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Hurt in a car accident?

You don’t want just any lawyer. You want the best. Because not all car accident lawyers in St. Louis are the same. Some have the experience and personal desire to win you more money than others, who may tell you that you don’t even have a claim.

Since you’ve been in a car accident, you now have several stressors to deal with. Mullen & Mullen Law Firm not only wins you more money than other car accident lawyers in St. Louis…we can help you with all the new challenges you now face too:

  1. Worried about medical bills? The US medical system offers great care. But it’s also ruthless when it comes to billing. No worries! We have you covered. When you become our client, we connect you with medical professionals and institutions willing to delay medical billing until after you win your claim. Not only that, but they’re among the leading experts in their varying specialties. Plus, you’ll feel like a worthwhile human, and not just another number processed through a large, uncaring system.
  2. Already have medical bills? Even if you already have medical bills, we can help you take care of them. And that includes if you think you’re broke and don’t have the ability to pay. The same goes for any medical bills you might have in collections. Focus exclusively on your recovery. And leave the stressful medical bills to us.
  3. How will you physically recover? Because you’re connected to leading medical professionals and institutions in St. Louis, you will get back to normal as fast as medically possible. And, in the unfortunate event that’s not possible, you’ll get as close to your old self as any medical institution can get you.
  4. What about making the insurer pay? Insurers do not want to see the name “Mullen & Mullen.” Just the sight of it changes how things go. And when they dig their heels in to fight, we put our 89+ years of experience to work on your behalf. We’ve won many multi-million-dollar car accident claims against the largest and most powerful insurers in America. You’re in good hands. And you have a great opportunity to get max compensation for your injuries.
  5. What if you have no income? Don’t worry here either. We get it. “Perfect storms” happen in life sometimes. It may be months or years before your claim resolves. As much as we’d like to, we simply can’t control that. Fortunately, 90% of our claims settle without going to court. That shaves months, and maybe even years, off your wait time. In addition, we have connections with “law loan” companies. These companies advance you 5-10% of your claim’s settlement within just days of becoming our client. You do have to pay interest. And some law loan companies charge outrageous interest. But we’ll connect you with the more reasonable ones. And in the extremely rare event that you don’t win your claim, you don’t have to pay back any of your loan at all.
  6. How will you cope emotionally? Your car accident may alter the rest of your life. Even if it doesn’t, surviving one can be emotionally wracking. Not only do we recover compensation for counseling – we can also connect you with expert counselors who know how to help you through the shock of such a dramatic change in your life.

One major insurer’s report says the average car accident victim wins 2-3x the insurer’s initial offer with representation from a lawyer. Many of our clients win 10-15x. And a few even get 20x.

Personal Injury Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison
Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison

Why Choose Mullen & Mullen’s Car Accident Lawyers in St. Louis?

You have hundreds of choices when it comes to car accident lawyers in the St. Louis area. So why would you choose Mullen & Mullen and not someone else?

Simple: we give you the best opportunity to win the most money possible.

Just like any other professional service you might choose, there’s a wide range in quality and skill. But in this case, that range can result in you missing out on thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. You may even lose your claim entirely!

I’m so happy that Mullen & Mullen took my case. They really cared about me and my situation. Shane and Joe were always available to answer my questions in a friendly and understandable way. They even came to the hospital to discuss my case with me. Shane was very fair with me and achieved a result that was beyond my expectation. Thank you very much! -Judith Boldt

Check out these major reasons why Mullen & Mullen Law Firm gives you the best opportunity to win more than you do with other firms:

