of other disruptions to your daily routine. You may not be able to do things like you used to. This can be quite traumatic to the human brain. You may not be able to cope on your own. You may need to see a counselor. If you do, we’ll recover compensation for that also. In addition, our slip and fall lawyers are low stress to talk to. They’re nice guys…just like anyone else. And they save the nastiness for insurers and property owners.

What Should You Do and Not Do After You Slip and Fall in the St. Louis Area?

Unfortunately, you can’t just focus on getting better from your slip and fall. While we’d like to tell you that, it’s simply not the case.

What you do in the moments after your slip and fall makes a big difference in the outcome of your legal claim, if you have one. Doing the wrong things may end up costing you a lot of money – or even your entire claim.

Remember, insurers and property owners can’t wait for you to make the slightest error. Make the wrong error that they later use to their advantage, and you might find yourself unable to file a legal claim. And that could mean you’re suddenly stuck with thousands of dollars in expenses you shouldn’t have to pay.

In addition, Missouri follows a “comparative negligence” approach when it comes to legal liability for a slip and fall. This means that you can be held partially responsible for your injuries. You can bet the insurer will look for any little bit of fault they can find on your behalf. And you can also bet this scrutiny increases as the potential value of your claim increases.

But you don’t have to be a victim in that regard. Instead, you can learn what to do and not do after your slip and fall ahead of time. That way, you protect your right to a claim. Here’s what you should watch out for:

  1. Do get medical attention ASAP. You should go to the emergency room if you feel intense pain. If you try to ignore it or try to get away with just going to your doctor, you’ll probably end up in the emergency room anyway. If you have minor pain, you can likely wait to go to your primary care doctor the next day.

However, in general, understand that every day you wait harms your health and reduces the amount you can recover. Insurers may also take this delay and argue that you weren’t even injured. And they have a reasonable chance at succeeding with that argument.

Also, understand you’ll feel tempted to just “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and move on. That attitude serves you well in many areas of life. However, it’s one to avoid when you slip, fall, and get hurt. Take care of yourself. Find out what your injuries are by engaging the medical system in the most sensible way possible, take care of your health, and protect your right to a legal claim.

  1. Do not fail to make medical appointments and obey your doctor’s orders. When you do engage the medical system, they’ll likely give you some actions to follow through with on your own. You might have physical therapy work to do at home. You may have to see other specialists.

It’s important, and we can’t stress this enough, that you follow through on additional appointments or doctor’s orders.

If you don’t, the insurer can say you “failed to mitigate damages.” If the insurer successfully argues you failed to do so, that may remove from them the responsibility to pay for certain damages. This could end up being a lot of money that you should have.

And remember, following through on any additional work also protects your health too. So, it’s simply the smartest thing you can do.

