This settlement by attorney of $85,000 was for facet joint injuries caused by an accident at an apartment complex in Fort Worth, TX.

$85,000 Settlement for facet joint injury at Fort Worth apartment complex

Our client was injured in the living room of the apartment she rented in Fort Worth, Texas. She sustained her injuries when a portion of the ceiling collapsed and struck her head, neck and shoulders, causing her to fall. She had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: I moved quickly to secure the evidence necessary to demonstrate apartment complex employees and management were negligent. Our personal injury law firm obtained evidence of a prior roof repair in the kitchen of the apartment unit. This suggested that, had apartment complex employees performed a thorough inspection of the premises at the time of the prior repair, they would have discovered the living room also had structural integrity issues.

Remember: Premises liability cases often hinge on demonstrating the at-fault party knew of a dangerous condition (actual notice) or should have known of a dangerous condition (constructive notice). It is important to remember that constructive notice can be demonstrated by circumstantial evidence.

Our client continued to experience pain and discomfort after undergoing physical therapy and had to be referred to a pain management doctor in an attempt to obtain additional relief from her symptoms. She underwent cervical facet medial branch blocks and multiple lumbar facet injections. The injections proved successful and she was able to obtain significant pain relief.

Remember: You can experience low back pain due to a painful irritation of the posterior lumbar spine. This is called lumbar facet syndrome. Pain results when nerve roots are irritated, usually as a result of swelling. Trauma is a recognized cause of lumbar facet syndrome.

I was recognized by VerdictSearch as counsel of record in a Top 5 Texas Verdict for a premises liability case styled Jeffrey Young v. ConAgra Foods, Inc. I directed the insurance adjuster to that verdict in my settlement demand so that she knew I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend litigation if necessary to maximize my client’s recovery. We ultimately were able to resolve the client’s personal injury claim amicably without the necessity of a lawsuit.

The settlement for this claim involving a lumbar facet joint injury as a result of a collapsed roof at an apartment complex in Fort Worth, TX was $85,000. Attorney fees were $23,800. Case expenses were $327.51. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $25,110.70. This is an outstanding result for undergoing facet injections.

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