  • Experienced attorneys do all the real work on your claim. Believe it or not, many firms have inexperienced junior attorneys and paralegals do the most essential work on your claim. They must get experience somehow, right? In addition, this allows those firms to make more money because it costs them less to pay professionals with not as much experience. And they can process more cases faster. At Mullen & Mullen, an attorney with at least 17 years of experience does all the real work on your claim. Make sure to ask how this works as you talk to and compare various car accident lawyers in St. Louis.
  • We have won claims like yours. When you’ve been in a certain field for decades, you see the same problems over and over. We don’t run into the same case. But cases do share similarities. And that means we already have a good idea of how to approach your claim. That gives you a big advantage versus the insurer and at-fault party. We even have experience working for insurance companies. So that means we have a good idea of how to anticipate and thwart their clever schemes.
  • Save thousands because of our in-house private investigator. Most car accident attorneys in St. Louis contract the services of a private investigator. We employ one. That costs a lot less. And we pass the savings on to you. Additionally, we’ve known Mike Foster for more than a decade now. And that means we know he will dig up the most persuasive evidence possible when talking with you about your claim. Of course, that gives you the best opportunity possible to win the most money for your claim.
  • You pay just 29% (regularly 33.3%) when you win your claim without going to court. About 90% of our claims settle without going to court. And because it costs so much less to win your claim out of court, you share in the financial savings too!

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)

At Mullen & Mullen, we’re a small firm of just three car accident attorneys. That means you and your claim get the personal time and attention you deserve.

Larger firms like the ones you see advertising on TV all the time process many more cases and simply don’t have as much time. They can win your claim. And they might even win you a lot of money. But you also have a much higher chance of costly mistakes that lead to you missing out on money.

When you choose Mullen & Mullen, you’re always in good hands. Learn more about each of our three car accident attorneys so you recognize exactly how powerful of an advocate you have during the car accident claims process:

Regis L. Mullen, Attorney at Law - Personal Injury Lawyer
Regis Mullen, Personal Injury Attorney
  • Attorney Regis Mullen has more than 55 years of car accident claim experience. That’s longer than most lawyers have been alive! At the beginning of his career, he worked for the insurance companies. During that time, he learned all the tricks and traps they teach their claims adjusters and lawyers to use. He quickly switched to representing car accident victims. Today, he continues to help out car accident victims. And he serves as a mentor to both Shane Mullen (his son) and Joseph Morrison.
Shane V. Mullen, Personal injury attorney, Mullen & Mullen
Shane Mullen, Personal Injury Attorney
  • Attorney Shane Mullen now has more than twenty years of experience and a string of accolades proving he’s one of the top car accident lawyers in St. Louis. His largest victory has been a $2.05 million car accident claim. He’s also won several other car accident claims worth more than $1 million. He’s become a member of the Million Dollar and Multimillion Dollar Advocate’s forums, and Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys of America. Both are invite-only organizations that take on less than 1% of all personal injury lawyers in the US.
Joseph R. Morrison, Personal injury attorney, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm
Joseph Morrison, Personal Injury Attorney

Pay Just 29% of Your Claim’s Final Value (Regularly 33.3%) And Pay Only When You Win

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)

At this point, you may worry that you can’t afford Mullen & Mullen.

But the fact remains that you can. And that’s because you only pay after we win your claim. You pay absolutely nothing out of pocket. And what you do pay comes out of your case’s final settlement value.

So, you can afford among the very best car accident attorneys in St. Louis!

When you schedule your free consultation, you’ll learn exactly how we’ll approach your case. We’ll listen as you share all the facts surrounding your situation. And we’ll ask a lot of questions.

But you won’t experience any obnoxious prickly lawyer behavior! Yes. We can be blunt. But we’re nice guys to you in person.

Insurers and at-fault parties need to watch out though. That’s because we can dial up the heat when necessary!

You don’t need more stress from your lawyer. So, just sit back and relax while you learn our opinion of your case. Many clients find out they have a winnable claim when other firms tell them that wasn’t the situation at all.

Make sure to ask for any assistance you need! We have connections to literally every type of service you could possibly imagine. And we’ll win you the compensation you need to pay for it.

Finally, you won’t feel any annoying high sales pressure to hire us on the spot. Simply share what happened. Get answers to your questions. And find out how we can help you.

Schedule your free consultation today when you call (314) 465-8733.

Why Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

Shouldn’t you just represent your claim yourself? Isn’t that easier and faster?