  1. Do report your slip and fall to the property owner within 24 hours. Won’t they write up their report in their own favor so they can minimize what they might have to pay later on? Maybe. Regardless, you should report your slip and fall to the property owner. It’s simply something that responsible slip and fall victims do. And it generally serves as excellent evidence to support your claim later on. If you don’t make a report, or if you don’t make one within 24 hours, that arouses the suspicion of the jury, if your claim goes to court. And you might find yourself awarded much lower compensation, or even none, as a result.
  2. Don’t discuss your slip and fall with the insurer, property owner, or any of their employees. Remember, they are witnesses too. However, guess whose side they’ll be on! Discussing your slip and fall with the defendant and anyone associated with them may give away the cause of your accident. As a result, evidence supporting your claim may become “lost” or destroyed. Maybe that won’t happen either…who knows? But certainly, nothing good will come from you discussing your claim with the defendant and any parties associated with them.
  3. Do take a written copy of your report. Again, the goal here is to preserve evidence for use later on. If you don’t get a copy of your report immediately, it can magically get “lost” or destroyed. In addition, the property owner may fix the dangerous condition that caused your slip and fall and then try to say that you made up your story.
  4. Don’t wait to take legal action. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will ultimately recover less compensation or lose your entire claim later. This gives the other party more time to “lose” or destroy evidence. Though legally obligated to preserve evidence, defendants do frequently “lose” or destroy it anyway. The faster you act, the less time they must do this. And, not having evidence they should have preserved may also make them look guilty.
  5. Do take lots of images. This one’s hard to mess up. The only wrong thing to do is to take too few images. But with today’s smartphones, you should have no problem taking all the photos and videos of the accident scene that you need. At minimum, you should have many photos of where you fell and anything that you feel contributed to your fall (spilled liquids, misplaced signs, a rolled-up carpet etc…). If you feel too hurt, try to get someone to take the images for you. Most people are happy to help someone caught in an emergency. Make sure to guide them into taking the photos you need to preserve your claim.
  6. Do not forget witness contact information. The testimony of just a single witness can be more than enough to swing a claim strongly in your favor. So, get the contact information of all witnesses at the scene of your slip and fall. Have them text it to you from your phone. Do it this way because handwriting can become illegible and asking people to text you from their phone could result in them not following through or texting to the wrong phone number. Texting their name, address, and phone number from your phone and to your phone eliminates the potential for this information to become lost.
  7. Do contact a lawyer as soon as you can. You don’t need to contact a lawyer the day after your slip and fall. However, you should contact one as soon as you can after your accident happens. This protects your rights to a legal claim and max compensation, should you be able to pursue those. It also gives the defendant minimal time to “lose” or destroy evidence. The very worst that happens is that you find out that you either don’t have a claim or that you’ll have to represent yourself. On the other hand, you may learn you’re entitled to a nice amount of compensation for your injuries. The bottom line is to simply not put your claim at risk by waiting too long to file it.
  8. Do not talk to the insurer at all. Do not give them a recorded statement. Regardless of how the defendant’s insurer presents themselves, understand they are in no way on your side. They make money by not paying for damages that they should. So, their only goal is to get you to say something that hurts your claim, so they don’t have to pay as much…and ideally nothing at all. In addition, you’d be surprised as to what kinds of meanings they can twist out of the words you say. Even factually accurate statements can suddenly become your worst enemy. So, best just to avoid talking to the insurer at all. Missouri law doesn’t require it. So, you’ll be better off by avoiding any discussion with them whatsoever.
  9. Do try to figure out what caused your slip and fall. Unfortunately, you do have to play a little detective if you slip and fall. But not too much. If you’re able, try to determine the cause of your slip and fall. It goes a long way in winning your claim later. An example would be understanding what made the carpet stick up a little bit such that it caused you to trip and fall. Did another customer kick it up by accident? Do everything you can to get this information. Use your phone to narrate a video detailing the cause.
  10. Don’t sign any insurance paperwork without talking to a slip and fall lawyer first. Again, the insurers are only out to get you. They have no interest in doing you right. If they offer you money, it’s most likely way less than you could get if you opted to fight for a settlement with the help of a slip and fall lawyer. They know the allure of some money now can be greater than having more money later. So, they try to get you caught up in that excitement so they can get away with paying you as little as possible. Always let a slip and fall lawyer look at any paperwork the insurance company sends you. The very worst that happens is that the lawyer tells you to accept the offer.
  11. Do try to figure out how long the dangerous condition existed. Missouri law is not on the side of slip and fall victims. So, unfortunately, that means you must do even more detective work if you want the best opportunity at winning the most money possible for your injuries. Fortunately, it’s not a lot of work to determine how long the dangerous condition that led to your injuries might have existed. Property owners are allowed some time to remedy “dangerous conditions.” However, that length of time is unclear. So, you have to gather the information you can prove the length of time the dangerous condition could have existed.
  12. Do take detailed notes of everything you can imagine. You really can’t overdo this. At worst, a slip and fall lawyer simply ignores the information you gathered that won’t be helpful to your claim. If you’re not a comfortable writer, shoot as many videos as you want regarding your situation. The point here is that you want a detailed record of exactly what happened as best you recollect it. While you may have filled out an accident report, you can’t necessarily count on that alone. Property owners will “lose,” destroy, or even alter reports and circumstances so they don’t have to pay you as much. So, always make sure you have your own record of what happened as well.

