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How to Sue Walmart for a Slip and Fall Injury

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How to Sue Walmart for a Slip and Fall Injury

They are big, powerful, and unafraid to push consumers around.

Did you know Walmart has an entire subsidiary company solely dedicated to minimizing or avoiding payment they should make for accident claims?

That company’s name is “Claims Management, Inc.” It’s headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Walmart has millions of square feet of store space across the nation. So, you know they’re going to have many Slip and fall claims to deal with each year.

But whose side do you think this Claims Management takes? To get a truly objective decision, you’d think a third-party, with no ties to Walmart, would handle their accident claims.

That’s not the way it works. Instead, Walmart has a whole subsidiary with many employees specially dedicated to this one task.

So, you’re clearly up against considerable power. How do you successfully sue Walmart if you have a legitimate accident case against them?

Here’s general strategy:

Don’t Fall for Walmart’s Claims Management, Inc. (CMI) Telling You That You Have a “Right” to a Recorded Statement

Following your Walmart accident they will attempt to have you talk to CMI. They’ll inform you of your “right” to a recorded statement. This is not a “right!” It’s a ploy to make you think you’re doing something that helps you win your case. Anytime you’re asked for a recorded statement, whether it’s from CMI or someone else, the information you reveal will be used against you.

CMI may also tell you they want to “help you get your medical bills paid” after your Walmart accident. That person may be sincere in their statement. However, remember multiple people touch your Walmart accident claim, and CMI’s goal is to minimize what you’re owed, or to avoid paying you entirely.

Do not speak to CMI about your Walmart accident on your own, unless you have absolute certainty the facts of your personal injury case are 100% straightforward. It is always best to have a seasoned Dallas Walmart accident attorney prepare you for a recorded statement and to monitor the statement to make sure you are asked fair questions.

No Matter How Nice Employees Seem, Walmart Routinely Denies Accident Claims

You may end up with injuries that take some time to heal, and several visits to medical professionals to treat. Many victims don’t hire a Dallas Walmart accident lawyer until several weeks or months after their injury when they learn that Walmart won’t cover the costs of their injuries.

Initially, CMI representatives come across as kind and concerned. You’ll get the sense they’re on your side.

Walmart might just cover your bills exactly as you hope, but only if they believe that’s as little as they can pay you. They might also take all the statements you make and use them against you. Or, they may even confuse you into saying things that reduce what you can claim.

Don’t fall for the rouse!

CMI Can Share Information About Your Claim With Other Corporations and Insurers… And Why Do You Think They Do That?

If you go to CMI’s website and read their privacy policy, under the heading “How We Share Your Information” you’ll see: “We may share information about you with Walmart, its insurance carriers, and service providers who perform services on our behalf. These service providers are not authorized by us to use or disclose the information except as necessary to perform services on our behalf or comply with legal requirements.”

How do you think that gets applied in daily practice?

Does CMI reach out to organizations who strongly advocate on behalf of consumers, which would increase the amount of the Walmart injury claim they had to pay out? Or, do they share your information with legal experts who can find the holes in the information you give to CMI so Walmart has to pay less?

Remember, if CMI doesn’t save Walmart money, it has no reason to exist.

The Bottom Line

If you are hurt in an accident at Walmart, you have no legal obligation to speak with CMI. To make sure you get what you fairly deserve for your injuries, simply report the fact your accident happened to Walmart so they are aware.

Politely decline to make any further comments and inform Walmart/CMI you’ll talk to a lawyer first.

Then, talk to an attorney. You only pay a percentage of your claim’s final settlement value when you win. So you risk absolutely nothing. And, you’ll maximize the money you can get for your injuries.

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