Probably. But you could miss out on tens of thousands of dollars too!

In addition, clients come to us and get a ton of help, even if it turns out that self-representing is the smartest move for them (because that is the case sometimes).

For example, you might have a “diminished value” claim. That simply means that you can win money for the value lost in your car after the accident, in addition to payment for the damage caused.

We can also share helpful contacts with you where they make sense.

So, yes, even if you do end up self-representing, you can still benefit from meeting with us for a free consultation. And yes, we’re happy to do it, even if it turns out hiring a car accident lawyer doesn’t make sense for you. –

What I liked most about Mullen & Mullen is that my medical needs were taken care of asap, which is most important to me. I also liked that Joseph gave me his personal cell phone number and he was very accessible any time I needed him. It took a long time to get my final settlement after it was all said and done, but my settlement for pain and suffering was larger than what I had expected. Mullen and Mullen is a good firm to go with. -Elizabeth Hood

Protect Your Health and Right to Compensation: What to Do and Not Do After a Car Accident

You’ve probably heard some things you should do and not do following a car accident. But are they true? And what exactly should you be doing and not doing?

Well, find out first-hand from experienced car accident lawyers who know exactly what you should and shouldn’t do:

  • Do always call the police. A police report does not guarantee fault. However, it’s the single strongest piece of evidence you can gather. If the police don’t come, fill out a report at your local precinct.
  • Don’t move if you feel too injured. Moving can make your injuries worse. Don’t move if you feel so severely injured that moving feels dangerous. But do move if you have to avoid further injury and danger. What about collecting evidence? Ask a witness to do it for you. While not ideal, evidence can be gathered after the fact too.
  • Don’t assume fault is obvious. To you, and probably to many others, fault can seem obvious. Make sure you always get a police report (or fill one out yourself). And take photos and videos of everything. More is better.
  • Do exchange contact info. If the police come, they’ll gather all the necessary information for both drivers and put it in the police report. If they don’t come, get the other driver’s name, address, and driver’s license number. This way, they don’t vanish. If they drive off, write down their license plate number.
  • Don’t move your car. You should move your car if it appears to be a safety hazard or if law requires you to do so. However, leave it where it is if possible. This gives you the best evidence for your case later on.
  • Don’t ever say, “I’m sorry,” or talk any more than you have to. You may simply feel bad that the accident even happened. And you might think saying, “I’m sorry,” will smooth everything over. It might. But insurers also can twist that to appear as though you’re admitting fault. Never say you’re “sorry.” And in general, talk as little as you have to. Insurers want to use everything you say against you.
  • Don’t ever say you “feel fine” at the accident scene. Serious injuries can take days, weeks, and months to fully reveal themselves. This can be the case for whiplash and traumatic brain injuries. Insurers can also construe this statement to mean that you didn’t experience any injuries because of your accident.
  • Do share every detail with medical personnel. If they must come to your accident, share every little symptom you feel with medical personnel, even if it’s a minor cut. Seemingly minor injuries may indicate more serious ones for which you should get treatment. And this gives you powerful evidence during negotiations with stubborn insurers.
  • Don’t ever accuse the other driver of anything. This sounds strange. But you must resist the desire to do so. That’s because insurers aren’t responsible if their driver intentionally causes an accident. So, they’d be ecstatic if they could use your accusatory statements to prove their driver indeed intentionally caused your accident.
  • Do make sure everyone is safe. In the immediate moments after your accident, first get yourself safe. Once you’re safe, check on everyone else to make sure they’re safe too. If someone is unable to move, don’t move them. However, do move them if they are in imminent danger of further injury.
  • Do gather as much evidence as you can. If you’re able, you can’t overdo the number of pictures and videos you take of the accident scene. Make sure to have record of all the damage to your car and the at-fault party’s car. Also, gather evidence of any other damage at the scene, paying special attention to any hazards (potholes, misplaced signs) that may have led to your accident. Finally, make sure you have record of skid marks or other physical evidence that may help reconstruct how your accident happened.
  • Don’t leave the accident scene, unless you feel your injuries require immediate medical attention. Leaving the accident scene makes you look guilty. However, you can leave if you think your injuries need immediate medical attention. And that will not come back at you negatively later on.
  • Do get contact info from the other driver. At-fault drivers rarely leave the accident scene. If they do, try to memorize their license plate number and the make and model of their car. In most cases, you’ll simply need to gather the other driver’s license number, name, address, phone number, insurer, and insurance policy number. Some drivers like to disappear after an accident. Gathering this information guarantees that doesn’t happen.
  • Do gather witness contact information. Get the name, address, and phone number for every witness. Send yourself a text. Or have them text you immediately at the accident scene. Also, take a video of them telling their version of how your accident happened. It can be invaluable later.
  • Do create your own video telling how your accident happened. Do this at the accident scene, if possible. This is when all the little details that count so much later are freshest in your mind. If you can’t record a video now because of your injuries, do it as soon as you feel able later.
  • Do call your insurer as soon as you can. Your insurer doesn’t want to pay any more than the other driver’s insurer. However, they may deny coverage if you wait too long to report your accident. So, go ahead and let them know about it.
  • Don’t talk with insurers or sign anything. Always talk to a lawyer first. Even if you have a claim you can self-represent, a car accident lawyer may be able to give you helpful advice that improves your chances of winning even further. And you might win a little more money too. This costs you nothing anyway. And you might learn you can win a lot more than you thought.
  • Don’t ever relax with the insurer’s rep. Law does not require you to talk to an insurance claims adjuster. However, if you do at some point, never ever relax with them. Always assume what you say will be used against you. Give them the facts only. Speak as little as possible. Do not share feelings, impressions, or opinions.
  • Do record your medical history. Put every interaction with the medical system in a journal. Note who you talked to, their position, and what you discussed. Also record your symptoms, thoughts, and feelings about your injuries.
  • Do log the time you missed from work. Missouri law says you deserve compensation for your missed time from work. Record the time and dollar amounts lost.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Some of This Information?

