This settlement by attorney of $23,000 was for a client with an ankle bone contusion caused by a car wreck in Allen, TX.

$23,000 Settlement for ankle injury in Allen, TX

Our client was driving northbound on Greenville Ave in Allen, TX in the right lane and was going straight through the intersection at Bethany Dr. on a green light. A distracted motorist was attempting to make a left turn onto Bethany Dr. and failed to stop at the red light. The at-fault driver pulled in front of our client’s car and left her no time to react. The automobiles collided and the impact was great enough that the at-fault motorist was pushed into a third vehicle.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: The client had immediate complaints of pain in her left ankle and right away sought emergency medical attention at the hospital. An X-ray showed a tiny calcific density possibly compatible with an avulsion fracture. She was given a boot at the hospital and discharged. Thankfully an MRI of her left ankle revealed only a bone contusion on her medial malleolus and thickening of a ligament.

Mullen & Mullen Law Firm submitted a settlement proposal to the insurance carrier for the negligent driver. Although the client did not sustain a fracture in the car wreck, she had to spend several weeks in a walking boot and had additional complaints of mild neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Certainly a bone contusion is not the same level of injury as a fracture. That said, however, I made sure the adjuster knew that my client was minding her own business before the inattentive motorist turned left when it was unsafe to do so. No one wants to have to spend any amount of time in a walking boot and the client’s injury undeniably impacted her activities of daily living.

I focused my attention on educating the adjuster about my client’s level of physical impairment and on the fact that the injury she had sustained would leave her more susceptible to developing arthritis in her ankle as she aged. The adjuster eventually significantly raised her settlement offer and we were able to get the claim resolved.

The settlement for this claim involving a hurt ankle from a car wreck in Allen, TX was $23,000. Attorney fees were $6,338.85. Case expenses were $120.15. After paying medical providers as directed by the client, her net recovery was $7,000. This is an excellent result for sustaining a contusion/bruise to an ankle.

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