Awarded Texas Top 10 Personal Injury Settlements 2021 by Top Verdict

$907,500 Settlement for Lumbar Spine & Foot/Ankle Injuries in Construction Accident

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You Can Trust Our Award Winning Attorneys to Fight for Your Rights in Dallas Construction Accident Cases

There is absolutely no cost to you unless we settle your construction accident injury case. Get medical treatment upfront with no out of pocket, even if you don’t have health insurance or can’t afford your deductible.

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If You Were Severely Injured in a Construction Accident You Need an Experienced Attorney Because No One Wants to Pay.

Companies can’t wait to avoid paying for your injuries. Some have entire legal departments bent on minimizing or eliminating what they have to pay you altogether.

Experiencing a severe construction accident leaves you with intense stress and a number of terrifying questions:

  • How will you pay your own bills while you recover from your Work accident?
  • Will you actually recover from your injuries?
  • How will you deal with all the ridiculously expensive medical bills?
  • Will you get reimbursed for your lost wages?
  • Will those responsible for your injuries actually get held responsible, or will they make a clean getaway?
  • Will your employer retaliate and cause you to lose your job in some way?
  • What will you do if you end up with a permanent disability that makes it impossible to work your current job?
  • How do you find a lawyer you can trust to get you a fair legal outcome?

You’re an honest, hard-working person. You don’t think you should end up with a few hundred million for your injuries.

You just want fair compensation so you can take of your family, yourself, and your injuries. You don’t want any more changes in your lifestyle than you need.

Why Choose Mullen & Mullen Law Firm To Represent You?

Years of experience fighting construction accident claims matters. But, proven legal skills matter even more.

Our Dallas attorneys have won millions in injury claims without even going to court. See our recent case results.

If you want experience, our team has plenty of that too. Attorney Regis Mullen has more than 40 years of legal experience. He first began working for insurance companies, but after being appalled with the way they operate, he switched over to represent victims, including those hurt in construction accidents. Now, he uses all his knowledge of the inner workings of insurers to get you the fair money you deserve.

Attorney Joseph Morrison has more than two decades of experience – some of which came from overseeing cases while managing his own firm. He’s seen hundreds of claims and understands how to maximize what you win from yours.

And Attorney Shane Mullen? Well, he has more than a decade of experience. Plus, he’s a 3-time Texas Super Lawyer award winner. Thomson-Reuters gives the recognition to the top lawyers via an unbiased processed designed to truly identify the creme-de-la-creme of all lawyers.

Insurance companies shudder when they hear “Mullen & Mullen” has taken you on as a client because they know they won’t get off easy. Simply hearing the name boosts your chances to get a fair and reasonable settlement without having to go to court.

Can You File a Claim Against Your Employer If They Subscribe to Worker’s Comp?

Most likely, you cannot. However, this rule does have some exceptions. For example, if your loved one suffered a fatal injury, if their employer was grossly negligent, or if a third party had partial responsibility for your construction accident, you most likely can file a claim.

If your employer does not subscriber to Worker’s Comp, then you can file a legal claim. And in some cases, it’s not even clear who holds responsibility for your injuries. You may need an experienced construction site injury lawyer just to figure out who truly holds responsibility for your injuries.

What If the Construction Company Offers You a Settlement or Wants to Talk?

Talk to a Dallas construction accident attorney first. The whole goal of offering you an out-of-court settlement without talking to lawyers is to get you to take an offer much lower than what you could get if you hired a skilled accident law firm. And if your company, or their insurer, wants to talk to you about your accident and record your statement, you can rest assured they’re poking and prodding for evidence they can use to minimize or deny your Personal injury case entirely.

The point is this: insurers and companies know injuries and lawsuits cost a lot of money. They don’t want to pay you that money. As a result, they’ll invest company money and time in doing everything possible to eliminate their own financial burden.

So, don’t trust anyone who wants to offer you a settlement or talk to you about your construction accident injuries before you talk to your own lawyer.

And besides, since talking to our Dallas construction accident attorneys is 100% free, you don’t have any risk in at least finding out what you should get for your injuries.

Unique Benefits You Can Only Get with Our Dallas Construction Accident Lawyers

Besides the proven skills and experience of our lawyers, you also get:

  • A much greater chance of a high settlement amount because our law firm doesn’t use paralegals or junior attorneys to do any of the work on your construction accident injury claim. Our experienced senior attorneys do all the real work.
  • Lower legal costs which means you keep more from your settlement. We employ an in-house private investigator, which costs less than contracting one out. The savings get passed on to you.
  • Delayed medical billing until your Dallas construction accident claim makes it all the way through the legal process. Most lawyers simply let the stress of more medical bills, creditors, and the possibility of bankruptcy loom over the heads of their clients. We have exclusive relationships with medical professionals who will delay billing until you win your claim and have your cash in hand.
  • Kind and compassionate attorneys who care. We turn on the fire and brimstone in the courtroom. But when we’re with you personally, you’ll appreciate our kind, patient, and gentle demeanor. You’re going through an extremely difficult time in life. Meeting with your construction site attorney shouldn’t be yet another stressor.

Get a free consultation today with a skilled Dallas construction accident attorney.

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There is never a fee for our legal services unless we obtain a settlement for you.

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