This settlement by attorney of $600,000 was for a facet joint injury caused by a collision in Lewisville, TX for client who needed a spinal cord stimulator.

$600,000 Settlement for lumbar facet joint injury in Lewisville, TX

An inattentive driver of a commercial vehicle failed to control his speed and violently rear-ended our client who reported low back and neck pain from the collision at the Emergency Room.

The client had consistent and persistent complaints of low back pain from the onset of his case. He underwent an MRI that was essentially normal. This was not surprising since he sustained injuries to his lumbar facet joints. Facet joint syndrome is diagnosed based on a positive facet loading test on physical examination. Facet joint syndrome can also be called traumatic spondylopathy.

When therapy and rehabilitation failed to provide adequate pain relief, our client underwent multiple bilateral L4-5, L5-S1 facet joint injections. He later underwent lumbar radiofrequency thermocoagulation. The rhizotomy failed to provide the necessary relief so the treating neurosurgeon determined a spinal cord stimulator trial was warranted since lumbar CT / myelogram demonstrated no significant stenosis or nerve impingement. The trial was successful warranting full implantation.

Comments from Attorney Shane Mullen: I knew early on that the insurance adjuster and the retained defense lawyer would try to suggest that our client’s treatment was not medically necessary, since his lumbar MRI was essentially normal. I really focused my efforts on educating them on how traumatic spondylopathy is diagnosed and treated. Mullen & Mullen Law Firm has significant experience in dealing with this type of injury. Ultimately, I was able to get the defense attorney – who certainly had every incentive to push the case into litigation so his firm could make more money – to be fair with our client pre-suit. It always feels good when you can help a client obtain a favorable recovery without the necessity of 2-3 years of litigation and the stress that comes with it.

The settlement for this claim involving a lumbar facet joint injury in Lewisville, TX was $600,000. Attorney fees were $161,790.96. Case expenses were $612.16. After paying medical providers and lienholders, the client’s net recovery was $170,000.

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