What Kinds of Evidence Can Help You Win Your Slip and Fall Claim?

After you fall and get hurt, your instinct is to take care of your injury, not gather evidence about it.

But, once you feel stable, and even if you’re in agony, you need to gather as much evidence as possible to protect yourself. Some property owners will tamper with evidence and instruct their employees to not say anything.

So, here’s what to gather and do immediately at the scene of your slip and fall:

Images and videos of the accident scene, especially the dangerous condition that caused your accident, and your injuries. You can’t overdo it. Take pics of everything. Shoot a video of the entire area. You want to show the exact dangerous condition (such as a spill on the floor) and make it clear no warning signs were placed in the area. Also make sure to take images of your injuries currently because it’s when they’re the most apparent.
Make a report to the property owner. Always notify the property owner of your accident, if possible. If not, make sure you have the address of the property so you can track down the owner later.

Witness contact information. Get contact information (name, phone number, email, and address) of everyone who witnessed your slip and fall. If you make a report to the property owner, that will likely contain witness contact information too.

How Long Will It Take to Settle Your Slip and Fall Claim?

We can’t answer this question precisely until knowing the specific facts surrounding your claim.

However, the length of time it takes to settle your claim depends on the following factors:

  • Liability or injury disputes. The property owner may or may not dispute your claims. Your claim could take just a few months to settle, or greater than a year.
  • Your medical prognosis. Your doctor may have you go to physical therapy for months before finally deciding on a surgery. You need to get a final medical prognosis from your doctor so that you know all your past, current, and future medical expenses before filing your claim.
  • Negotiations. It takes time to come to an agreement on what compensation you should get. Insurance company lawyers deal with many cases at a time. And it will take some back-and-forth to arrive at an agreement.
  • The insurance company. Some insurance companies put up more of a fight than others. Some are just downright unreasonable.
  • Assembling the demand package. It takes time to gather all your medical bills and analyze all the details of your claim. Once done, then your attorney can come at the property owner with a demand for payment.

11 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Slips and Falls

Have you ever engaged a professional service and thought things worked one way…only to find out they work differently than you thought?

That’s how law can work. You might believe a slip and fall claim works one way. But in truth, it works another way.

Take a moment to learn about these myths and misconceptions so you save yourself some stress and unwanted surprises:

