$132,500 Settlement for Broken Bone in The Colony, TX Car Wreck

Attorney Settles Injury Car Accident in The Colony, TX for $132,500

$132,500 policy limit settlement for broken bone injury from car accident in The Colony, TX by attorney at Mullen & Mullen Law Firm.

Our client was one of several passengers in a vehicle traveling southbound on Main Street in The Colony, TX.  The driver of the automobile disregarded a red light causing a major series of automobile collisions. Our client sustained significant injuries and required emergency transport to the hospital.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: We’re not a volume injury law firm. We keep our workload to a manageable level so that every client gets the attention his or her case deserves. One of our strengths is that we can quickly adapt to the unique facts of each claim. On this particular case I knew multiple people had been injured in the car wreck. To protect the client I needed to quickly demand the policy limits, which I did on the same day his file touched my desk. I submitted a Stowers demand utilizing the client’s hospital discharge records and photographs of his injuries.

The liability carrier for the negligent driver responded to the Stowers demand by offering the full policy limits. In addition, we were able to locate an insurance policy on the vehicle involved in the car accident, and that carrier also agreed to tender its limits.

Remember: It is important that you work with auto accident attorneys that have the time and resources to identify all possible sources of recovery on your case.

The client had suffered significant injuries and his medical bills alone were in excess of the available policy limits. I went to work negotiating with the hospital and other emergency medical providers to secure reductions of their respective bills. I was eventually able to get his medical bills reduced by more than 50%. As a result our client was able to walk away from the accident with zero medical debt as well as funds to compensate him for the injuries he sustained.

Remember: Our Dallas attorneys for personal injury routinely get hospital bills reduced, even if the facility has filed a lien on the case. In addition, we routinely secure health insurance lien reductions for clients.

The settlement for this personal injury claim involving a broken bone as a result of a car accident in The Colony, TX was $132,500. Attorney fees were $30,000. Case expenses were $103.31. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $30,000. This is an outstanding result for this personal injury claim given the substantial medical bills he incurred undergoing emergency surgery.

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