This is a lot to collect. And you might not be physically well enough to gather it all at the time needed.

If you can’t gather the necessary info, don’t sweat it. Mullen & Mullen can help you track it all down. However, if you can, it works best for you to gather the information because that’s the soonest time after your accident. The more time that passes from your accident, the more chance the evidence has of getting lost or destroyed.

Our in-house private investigator, Mike Foster, has been with us for more than a decade. He knows exactly what to do to gather the most persuasive evidence possible if you couldn’t collect it. And one of our car accident attorneys will also send a “demand to preserve evidence” that legally obligates the insurer and at-fault party to not tamper with any evidence related to your accident.

Do Police Reports Guarantee Fault?

While police reports are the single strongest piece of evidence in any car accident claim, they don’t guarantee fault, or even victory.

First, the police report must be proven to have no errors. If it does have errors, the judge will not allow the report to be heard in court.

However, you should get a police report if possible. It gives you the best opportunity to win your claim. If the police don’t come to your accident, fill out a police report yourself. Contact your local precinct and fill one out in person or online.

Without any police report at all, the insurer has a much greater opportunity for victory. You certainly don’t want to do anything that helps them out. And the worst that happens is that your report doesn’t get allowed in court anyway. You don’t have to worry about going to jail.

What Should Your Police Report Contain?

If you do have to fill out your own police report, be as detailed as possible. Nothing is too small. You should include:

  • The date, time, and location of your accident
  • Name, address, and insurance info of all parties involved
  • Any citations issued, including the citation number
  • Name, address, phone number, and driver’s license number of all witnesses
  • Your opinion of who was at fault

Of course, never lie or exaggerate. Don’t include opinions (except for your opinion of who was at fault). Stick to the facts. They will reveal who was at fault. And let other parties arrive to their own conclusions based on the facts you report.