  1. You don’t need medical help for a small fall that doesn’t feel all that painful. You should seek medical attention for every slip and fall. However, the type of medical attention you seek may differ. This is because it’s common for the adrenaline of the situation to mask the true extent of your injuries. You can easily wake up the next day and feel downright awful. If you feel intense pain, you need to go to the ER. If you feel minor pain, you’re probably okay to go home and schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor. Not only does this protect your health and help you possibly discover hidden and more severe injuries, but it also creates a paper trail should you need to file a lawsuit later.
  2. Only greedy, selfish people seek money by filing a lawsuit. You can thank the news media for creating this perception. They pick only the most sensational stories, sensationalize them even further by manipulating key facts, and then they publicize the living daylights out of the story. They know this formula, though dishonest and manipulative, attracts the most attention. The truth is that most slip and fall victims simply want fair compensation to keep their quality of life similar to what it was before their accident. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to do that.
  3. You’re automatically entitled to money when you fall on someone else’s property. You might be. And you might not be. It depends on the circumstances surrounding your slip and fall. To win compensation, you must prove the property owner created, knew, or should have known of a dangerous condition yet did not take the proper action to remedy it. Since the burden of proof falls on you, it’s difficult to win your claim. Though difficult, it’s not impossible.
  4. You’re better off if you settle fast. It might be fun and less stressful to get compensation quickly. But it’s not a wise move. Insurers know the faster they can get you to settle, the less they’ll have to pay. So, they’re happy to make it easy to settle quickly. However, if you wait a little and let a skilled slip and fall lawyer in the St. Louis area work on your claim, you can likely end up winning much more. How much depends on the unique circumstances surrounding your claim.
  5. There’s no point in filing a legal claim because you won’t win that much. A slip and fall lawyer can tell you whether it’s worth your time to file a lawsuit. The amount you end up winning depends on your medical costs, lost wages, pain, suffering, loss of consortium, and the skill of your slip and fall attorney. These financial damages can end up being quite a bit more than you expect. So, it’s worth your time to at least talk to a slip and fall lawyer to see what they say.
  6. Your slip and fall claim is fraudulent. You’re just making it up. The overwhelming majority of people who slip and fall do not fake the incident. Do some do that? Yes. But most do not. Most people just want to get fair compensation for their injuries and move on with their life. We know you’re not making your claim up. Plus, we’ll only take on your claim if it’s 100% legit and we feel we can prove the property owner was indeed at fault for your injuries.
  7. You don’t need to sue when the insurance company offers to pay. The insurer’s probably offering to pay you now because they know it will cost them less to settle your claim quickly. It would cost them much more money if they waited and you eventually sued them. They’re not doing it to make the process easier and more comfortable for you. At the end of the day, insurers are all about the bottom line. And this is just another technique they use to keep that nice and healthy.
  8. You can’t sue if you saw a warning sign. Warning signs may make it harder for you to sue. But they don’t make it impossible. The sign could have been hard to see or too far away from the dangerous condition to be useful. There’s plenty of variables that could go into the sign not being an effective way of warning you about a dangerous condition. Missouri law does not preclude you from suing just because a sign was present.
  9. You may have to go to court several times. This can happen. But it’s extremely unlikely. 90% of our claims don’t even go to court. They settle first. And those that do typically do not require you to appear in court several times. If you do have to go to court, the typical case only lasts a day or two. And your lawyer can do most of the work without you even being present.
  10. You can only get compensation for physical injuries. The reality is that you can seek compensation for many types of damages, if they apply. You can also get compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, mental anguish, loss of consortium, emotional distress, and in rare cases, punitive damages.
  11. If you don’t sue now, you can never sue again. There’s a little bit of truth in this statement. Generally, you want to pursue compensation and sue as soon after your accident as is possible. Missouri law gives you 5 years from the date of your injury to pursue compensation for your injuries. But you don’t want to wait. And that’s for several reasons. The most important is that property owners will “lose,” alter, or destroy evidence to make themselves look better. You don’t want to give them any more time to do that than is possible. They are legally obligated not to do so. But some do anyway. The second is that judges and juries, in the rare event they become involved, believe slip and fall victims who act quickly. So, you really make the situation easiest on yourself by acting as soon as you can after your slip and fall. Remember, this also gives you the best opportunity for max compensation.

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How Our Attorneys Overcome Common Defenses Used by Insurance Companies

Property owners frequently want to do the right thing for slip and fall victims. However, insurers will end up making payment. And they only profit when they pay less out on a certain number of claims.

So, your real dispute will end up being with the property owner’s insurer. Here’s what their lawyer may try to argue to minimize their payout, and what we can do to defeat them:

  • No dangerous condition existed. The burden of proof in your claim is on you. You must show a dangerous condition existed and that it led to your injuries. The defending attorney may try to say there was no dangerous condition or that the property owner did not have enough time to address it. Pictures of the dangerous condition taken by you, bystanders, or the property owner’s security camera can prove otherwise.
  • You failed to observe the dangerous condition. Yes. You have an obligation to be safe and avoid an obviously dangerous condition, if possible. This defense comes into play with uneven surfaces, loose carpet, or improperly marked step-downs. However, using witnesses and your own documentation of the situation usually is enough to overcome this defense.
  • Your fall didn’t cause your injuries. To win your claim, it must be clear that your fall caused your injuries. You can easily prove it did with medical records. And keeping a journal of your injuries and how they affect your life can be quite helpful in defeating this argument also.
  • You contributed to your injuries in some way. Missouri law allows for “contributory negligence.” This means you can be held partially responsible for causing your own injuries. So, if you were on your phone at the time of your slip and fall, the defending attorney may try to use that against you. If you are found 25% responsible for your injuries, then your final settlement value falls by 25% also. However, detailed records and evidence discussed earlier can easily overcome this argument.

