$55,003 settlement for pedestrian injury car accident in Frisco, TX. Outstanding recovery by attorney for client injured by driver that fled the scene.

Our client was walking south in a dirt parking lot while a motorist was traveling west in that same lot. He stepped out between two cars and stopped to let the vehicle pass. Suddenly, without warning, the motorist turned and struck him in the leg before striking another automobile. He was essentially pinned between the two cars. The at-fault driver exited his vehicle, fled the scene, and was later arrested.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: It is infuriating when a motorist causes a wreck and then flees the scene like a coward. It is deeply troubling that a person could injure an innocent victim and run away without rendering aid. Needless to say, I let the insurance adjuster know early on in the case that I was going to hold his insured accountable for his complete lack of human decency.

Our client suffered scrapes and cuts to his leg that eventually healed. However, he had low back pain that lingered. An MRI of his lumbar spine demonstrated fluid in his facet joints at L5-S1. A pain management physician performed facet injections at multiple levels in his lumbar spine. The injections allowed our client to get the pain relief he so badly needed.

Remember: A lumbar facet injection entails injecting a local anesthetic or steroid medication. The injection typically helps block pain so that you can more effectively rehabilitate from your injuries.

I sent a very strongly worded demand letter and the liability carrier quickly tendered the full policy limits. In addition, I was able to help the client recover additional funds through his underinsured motorist policy. Both demands were sent at the same time to make sure the case was resolved as promptly as possible.

The settlement for this personal injury claim involving a pedestrian car accident in Frisco, TX was $55,003. Attorney fees were $15,000. Case expenses were $120.36. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $22,732.64. This is a fantastic result including full liability policy limits.