This settlement of $18,500 was for a client with soft tissue injuries, caused by a car wreck in Richardson, TX, after insurance first offered only $7,500.

Our client was injured in a car wreck while traveling northbound in the right lane of the 700 block of South Central Expressway in Richardson, TX. The operator of a commercial vehicle dropped his phone and reached to pick it up. When the distracted driver looked back up traffic had stopped and he was unable to avoid hitting the automobile in front of him. The impact started a chain reaction which caused our client to be rear-ended.

The client was taken to the hospital via ambulance where he was diagnosed with a cervical strain and contusion to his right knee. Hospital physicians ordered him off work for 2 days. He eventually completed a brief course of physical therapy to fully recover from his soft tissue injuries.

The client’s recoverable medical bills were only $3,346.52. He attempted to negotiate with the insurance company without the assistance of an attorney and the carrier offered him only $7,500 to resolve his claim. He felt the offer was not fair and contacted Mullen & Mullen Law Firm.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: We like to be retained as soon as possible on cases because that allows us to help make sure clients receive the quality medical attention they need and deserve, and to properly develop the case from its onset.

In the instant case, however, the client retained us after he was already done treating and had been low-balled by the insurance company. We agreed to help him because we thought our involvement would allow him to obtain a more favorable recovery.

We submitted a demand letter to the carrier. After extensive negotiations, $18,500 was offered. This is more than double the amount that was proposed before the client retained our personal injury attorneys.

This is an auto accident injury claim where you can really see the value of our legal services.

People often think they can handle their personal injury claim on their own. They think the insurance company will be fair with them and that they will come out ahead if they don’t have to pay an attorney (which can sometimes be true). However, the vast majority of the time we are going to be able to help the client obtain a more favorable recovery even with our fee factored in.

The insurance company offered this gentleman only $7,500 before he retained our Dallas personal injury lawyers. After paying his health insurance lien he would have received roughly $4,200 in his pocket.

We obtained a settlement of $18,500 for him and were also able to get his health insurance company to agree to reduce its lien even though it was an ERISA lien and they had no obligation to do so. As a result, the client ended up with $10,278.43 in his pocket, even after paying our fee. It’s a result we’re really proud of.

The settlement for soft tissue injuries claim as a result of a commercial vehicle accident in Richardson, TX was $18,500. Attorney fees were $5,180. Case expenses were $364.35. After paying medical providers / lien-holders, the client’s net recovery was $10,278.43. This is an outstanding result for a non-objective injury.

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