Why Choose Mullen & Mullen’s Slip and Fall Lawyers?

There are hundreds of slip and fall lawyers in the St. Louis area. Why would you choose Mullen & Mullen?

You already learned about the benefits you get with our firm. Now, take a second to learn the benefits of working with each of our lawyers:

  1. Firm founder Regis Mullen has 56 years of experience in personal injury and slip and fall law. That’s longer than most slip and fall attorneys have been alive! His initial experience began with the insurance companies. Not long after, he switched over to representing injury victims. Now, all that experience goes to use on your behalf. And just the sight of Regis’ name is enough to give insurers a scare and change how negotiations work. Finally, Regis also serves as a mentor to the firm’s other two attorneys, Shane, and Joseph.
  2. Shane Mullen, Regis’s son, has 21 years of slip and fall legal experience. He knew he wanted to be a lawyer since the third grade. Fast forward a few decades, and Shane has now won several million-dollar claims. He also helped one client, Priscilla Hughes, win a claim versus Walmart, the company with the most revenue in America (even more than Amazon). Per the client’s wishes, the amount won was kept confidential. Shane has also become a member of both the Million Dollar and Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forums and Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys of America. Both organizations are invite-only and accept just the top 1% of lawyers. This means Shane’s membership is solely based on merit and achievement. You can’t buy or network your way in.
  3. Joseph Morrison has 18 years of experience and his own fair share of legal accolades. One of his clients won the fifth largest premises liability verdict in Texas in 2012. The case was Young v. ConAgra Foods. ConAgra Foods is one of the largest private companies in the United States and is today an $11 billion dollar company. Like Shane, Joseph also belongs to the Million Dollar and Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forums. And, he also belongs to The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers and The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40. This makes Joseph one of the top trial lawyers in the country. And again, these organizations are invite-only and accept just the top 1% of all lawyers.

It’s important to understand that no matter who takes on your case, you’re in great hands. In fact, you’re in some of the most capable hands in all of America, let alone St. Louis. As a result, you have an excellent opportunity to win not just fair compensation for your slip and fall injuries, but the max compensation Missouri law allows!

Yes. You Can Afford the Best Slip and Fall Lawyers in St. Louis! Pay Only After You Win Your Claim.

After reading this, you may feel afraid that you can’t afford Mullen & Mullen’s lawyers. After all, the best usually come with a high price tag.

The truth is that you can easily afford Mullen & Mullen’s slip and fall lawyers.

That’s because you pay nothing until after you win your claim. And you never pay anything out of pocket. You only pay from your final settlement winnings.

…And your winnings have a chance at becoming quite substantial because of our 95 years of combined experience.

So, come on in for your free consultation. Schedule it when you call 314.465.8733.

Remember…it’s yours free. You have absolutely no obligation to hire us on the spot. And you won’t feel any pressure to do so.

Simply get your questions answered. Find out our opinion of your claim. Perhaps, like many other clients, learn that you have a winnable claim when other firms say that’s not the case.

Just call 314.465.8733 to schedule your free consultation today.

How do You Find the Best Slip and Fall Lawyer in St. Louis?

St. Louis is one of the most competitive legal markets in the entire country. So, that means you have hundreds of choices when it comes to hiring a slip and fall attorney in the St. Louis area.

And not all slip and fall lawyers are the same. One might tell you that you have no claim at all. Another might say that you can only win minimal compensation. And another may be able to get you max compensation.

