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Fort Worth Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip, fall, and get hurt on someone else’s property?

There is absolutely no cost to you unless we settle your premises liability case. Get medical treatment upfront with no out of pocket, even if you don’t have health insurance or can’t afford your deductible.

Mullen & Mullen has been in DFW for 40 years, and our attorneys combined have 95 years of experience. We have the skills required to maximize your recovery.

Unfortunately, it’s much more complex than simply going to the hospital and recovering from your injuries. You now have many other problems, including:

  1. Piling medical bills
  2. Recovering from your physical injuries
  3. An insurer who doesn’t want to pay
  4. Texas law not making it easy to win compensation
  5. High personal stress and trauma
  6. A lack of money while your legal claim resolves

Now what do you do?

Fortunately, when you choose Mullen & Mullen, you get easy, fast, and simple solutions to all these problems. That allows you to focus exclusively on your recovery.

When you choose Mullen & Mullen, our attorneys:

  1. Get your medical bills delayed until after you win your claim (if you become our client). We have specially negotiated relationships with medical professionals and institutions. They guarantee to delay billing until after you win your claim. All you need to do is become our client.
  2. Take care of any medical bills related to your claim that you already have. Yes. We can help you make these go away. And that’s even if you think you have absolutely no ability to pay.
  3. Force the property owner or insurer to pay fair compensation. We always aim to win you max compensation for your injuries and financial damages. Our combined 89+ years of experience give you an excellent opportunity to win max compensation. Some of that experience even came working for the insurance companies. Just the sight of our name dramatically changes how things work with the insurance companies. At minimum, we’ll make sure you get fairly compensated. And we’ll do everything possible to make sure you get max compensation.
  4. Make sure you have the money to pay your bills while you wait for your claim to resolve. Hurt and can’t pay your bills while the legal process plays out? No problem! Even when your circumstances look this bleak, we can help you make it through. We have connections with “law loan” companies. These companies loan you money at reasonable interest rates based on what we think you can win. Typically, you get 5-10% of what we think you could win within a few days of becoming our client. Many law loan companies try to charge you outrageous interest. We have relationships with ones who charge you more reasonable rates. Though not ideal, this is the best solution you have available if you have no other sources for financial help. And, in the exceedingly rare event that you don’t win your claim, you don’t have to pay any of your law loan back at all!
  5. Use Texas law to your greatest advantage. Unfortunately, Texas law doesn’t automatically entitle you to recover a generous amount of compensation. It may. But you need someone who can argue that on your behalf based on the circumstances surrounding your claim. And remember that not every slip and fall lawyer in the Fort Worth area is the same. Some have more skill and experience that they use for you and can win you more. Mullen & Mullen has a combined 89+ years of experience we use to win max compensation on your behalf.
  6. Help you keep your mind healthy too. Going through a legal claim and all the damages and injuries someone else’s negligence causes you is extremely stressful. How will you manage all the new problems you now have? Fortunately, with Mullen & Mullen, it’s easy on you. We take care of all the hard work. Our lawyers are nice guys to you in person, just like your next-door neighbor. They save all the attitude for the insurers and property owners. In addition, we can recover financial damages for you to see a counselor, if you feel you need the help. Remember, your mind needs just as much care and attention as your body.

Why Choose the Slip and Fall Lawyers at Mullen and Mullen When Hundreds are Available in Fort Worth?

You already learned several reasons why you should choose Mullen & Mullen Law Firm. But you haven’t learned anything specifically about each of our lawyers.

Take a minute to learn more about the experience of each and how that gives you a great advantage versus other lawyers:

  1. Firm founder Regis Mullen has 56 years of experience winning slip and fall claims. That’s longer than most lawyers have even been alive! At the beginning of his career, he worked as a litigator for insurance companies. But he quickly made the transition to representing slip and fall victims. So now he uses that experience working for the insurers on your behalf. He knows what they’re going to do before they even do it. While that doesn’t guarantee you victory, it certainly raises your odds. And it also means that he can win arguments versus insurers with much greater ease and speed than other lawyers. Finally, Regis also uses his experience to mentor the firm’s two other lawyers, Shane, and Joseph.
  2. Shane Mullen, Regis’s son, has 21 years of experience of his own. He’s known he wanted to be a slip and fall lawyer since third grade. It turned out to be an excellent choice. Shane’s won many claims and accolades. He’s been named a Super Lawyers “Rising Star” three consecutive years. He helped Priscilla Hughes defeat Walmart, one of the largest corporations in America. He’s also helped several other clients win million-dollar claims. And now, he belongs to the Million Dollar and Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forums and Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys of America. Both organizations only invite lawyers and accept just the top 1% to their ranks. They are based solely on merit, and you can’t buy your way in.
  3. Joseph Morrison has 18 years of experience and a long list of accolades of his own. He helped one client win the fifth largest premises liability verdict in Texas in 2012 in Young v. ConAgra Foods. A large company even then, ConAgra foods now does $11 billion in revenue annually. Joseph belongs to the Million Dollar and Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forums. In addition, he also is a member of The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers and The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40. Again, it’s important to note that all these organizations accept lawyers based solely on merit. In fact, they accept just the top 1%. You can’t network your way in or purchase a membership. So, membership really does represent exceptional legal ability.

