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Fort Worth Truck Accident Attorney

Hurt by a careless truck driver? Lose your loved one?

Because of their massive size, trucks cause more severe injuries and property damage.

And now you must deal with the consequences of the truck driver’s actions: lost income from your inability to work, painful injuries to recover from, piling medical bills from large institutions who don’t care about you, time lost with your loved one, and the lost ability to do things you love.

To top it off, the truck driver’s insurer doesn’t want to pay you. In fact, they don’t want to pay you anything at all.

If all that’s not enough, you have another problem. And one you don’t even realize.

That lies in finding a truck accident attorney in Fort Worth with the experience and personal desire to get you maximum compensation.

Because not all truck accident lawyers do.

You could choose the one you always see advertising on TV. But they ram you through their process as fast as possible to maximize their own dollars per hour.

What about the large, respected firm you’ve heard about?

They let experienced senior attorneys supervise your case while inexperienced junior attorneys and paralegals do all the real work. They don’t have time to scrutinize every detail so that you have the strongest case possible.

In both situations, you can miss out on a lot of money. Sometimes, this might even be more than six figures.

And you could even lose your claim entirely!

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Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison

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Mullen & Mullen’s Truck Accident Attorneys Based in Fort Worth Get You the Most Money Possible

As a small firm of three personal injury lawyers with at least 15 years of experience, Mullen & Mullen has the skills and personal commitment to get you the most money possible for your injuries.

We’ve won truck accident cases valued at $1.33 million, $1 million, $962,500, and $787,500.

Unlike other firms, we don’t employ a single inexperienced junior attorney or paralegal. That means a seasoned attorney with at least 15 years of experience does all the real work on your claim.

And it makes all the difference in the final outcome of your claim.

Leading publications like Forbes, Newsweek, Thomson-Reuters’ Super Lawyers, The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and others have noted us for our work.

Need more proof?

Go ahead and research our more than 325 nearly perfect client reviews by searching “Mullen & Mullen Reviews” or review our perfect BBB A+ accredited rating.

But Wait! There’s More! 3 Things Mullen & Mullen Does to Put More Money in Your Pocket

Hey, we get it. Money won’t fix your injuries. But it does help you maintain the standard of living you had before your accident.

Here’s a few other things we do to sweeten the deal when you choose Mullen & Mullen:

  • Only pay your medical bills after you win your claim. This is 100% serious. You’ve probably never heard of such a thing before. But we have specially negotiated relationships with medical professionals and institutions of all kinds who will delay billing until after you win your claim. If we take on your case, this offer is available to you. Save yourself a ton of stress. And focus on your recovery instead.
  • Pay just 29% of your final settlement (instead of 33.3%). If your claim settles out of court, and about 90% of ours do, you pay just a 29% case fee. It takes us less time and money to settle your case, and we pass the savings on to you.

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)

  • Lower costs to compile your case. Most truck accident lawyers in Fort Worth subcontract their private investigator’s services. Instead, we employ an in-house private investigator. It costs us less money, and we pass those savings on to you too. Plus, remember that we don’t employ a single paralegal either. And again, those savings get passed right on to you. Also, we’ve been with Mike Foster (our private investigator) for more than a decade. He knows how to ask all the most compelling questions to dig up the most persuasive evidence that gives you the best chance to win the most money possible.

Schedule Your Free No-Obligation Consultation with Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Fort Worth Today!

The faster you act, the easier it is to win your claim and get the most money possible. Trucking companies will destroy evidence. And your case becomes more credible with speedier action.

During your free consultation, you’ll learn exactly how we’ll approach your case. You may even learn legal strategies other firms have overlooked.

But you won’t feel any annoying sales pressure to hire us on the spot.

Simply learn how we’ll approach your claim, get all your questions answered, and then make your hiring decision when you feel ready.

Call (817) 768-6680 to schedule your free consultation today!

5 Legal Defenses Trucking Insurers Might Use to Minimize Your Payout (And How We Overcome Them)

Insurance companies do not play nice. And the more money that’s at stake, the nastier they get.

Fortunately, you have Mullen & Mullen on your side. We’re nice to you, but not to the insurance company.

Here’s possible defenses they might use to minimize what they owe you, and how we’ll overcome each:

  1. You Don’t Have Proof of the Truck Driver’s Liability

Truck accident claims have a high burden of proof, which falls squarely on you. You have to prove the truck driver was negligent in some way and that their negligence resulted in your injuries.

And even if you have that evidence, the insurer will try to show it is inadmissible in court or that it doesn’t prove your claim.

To overcome this, we scrutinize every detail of your claim. Our private investigator, Mike Foster, will dig up everything he can. Witnesses, photos, the truck’s camera, the police report, the damage on the truck or your car – we’ll check all of these and more and present the evidence in the most persuasive way possible.

  1. You Were Partially at Fault

In Texas, we follow the “comparative fault” principle. This means you can be held partially responsible for your injuries. If you have some responsibility, then the final amount you win can also be reduced accordingly.

And if the insurer can show you were 51% or more responsible for your injuries, you don’t win anything at all.

The problem is that the insurer must then admit their driver was really at fault (in most cases).

Again, this is where compiling the evidence comes into play. And we do it fast.

  1. You Had Pre-Existing Injuries or the Accident Didn’t Cause Your Injuries

Say you had a surgery 6-12 months prior to the truck accident. The trucking company’s insurer might say the injuries you experienced, or perhaps just some of them, were due to the surgery and not the truck driver’s actions.

In this case, we’ll evaluate medical reports to show the reality. And it may even be necessary to call a doctor as an expert witness to provide testimony.

  1. Some Other Third Party is Actually Responsible

Believe it or not, many parties can potentially be at fault in a truck accident. Your accident may not be the fault of the truck driver.

For example, there’s the trucking company itself, perhaps a separate shipping company, a cargo handler, maintenance workers, and even the manufacturer of the truck and its many parts.

And so, if possible, the insurer will try to shift the blame to one of the other parties it does not insure.

And that’s where our experience comes in. We know how to determine who was truly responsible for your injuries and how to present the evidence such that it proves their liability.

  1. You Failed to “Mitigate Damages”

You have a responsibility to do what is in your power to minimize the damage to your life caused by your injuries.

For example, if you’re seriously hurt, you should go to the doctor promptly. And you should follow your doctor’s orders. You can “fail to mitigate damages” by not doing those things.

You can also “fail to mitigate damages” by not buying medical gear necessary for your recovery (like a sling).

The insurer also might come up with something cleverer, such as saying you didn’t return to work as soon as you could have (and so they shouldn’t have to pay for your lost wages for that time).

The insurance company might not get out of paying entirely. But they might be able to limit what they must pay, if successful.

With our experience on your side, which includes past employment working for insurers, we’ll be able to show you did everything in your power to “mitigate damages.”

Schedule Your Free Consultation with Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Fort Worth Today

Don’t talk to the insurer until you know the truth about your claim.

And don’t worry, our lawyers won’t put any pressure on you to hire us now.

Simply learn the exact reality of your case. Perhaps even find out legal strategies other truck accident attorneys in the Fort Worth area have overlooked.

Get all your questions answered. And then make your hiring decision when you feel good and ready.

We won’t put any pressure on you to hire us on the spot, and we’ll come to your home, office, or hospital room if it makes it easier on you! Virtual consultations and sign-ups available.


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