Exaggerating or trying to lead others to a certain conclusion only makes you look bad. And it can harm your ability to win your claim. So, tell the truth to the best of your ability and let the facts do the storytelling.

What to Know about Insurers

Don’t worry about insurers. You can safely assume they don’t want anything to do with paying you.

They spend more than $100 million annually on lobbying Congress. And what do you think they ask Congress to do?

Worrying about the insurance company and how they’ll act is our job. You should simply focus only on your recovery.

Missouri’s law favors insurers. The politicians are in their pocket. This whole mess isn’t ethical. But it is legal. Based on our decades of experience, these are the best things to know when you must deal with the insurance company:

  1. They don’t record your call for “training purposes.” They say they do this to get you to relax some. They legally must tell you that they will record your call. But they don’t have to tell you what they’re going to do with the information you reveal.

They probably will use your call for “training purposes.” However, they’ll use it to train their adjusters and lawyers on how to use what you say against you.

Remember that insurers profit by paying you less than what they should. If they don’t profit, the CEO loses their job. And so, you know how the CEO will direct employees to behave.

So, when you hear “record your call for training purposes,” think “anything I say can and will be used against me.”

  1. Never relax when talking to claims adjusters. You do not have any friends or advocates at the insurance company. Though they may act friendly, it’s all a ruse. They’re trained to act friendly because you reveal more information that way.

If they would act with hostility like the interrogators you see in movies, how much

information would you willingly reveal?

If you talk to a claims adjuster, always give them just the facts. That’s it. Speak as little

as possible. The more verbose you get, the easier it is to poke holes in what you say and make you look like a liar.

  1. Never sign any paperwork fast. You may need to handle your own case. A rare few do not require the assistance of a lawyer.

If that happens, never sign any paperwork quickly like the insurer wants. It’s interesting

that when it comes to paying, they move as slow as a glacier. Then, when they need

something signed, suddenly they can get that done in hours!

Of course, you know it’s all a con game. If they can sucker you into signing something quickly, then you’re likely signing away all sorts of rights. And you can miss out on a lot of money. You may even have no claim at all when you in fact should have won tens of thousands of dollars.

Yes. It can be that dramatic. Run your claim by a lawyer. You may even find one willing to give you free advice on exactly what to do, even if it means they can’t represent your claim.

St. Louis Car Accident Resources

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  3. St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department – South Patrol
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  4. City of St. Louis Sheriff’s Office
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  5. Request State of Missouri Case Information
  6. State of Missouri Car Accident Data
  7. The Best Car Insurers in Missouri

Pay Only After You Win! Choose Mullen & Mullen’s Car Accident Lawyers in St. Louis Today. Save Thousands More Because You Pay Just 29% of Your Final Case Value (Regularly 33.3%)!

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Mullen & Mullen delivers you more value than any other car accident attorney in the St. Louis Area. You can’t get all this anywhere else:

  • Decades of experience winning car accident claims like yours.
  • Winners of multi-million-dollar car accident claims.
  • Direct and personal access to your lawyer whenever you want it.
  • Get connected with leading medical providers in St. Louis also willing to delay payment until after you win your claim and get your money.
  • Connections to practically every type of service you could need (auto repair, financial, counseling).
  • Genuinely compassionate and easy to talk to car accident lawyers with an intense personal interest in seeing you win max compensation for your claim.
  • Save thousands because we use an in-house private investigator and don’t allow inexperienced junior lawyers to work on your claim.

Call (314) 465-8733 today for your free consultation. Learn our opinion of your claim and what we think we can do for you.

Get your questions answered. Share your story. And feel listened to and cared for as our lawyers empathize with genuine compassion.

…But don’t feel any obnoxious high sales pressure to hire us on the spot.

Simply get the facts you need. Then, make your hiring decision when you feel good and ready.

Don’t take any longer than you have too though. At-fault parties and insurers have a way of “losing” or destroying evidence. Don’t give them any more opportunity to do so than you must.

Make your decision after careful consideration. And make it as soon as you can.

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