No matter which of our lawyers takes your claim, you’re not just in good hands, but in some of the best hands in all of America. So, that gives you an excellent opportunity at winning fair compensation. Plus, you also have a great chance to win max compensation.

Personal Injury Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison
Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison

You Can Afford the Best Slip and Fall Attorneys in Fort Worth Because Mullen & Mullen Charges Nothing Until After You Win Your Claim. And Put Thousands More in Your Pocket Because You Pay Only 29% (Regularly 33%).

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)After reading all this, you may fear you don’t have the money to hire Mullen & Mullen’s slip and fall lawyers.

But you do. That includes even if you’re broke.

And that’s because you only pay after you win your claim. Plus, what you pay only comes out of your case’s final settlement value. You pay absolutely nothing out of pocket.

So, you can easily afford Mullen & Mullen’s slip and fall lawyers.

Schedule your free consultation with our slip and fall lawyers today by calling (817) 768-6680.

Remember, this consultation is free. You have absolutely no obligation to hire us on the spot.

During your free consultation, you’ll get answers to all your questions. And you’ll learn exactly how we’ll approach your claim.

But you won’t feel any annoying high sales pressure to hire us on the spot.

Learn how we can help. And maybe, like many other clients, find out you have a winnable claim when other firms already told you that wasn’t the case.

Schedule your free consultation today when you call (817) 768-6680.

What to Do and Not Do After Your Fort Worth Slip and Fall Accident

After slipping and failing in an ideal world, you’d simply go and get the medical help you need without thinking about anything else

Unfortunately, this world doesn’t work that way. And there’s a lot you need to consider after slipping and falling so that you protect your legal rights and your ability to win max compensation.

Failure to follow any one of these steps jeopardizes your ability to do so.

It may happen that your injuries are so severe that you can’t take the actions needed to protect your legal rights. If that’s the case, ask a nearby bystander to help you out. People are usually happy to help during an emergency.

Also, we have extensive experience winning many different types of slip and fall claims. As a result, we know how to gather evidence after the fact that could still help you win your claim.

It’s not an ideal scenario. But it can work if circumstances force you into that situation.

For now, here’s what to do and not do when you fall on someone else’s property:

  1. Do not apologize. Never, ever apologize. Insurers argue, with some success, that an apology indicates you were at fault (rightly or wrongly). You may feel tempted to apologize to alleviate the tension of your situation. Don’t! It runs a high risk of causing you to not be able to win any compensation for your injuries.
  2. Do seek medical attention. It just makes good common sense to get medical attention for your injuries. Number one, you’re taking care of your health. Number two, you protect your legal rights. Yes. It can cost some money. But the risks of not taking care of your health far outweigh the risks of getting medical attention. If you feel intense pain, you need to go to the emergency room ASAP. It won’t get any better. And you’ll end up there anyway. If you feel minor pain or none at all, you can get away with scheduling an appointment with your primary care doctor. You must also remember that many injuries may not even show up right away. For example, a traumatic brain injury may manifest days or weeks later. Going to the doctor, at minimum, shows that you were doing what was necessary to take care of your health. And it creates a paper trail for protecting your legal rights should you need it later.
  3. Don’t avoid reporting your accident to the property manager. Whether you end up being able to seek compensation for your injuries or not, report your accident to the property manager. You may feel embarrassed and want to run out of the area at all costs. But remember, you’ve simply been involved in an accident. Accidents happen to anyone, including very responsible people. So, no matter how you feel, make sure you report your accident to the property manager. As you make your report, only give the exact facts of what happened as best as you remember them. Leave your feelings and opinions out. Even if you feel you weren’t injured, it’s still possible to wake up the next morning and feel like you got hit by a car. A report protects your legal rights in this case. So, make sure you report your accident at all costs.
  4. Do get witness contact information. Just a single witness makes a huge difference in whether you win your claim or lose it, and how much you win. Get the name, phone number, and address of all witnesses in the area. Have them send it to you via a text on your phone. The reason you don’t ask them to use their phone is they may fail to follow through. Or they might text the wrong phone number. Don’t have them write it down either because handwriting can be illegible. Texting from your phone means you have the information, and you know you can read it.
  5. Do inspect the scene and gather evidence. Yes. Unfortunately, you must play detective a little to give yourself the best chance to win your claim. The goal here is to try to determine the cause of your slip and fall and to record the evidence supporting your alleged cause. Was proper signage put up? Was it near to the dangerous condition that caused your injury? Did you trip on something difficult to notice? Shoot a video, even multiple videos from multiple angles, and take plenty of images of the accident scene. You really can’t overdo it here.
  6. Don’t ignore your pain. How much will the medical bills be that result from your injuries? That frightening thought goes through the mind of practically every slip and fall victim. Your initial thoughts may entail how you can avoid using the medical system and just get better on your own. It’s natural. Difficult as your situation might be, you must engage the medical system. First, you must do so to protect your own health. Without good health, it’s difficult to do much of anything else in life. Second, you need to protect your legal rights. If you avoid using the medical system, you run an extremely high risk of not being able to win any type of legal claim later. If you feel afraid of the potential medical bills, see your doctor, and explain your situation. Hopefully, they will help you navigate the medical system in the most cost-efficient way possible.
  7. Do make sure you have a record of what happened. This is worth emphasizing such that it’s worth mentioning twice. You need to create a record of exactly what happened as soon after the fact as possible. Your memory of things will change over time. And what may seem insignificant in the moment, may end up being very important later. So, you need to create a record (either a video or your own written journal) of exactly what happened as soon as possible. You may even need to do this in the emergency room or hospital.
  8. Don’t skip any medical appointments. Under no circumstances should you ever skip a medical appointment. Ever. You may feel tempted to do so to keep your medical expenses in check. But this only plays to your disadvantage. You see, insurers may come back later and say you “failed to mitigate damages.” Then, it may turn out that you get awarded less compensation as a result. So, not going to medical appointments can cost you much more than it would to simply attend them in the first place.
  9. Do avoid talking with the insurer. Texas law does not require you to talk to the insurance company. Ever. They may put some pressure on you or imply that you need to talk to them to resolve your claim. But it’s all complete nonsense. Talking to the insurer only leads to bad things happening to you later. You can talk to the insurer later on if you’ve spoken with an attorney and they advised you that’s the best route to go. But until you hear that from an attorney’s lips, just avoid talking to the insurer. They are not on your side.
  10. Don’t forget to talk to a slip and fall lawyer. The absolute worst thing that happens when you talk to a lawyer is that you learn you don’t have a legal claim. That’s it. No big deal. Just move on. However, you may also learn that you have an extremely valuable legal claim. And it’s only fair you get compensated for your injuries and financial damages. The whole point of filing a lawsuit is to restore your quality of life to the way it was before you slipped and fell.
  11. Do try to figure out how long the dangerous conditions existed. Much of whether you win your claim or not depends on how long the dangerous condition that caused your slip and fall existed. Property owners are allowed time to remedy “dangerous conditions.” However, the amount of time they are allowed can be argued. So, search the surroundings and ask a person or two about the dangerous condition. Any evidence you can gather helps.
  12. Don’t wait to take legal action. The longer you wait, the more you put your legal claim at risk. For starters, the defendant may “lose” or destroy evidence. And yes, though illegal, they can get away with it. Additionally, you must remember the Texas statute of limitations, which lasts just two years. This means you have two years from the date of your injury to file your legal claim. Wait longer than that, and you can never pursue it again. Two years goes by much faster than you think. And it puts you in a poorer position where you must scramble if you wait too long. So, you’re always wise to take legal action as soon as you can. Remember, you can always talk to a lawyer and get advice. But you don’t necessarily have to hire them on the spot if you don’t want to.
  13. Do consciously avoid talking about your slip and fall with the store owner and their employees. Remember, they’re not on your side either. They have a material interest in not paying you any more than they must, and ideally nothing at all. So, anything you say to the store owner, or their employees, will be used against you. Only report that your accident happened. And avoid discussion of how your accident happened, downplaying your injuries, or taking the blame.

How Do You Choose the Best Slip and Fall Attorney in Fort Worth?