Yes. It really can range that widely. So, as you interview lawyers (which you should do), here’s the three types you’ll encounter and the pros and cons of each:

  1. The relentless advertiser / settlement mill. This is the one whose name you already know. That’s because they advertise heavily on TV, radio, and billboards. They may also sponsor local events and partner with local celebrities. These firms do win money for their clients. They’re not lying when they say they do. However, they use a high-volume approach and get more focused on making money for themselves than they do for their clients. So, that means that some clients win everything they should while others miss out. This happens because they don’t give every little detail of every case the time and attention it needs. Because of this high-volume approach to winning claims, these firms often get called “settlement mills” in the industry. Understand that you can win. But your opportunity to win max compensation is put at a high risk.
  2. The large, traditional firm. These advertise a good amount too, but not as much as the “relentless advertiser.” You may already know their name. And you may not. They do win claims for their clients. And they too will win big claims. But again, you have a fair amount of risk of not winning what you should. That’s because the large, traditional firm frequently relies on inexperienced junior attorneys and paralegals to do the real work on your claim. The experienced senior attorney you talk to merely supervises. Because of his caseload, he doesn’t have the time to scrutinize every detail. So, you don’t benefit from the senior attorney’s experience. And that means you may or may not get the compensation you truly deserve.
  3. The small, personal firm. Small firms win you the most on average. Why? They don’t have the bandwidth to take on as many cases. That makes it more important for them to win each one. So, they focus on just a select few. Because each case is so much more important for them to win, an experienced attorney does all the real work on your claim. They don’t use paralegals as much. And you can bet they don’t use inexperienced junior attorneys at all. Ultimately, this narrower focus with more experienced attorneys’ results in you having a much better chance at winning your claim. And it gives you the best opportunity to win max compensation for your claim. The main difference among firms will be the personality of the lawyer. Though many don’t have the greatest reputation for being super nice to clients, some do. Make sure you feel comfortable that you can contact your lawyer and consistently have a civil conversation with them.

Save Thousands Because You Pay Just 29% (Regularly 33.3%) When Your Claim Settles Out of Court (And 90% of Ours Do).

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)

You simply can’t get the same overall value with any other slip and fall attorney in St. Louis. That’s because, with Mullen & Mullen you get:

  • Proven experience winning claims with circumstances like yours
  • Direct, personal communication with your lawyer whenever you need it
  • Thousands of dollars in your pocket because we charge just a 29% case fee (regularly 33.3%) when your claim settles out of court. And 90% of ours do.
  • Thousands more in your pocket because of the in-house private investigator we employ. We’ve worked with him for more than a decade. And you can count on the quality of his work. Most firms contract this service out. Because we employ a private investigator, that saves a lot of money. And we pass the savings on to you.
  • Connections to top medical professionals and institutions in St. Louis. Not only do they delay billing until after you win your claim, but they also get you back to normal as fast as medically possible too. And they treat you with genuine respect and compassion.
  • Connections to practically every other service you need to get your quality of life back to the way it was before your slip and fall (counselors, financial services, and more).
  • Lawyers who can’t wait to help you and who make you feel listened to and cared for as a person (and not like just another client).

You can’t find another slip and fall lawyer in the St. Louis area who offers all this convenience in one place.

Get your free consultation today when you call 314.465.8733.

During your free consultation, you’ll get answers to all your questions. You’ll learn our exact opinion of what can be done in your situation. And you might even learn you have a valid legal claim when other firms may have already told you that isn’t the case.

And you won’t experience any annoying high sales pressure either! Instead, simply sit back and relax while our slip and fall attorneys ask their questions and learn about your case.

Get referrals to services you might need to help you through this difficult time.

Then make your decision when you feel 100% ready. At the same time, remember that the longer you wait, the more opportunity the landlord and insurer have to set up their defense…and possibly destroy evidence. So, it’s in your best interest to act as soon after your slip and fall as you’re able.

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The longer you wait to file your slip and fall claim, the more time the defense has to tamper with evidence. And the more stress and medical bills that pile up on your plate.

Plus, if your case must go to court, judges and juries believe slip and fall victims who act quickly. So, it makes sense to file your claim as soon as possible.

You won’t feel any pressure to hire us on the spot. But you will learn our opinion of your claim and how we’d approach it. Many clients even learn legal strategies that other lawyers overlook.

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