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Hurt at work because of your employer’s carelessness?

There is absolutely no cost to you unless we settle your case. Get medical treatment upfront with no out of pocket, even if you don’t have health insurance or can’t afford your deductible.

Mullen & Mullen has been in DFW for 40 years, and our attorneys combined have 95 years of experience. We have the skills required to maximize your recovery.

Not only can you not work and provide yourself and your family with income, but you have medical bills piling up, painful injuries to recover from, psychological trauma, and you can’t do your favorite activities with the ones you love most.

You may even have lost your loved one.

Plus, your employer may want to do anything but pay you while you recover. They may even be trying to fire you.

And you also have yet another problem. One you may not have considered.

That lies in finding a workplace injury lawyer in Fort Worth with both the experience and desire to get you the maximum money you deserve for your injuries.

Not all work injury lawyers in the Fort Worth area aim to get you the most money possible for your injuries.

For example, the attorneys you see advertising on TV all the time frequently ram you through their process as fast as possible.

And the big traditional firms whose names you already know often have an experienced senior attorney supervise your case…while inexperienced junior lawyers and paralegals do all the real work.

In both cases, because a highly experienced work injury attorney isn’t doing all the real work, a lot of money can be left on the table. That could be even more than six figures.

And they might even lose your claim entirely!

Both types of firms do their best work. But they simply can’t match the quality of work done by a work injury attorney with 15 years of experience or more (which is what you get with Mullen & Mullen).

At your job, you know certain tasks better than other workers and would never put them in charge of those tasks. It works exactly the same way with work injury lawyers.

And this is where Mullen & Mullen comes in. Our experienced Fort Worth-based work injury attorneys do all the work on your claim. That’s because we don’t employ a single inexperienced junior attorney or paralegal.

That leads to unmatchable legal outcomes, such as the $6.15 million we won for one construction accident victim.

Another construction accident victim won $907,500.

It’s results like those that you simply can’t get with other workplace injury lawyers in the Fort Worth area.

Organizations like Thomson Reuters’ Super Lawyers, The Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers, Forbes, Newsweek and others have recognized us for our legal work.

And just search “Mullen & Mullen’s Reviews” to read more than 325 nearly perfect client reviews!

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But Wait! There’s Even More Special Bonuses You Get When You Choose Mullen & Mullen

The whole key to winning your claim lies in our team’s legal experience and the fact that we don’t employ inexperienced junior attorneys or paralegals.

And we go even further, offering some more perks to make it easy for you to choose Mullen & Mullen:

  • Don’t pay your medical bills until after you win your claim. What? How can this be true? Well, it’s 100% true, even though you may never have heard of such a thing. We have specially negotiated relationships with medical professionals and institutions of all kinds. As long as we take on your case, they’ll delay your billing until after you win your claim. Focus on your recovery instead of stressing about how you’ll pay your medical bills!
  • Pay just a 29% case fee instead of 33.3%. As long as your claim settles without having to go to court, you pay just 29% of your final winnings as your case fee (regularly 33.3%). Because of our experience, about 90% of our claims settle outside of court. Since that costs less time and money, it only makes sense to pass the savings on to you.

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  • Lower costs to assemble your case…and we pass those costs on to you. Remember how we don’t employ a single paralegal or inexperienced junior attorney? That’s a good chunk of cash saved right there. We also employ, rather than pay by contract, a private investigator. That costs a lot less too. Plus, we’ve known Mike Foster for more than a decade. And he’ll ask all the right questions to get the most powerful evidence possible that gives you the greatest chance to win your claim.

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You can afford Mullen & Mullen because you don’t pay anything until after you win your claim. With a strong reputation and proven experience winning work injury claims, you can trust us to get the maximum amount of money for your injuries.

During your free consultation, you’ll learn how we’ll strategize your claim. Get all your questions answered. And you may even learn legal approaches other firms have overlooked.

But you won’t feel any annoying high sales pressure to hire us on the spot!

Relax. Tell your story. Learn what you need. Then make your hiring decision when you feel ready!

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How Workplace Injury Claims Work in Texas

Texas is a unique state in that it’s the only one in the country that doesn’t require employers to subscribe to workers compensation.

About 80% of employees work for an employer that subscribes to workers compensation. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with workers’ compensation claims.

However, we can help you with personal injury claims. And there are cases where you can get injured at work, and you can only pursue compensation for your injury via a civil claim.

That’s where we can help.

It’s actually to your benefit if you can file a civil claim. If that’s the case, then you can likely recover all your lost income and possibly additional damages for your injuries.

Workers’ compensation will only pay you a portion of your regular income for your injuries.

4 Common Defenses Your Employer Might Use to Deny Your Claim

You never know what you’ll get from your employer when you’re injured. Some are wonderful at taking care of you. Others could care less and only want to minimize their loss.

If you have the latter kind of employer, they may try these defenses to minimize what you get:

  1. The Hazard Defense

Basically, this defense claims that the hazard was so obvious that you should have noticed it and that the employer had no responsibility to warn you about it.

The test used to determine if it applies lies in comparing your actions to that of a reasonable person in the same situation.

Would a reasonable person in exactly the same circumstances have noticed the hazard?

Through our legal skill and experience, we can show how your injuries were caused not by your own carelessness, but by that of your employer.

  1. Intoxication

Employers also commonly claim employees were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of their injury.

Fortunately, it’s hard for them to prove this one. They’ll need medical tests conducted near the time of your injury to prove their claim.

If they don’t have that evidence, they may also try to use camera footage or witness testimony to say that your speech was slurred, you walked awkwardly, or appeared to have glazed eyes.

However, eyewitness testimony can often be inaccurate. And if your employer prevents such evidence, we’ll cross-examine the witnesses to show how they’re recollection of your actions could be inaccurate.

  1. Your Injury Isn’t Work-Related

With more people than ever working from home, this defense has come into play more often than in the past.

For example, say you trip over your dog while answering a work-related call. More than likely we can prove such an accident is in fact work-related.

But if the same event occurs after your company’s normal working hours, you probably can’t get compensation.

We’ll evaluate every miniscule detail related to your claim to make sure you get fair compensation.

  1. You Have an Existing and Unrelated Medical Condition

Your employer may also try to show you have a medical condition not caused or exacerbated by your employment.

We won’t lie, this one can be tough to handle. Texas law forces you to show that the medical event leading to your injury was caused by your work environment.

However, we can prove this, if necessary. Understand that it may take a complicated web of interactions with doctors and analysis of your medical records to show that your medical condition was caused by your workplace.

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The faster you file your claim, the quicker we can get on your case and get you the compensation you deserve. Plus, your employer may destroy or alter evidence as much as they can before you file your claim.

So, it’s in your best interest to file your claim as soon as possible.

During your free consultation, you’ll learn all the answers to your questions and how we’ll approach your claim.

But you won’t feel any pressure to hire us on the spot.

Come on in and let’s have a nice, relaxed conversation about your injury. And get all the information you need to make a wise hiring decision.

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We won’t put any pressure on you to hire us on the spot, and we’ll come to your home, office, or hospital room if it makes it easier on you! Virtual consultations and sign-ups available.


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