When you need a contractor to perform a service on your home, do you choose the first one you come to?

You usually do a lot of research, online and off. And if you’re particularly diligent, you talk to a couple before finally hiring the one you think is best. That’s because thousands of dollars are at stake.

So, at minimum, you would engage in a similar process when searching for a slip and fall attorney in Fort Worth because much more money is on the line.

You want the very best slip and fall lawyer you can get in Fort Worth. After all, you only pay once you win your claim, and the settlement fund becomes available. So, you don’t pay anything out of pocket. And that means you can afford to hire the best slip and fall lawyer available.

In addition, not every lawyer is the same. Some are smarter and more experienced than others. And they can win you amounts other slip and fall lawyers in Fort Worth can’t.

As you talk to various attorneys in Fort Worth, they’ll basically fall into three categories. Take a minute to learn the pros and cons of each type of lawyer:

  1. The relentless advertiser / settlement mill: You’ve seen this lawyer practically everywhere. They advertise on TV, radio, and billboards. You couldn’t get away from them if you wanted to. They may even partner with local celebrities and sponsor events. Do these lawyers achieve excellent results? For some clients, yes. They’ll have slip and fall victims share their stories on commercials. And they’re telling the truth. So…what’s the possible downside with this type of firm? Well, they make their money on volume. So, they’re more interested in processing as many cases as fast as they possibly can. But they’re not necessarily interested in getting each client the best results possible. So, some claims get overlooked. And that means you could either win nothing at all or you win much less than you could. That’s simply the risk you take if you hire this type of firm.
  2. The old, stuffy, traditional firm: These advertise a fair amount too. However, they’re not in every possible place like the “relentless advertiser.” So, you have a good chance of knowing their name. These firms achieve some good results for clients too. The problem is that, on average, these results aren’t as good as the third type of firm discussed below. That’s because these firms let an experienced senior lawyer merely supervise the work done by inexperienced paralegals and junior attorneys. So, the experienced senior lawyer doesn’t do all the real work themselves. That can be a real problem. With less experience focused on each detail, that risks you losing your claim entirely…or at least not winning as much money as you should. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll miss out with this type of firm. But that risk is there.
  3. The small, personal firm: These firms have usually just 3-5 lawyers or so, and maybe even less. They may advertise a little. But, most likely you won’t know their name at first. However, they do have an easily observable excellent reputation that you can research online. Look at their Google and Avvo reviews, for example. Once you find a firm, just Google the names of their lawyers and you’ll find plenty of positive things said about them. These firms operate on a much different philosophy: give each client the best quality service possible and take on only a few to keep the quality of service, and results, high. These firms may have paralegals assist experienced attorneys. But the experienced senior attorney does all the real work. Plus, you get more personal service. You’re not just another number to be dealt with. You can speak directly to your lawyer and feel like you’re a cared for human being, and not just an inconvenience. The risks of the first two types of firms are minimized or not even present. So basically, you have the best opportunity to win max compensation for your injuries and financial damages.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which route to go. Each type of firm carries its own risks and rewards.

No other slip and fall attorney in the Fort Worth area gives you as much overall value as you get with Mullen & Mullen:

  • Proven experience winning claims with circumstances like yours.
  • Personal communication with your lawyer exactly when you need it.
  • Thousands more put in your pocket because we charge just a 29% case fee when your claim settles out of court. It’s regularly 33%. And 90% of our claims do not need to go to court.
  • Even thousands more put in your pocket thanks to our in-house private investigator. Most firms contract these services out, which costs a lot more. Because we employ a private investigator, this costs a lot less. And we pass the savings on to you.
  • Connections to leading medical professionals and institutions in Fort Worth. They get you back to normal as fast as medically possible. And they also delay payment until after you win your claim (as long as you become our client). Plus, they treat you like a human being with genuine needs. You won’t feel like just another number.
  • Connections to any other service you might need to make through this stressful time in life (financial, counseling, and others)
  • Genuinely compassionate and down-to-earth slip and fall lawyers who are also easy to talk to in person

You just can’t find more value and a better overall experience anywhere in Fort Worth.

11 Common Myths about Slip and Falls

When was the last time a situation in your life worked out differently than you thought it would?

It happens all the time.

And it’s no different when it comes to slips and falls. There’s how you think things work…and then there’s how things work.

