This settlement by attorney of $200,000 was for a client with a rotator cuff injury, caused by a car crash in Dallas, TX, who healed after an injection and surgery.

Rotator Cuff Injury Auto Accident in Dallas, TX Settles for $200,000Our client was a passenger in an SUV that was stopped at a red light near Lombardy in Dallas, Texas. A distracted driver of a commercial vehicle was not paying attention and rear-ended her.  The property damage was significant.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client’s initial complaints at the ER included neck pain, pain in both upper extremities, and pain in both lower extremities. It quickly became apparent, however, that her primary injury was to her right shoulder. She began extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation efforts. An MRI was ordered, when her pain persisted, which revealed a partial thickness rotator cuff tear.

Remember: Some partial thickness rotator cuff tears can be greatly improved with physical therapy and/or injections. In fact, sometimes partial tears will even heal on their own. Physicians usually recommend conservative treatment for partial tears before determining surgery is necessary.

Our client underwent a shoulder injection but it failed to provide her with adequate relief.  Her orthopedic surgeon recommended shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder rotator cuff repair, and shoulder subacromial decompression, due to her continued symptoms. The client elected  to undergo the recommended procedure. The surgery was successful and she made a strong recovery.

Rotator cuff injuries can greatly impact your activities of daily living so I was pleased with the settlement and the client’s recovery.

The settlement for this claim involving a partial rotator cuff injury as a result of an auto accident in Dallas, TX was $200,000. Attorney fees were $55,142.80. Case expenses were $298.82. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $61,871.18.

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