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Attacked and hurt by someone else’s dog?

Almost everyone loves dogs. And they truly are man’s best friend. But some dog owners don’t know how to handle their dog.

That leads to attacks, severe mauling, and perhaps even wrongful death.

It could be many months or even several years before you get back to normal. You might have permanent disfigurement. You may not be able to work your job. And you may have psychological pain and suffering that lasts years too.

The dog’s owner should have to pay for your injuries.

And you’re wise to hire the best dog bite attorneys in St. Louis because insurers don’t want to pay any more than they must.

But you also have a second problem. One you may not even realize.

And that lies in finding a dog bite lawyer in St. Louis who cares enough and has the legal skill necessary to get you fair compensation for your injuries.

Believe it or not, some law firms will ram you through their process as fast as possible to maximize their own profit. They’ll leave thousands of dollars on the table. And this could even run north of six figures.

You may be left without enough money to live your life!

These law firms (called “settlement mills”) allow an experienced senior attorney to supervise your case while inexperienced junior attorneys and even paralegals do all the real work.

Though well-intended, they simply do not have the knowledge an experienced attorney does.

And the lower quality of their work leaves you with a far higher risk of leaving plenty of money on the table.

Other firms will have general personal injury lawyers, who have won other injury claims, but who haven’t necessarily won many dog bite claims, represent you.

Make sure you ask your lawyer how many dog bite claims they personally have worked.

That’s Where Mullen & Mullen Comes In. We Get You Max Money for Your Injuries!

At Mullen & Mullen Law Firm, you get a lawyer with at least 15 years of experience and a proven track record of winning dog bite cases.

Some of our lawyers even have multiple decades of experience.

And an experienced dog bite lawyer does all the real work on your claim. We don’t employ a single inexperienced junior attorney or paralegal.

Popular publications such as Newsweek, Forbes, Thomson-Reuters’ Super Lawyers, Best Attorneys of America, National Trial Lawyers, and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum have noted our legal skill.

And finally, make sure you search “Mullen & Mullen’s Reviews” to read our more than 325 nearly perfect client reviews.

The point is this: you get a top-notch dog bite attorney with the skill and passion to get you the most money possible for your injuries.

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How could we win your claim? Are legal strategies available that other firms may have overlooked?

In the case of the latter question, many clients learn what other firms didn’t know to tell them.

Plus, we’re just plain nice guys to talk with in person. And there’s absolutely no pressure on you to hire us right now.

Simply get your questions answered. And find out how we’d approach your claim.

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How We Overcome Common Tactics Insurers Use to Deny Your Dog Bite Claim

“Insurance” is such an odd word to use, isn’t it? It implies that you have someone who will pay for your injuries or damages when you know insurance companies exist for exactly the opposite reason.

To avoid paying for your dog bite injuries, they might try to construct the story that you provoked the owner’s dog. They may also try to say you were unlawfully on private property, but they’ll more likely try to substantiate the defense that you provoked the dog in some way.

Missouri follows the standard of “comparative negligence.” This means you can be held partially responsible for your injuries too if that was in fact the case. And if the insurer can show you had more than 50% responsibility for your injuries, you won’t be able to recover any compensation at all.

However, working to your advantage is the fact that Missouri is called a “strict liability” state. That means the dog owner is responsible for your injuries, even if they took reasonable care to restrain their dog. Compare this to Texas, which basically allows a dog’s owner to have one free bite (a proven history of aggression) before you can hold them liable for your injuries.

To defeat the insurer, you need evidence. Fortunately, there’s plenty that can be gathered. And that evidence includes:

  • Medical bills or records of treatment
  • Reports to the police or local animal control authority
  • Name and address of the dog owner or landlord (if available)
  • Using the law to your advantage because of the “strict liability” principle
  • Photos and videos of the dog owner’s property (pics of the dog running loose or holes in the fence)
  • Witness statements from neighbors or passers-by
  • Expert witness statements (from nurses or doctors, for example)
  • Statements showing your lost wages
  • Torn/bloody clothing (Do not wash it. Put it in a bag immediately after the incident.)

Armed with this evidence, our dog bite lawyers based in St. Louis present it in the legally most advantageous way, and you have the foundation of a dog bite claim with a great chance of winning.

Who Pays for the Damages Caused by a Dog Bite?

Usually, it’s the homeowner’s insurance policy. However, some policies contain exclusions. For example, they may not cover injuries caused by breeds known to be aggressive such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Akitas, Siberian Huskies, and others.

It could also potentially be the dog owner’s car insurance. That may cover you if the dog was in a car and reached out the window to bite you.

If those options aren’t available, recovering financial damages becomes much more difficult. You can go after the dog owner’s personal assets and force them to pay out of pocket.

You can go after the funds in their checking or savings account. And you can pursue other personal property too.

But it takes many hours of legal work to go after personal assets. And even after all that, you still may not be able to collect. So, you need an experienced lawyer who can make an educated guess as to whether you have a good chance of collecting from the dog’s owner.

Fortunately, in most cases, insurance will be available. And it’s easier to collect from.

How Strict Liability Works in Missouri

Even if a dog was the perfect animal preceding their bite, the dog’s owner still has strict liability for your injuries if their dog caused them.

This changed fairly recently in 2009. Prior to then, Missouri was a “one bite” state, which generally allowed dog owners a single bite before they could be held legally liable for the injuries their dog caused.

Generally, to prove strict liability, you must show the following:

  1. You did not provoke the dog in some way
  2. You were lawfully on the dog owner’s property

The dog’s owner can also potentially face criminal charges. If the dog bites someone, and then does it again, and the injuries are serious, they can even be charged with a felony.

Missouri’s statute of limitations says you have 5 years from the date of your bite to bring your claim to court.

If you wait longer than that, your case will be tossed out.

Practically speaking, it makes no sense to wait any longer than you have to. The longer you wait, the more your medical bills pile up. And the more financial pressure and stress you have.

Waiting also gives the dog’s owner time to destroy evidence.

Plus, if your case must go to court, judges and juries believe dog bite victims who act fast.

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