Take a minute to learn these myths about slips and falls so you don’t find yourself with an unpleasant surprise when you file your claim:

  1. You can’t recover compensation if you were partially at fault. Texas law follows a “comparative negligence” approach. This means that if you’re not 51% or more responsible for your injuries, you can recover compensation. However, that compensation might be reduced by your percentage of fault. So, for example, if you were 25% responsible for your slip and fall, you might receive 25% less compensation for your injuries. As an example, maybe you were walking too fast and not paying attention as you moved through the store. Or maybe you were looking at your phone. In either case, you may have had 25% responsibility for your injuries. So, if you would normally have won $10,000, that would be reduced by 25% or $2,500. Then, you would end up with $7,500 ($10,000 – $2,500). In Texas, if you are found 51% or more responsible for your injuries, you cannot recover any compensation at all. But if you’re under that level of responsibility, you can recover compensation.
  2. You can only win compensation if the property owner knew about the dangerous condition. Property owners have a responsibility to proactively monitor for dangerous conditions. Just because they didn’t know about it doesn’t mean they’re not responsible for it. There’s a bit of a catch to this. Property owners do get some grace from the law. They do need adequate time to remedy a “dangerous condition.” So, for example, you can’t walk behind someone who just spilled their drink, slip on the spilled drink, and automatically win compensation. The property owner simply didn’t have adequate time to respond to the dangerous condition. At the same time, there’s no hard rule. So, you can argue about this some.
  3. You can’t recover compensation if you slip and fall on public property. Honestly, public property is often owned privately. So, you can simply sue the private owner just like you would any other private property owner. If the public property is owned by a public entity, you can still sue. It just gets a little more complex. You usually have far less time to bring forth your claim. And public entities have liability limits they can use to their advantage. However, you can still win fair compensation for your injuries. Just understand that it gets a little more challenging and that you need to act faster than usual.
  4. Larger companies can pay you more compensation. They certainly have the financial means to do so. However, they also are subject to the same law any other property owner is. That means they have no obligation to pay you any more than any other property owner. You can still win fair compensation for your injuries. Just understand that it won’t be any more than what you would win from a property owner with lesser financial resources.
  5. You can automatically hold a property owner responsible for your injuries. Not the case. Texas law requires you to prove the property owner created, knew, or should have known about a dangerous condition. They also must have failed to remedy the condition within an adequate amount of time. Proving these things can be quite hard and requires an experienced lawyer. While not automatic, you can hold property owners financially accountable for your injuries and damages. Just understand that it’s not an easy process.
  6. You only need to involve the medical system if you have an obvious injury. You should always get medical attention, even if you don’t feel injured at all. That’s because the adrenaline from your slip and fall can mask the true extent of your injury. It’s common to feel fine immediately after your accident, but then feel horrible the next day. So, your priority is to involve the medical system whether you feel obviously injured or not. Not only does this protect your health from further unnecessary damage, but it also establishes the paper trail you may need to prove your legal claim later.
  7. Any random personal injury lawyer can help you win your claim. This one’s half true. Any lawyer can probably win your claim. But the difference between lawyers is the amount they can win you. A less experienced lawyer won’t win you as much as a more experienced one. Therefore, you’re wise to talk to at least 3 slip and fall attorneys before choosing one to hire. As you do, make sure to ask each lawyer to tell you about claims they’ve won with circumstances like yours.
  8. You can’t win when a sign is present. The presence of a sign may make your claim harder, but not impossible, to win. For example, the sign could be too far away. It could also be obscured from view. So, you can win when a sign is present. It’s just that it becomes a little more challenging.
  9. Only greedy people file lawsuits. You can thank the news media for this one. They routinely make people who file lawsuits look like greedy, selfish people who only care about money. They do this because it makes viewers angry and gets them to watch. The truth is that lawsuits are used to restore your quality of life to the way it was before your slip and fall happened. It’s the mechanism we have to take care of injured people. So, don’t feel any shame or guilt about filing a lawsuit. It’s perfectly okay when you get hurt because of someone else’s negligence.
  10. You should settle your claim as fast as possible. The only possible benefit from this is that you reduce your stress and busyness a little. Otherwise, it’s a foolhardy move. The faster you settle your claim, the more money you leave on the table. That’s usually how it works. The more time you take, generally the better outcome you get. But you need to remember to hire a lawyer to help you argue your claim.
  11. You’ll go through a long legal process that requires multiple court visits. This happens only very rarely. First, understand that 90% of our claims settle without having to go to court. Second, even if they do, which does happen, doesn’t mean you’ll need to come to court multiple times. And even if you must go to court multiple times, you still end up with fair compensation. So, in the rare event that even happens, you still more than likely walk away with something to show for it.

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