This settlement by attorney of $18,500 was for a client with soft tissue injuries caused by a car crash in Lancaster, TX.

Our client was driving north on Telephone Rd in Lancaster, Texas. She brought her automobile to a stop at a red light at North Dallas Ave. She was waiting to turn left when a collision occurred between two other motorists driving on North Dallas Ave. One of the vehicles hit our client’s car causing her to sustain soft tissue injuries. She had initial complaints of neck and upper back pain at the hospital.

Comments from Attorney Joseph MorrisonMullen & Mullen Law Firm was able to quickly establish liability for the wreck. Our client had health insurance but didn’t believe they should have to pay for her medical bills. Instead, she wanted the at-fault driver’s car insurance carrier to pay.

She also didn’t want to be out of pocket for co-pays and deductibles. We were able to assist her in locating a medical doctor who agreed to oversee her medical care while delaying billing for her medical services until the conclusion of her case. This allowed her to focus 100% on recovering from her injuries.

The client underwent physical therapy and made slow and steady progress in recovering. At the time she was discharged from medical care she had no complaints of pain whatsoever. We requested a complete copy of her medical bills and records and began the process of preparing her demand letter for settlement.

Remember: The vast majority of Dallas personal injury attorneys can refer clients to doctors who are willing to delay billing until the conclusion of their case. However, the quality of the medical providers the lawyer works with can have a real impact on the level of care received, and physical and financial recovery.

Our car accident attorneys in Dallas have been assisting injured victims since 1982. We have relationships with healthcare providers across the DFW metroplex. We really pride ourselves on the quality of the network of healthcare providers we work with, which includes chiropractors, medical doctors, pain management doctors, orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons.

In fact, multiple hospitals will even agree to delay billing patients on cases our lawyers are handling. I was happy this client received the medical attention she needed and deserved following her Lancaster, TX car crash.

This is an outstanding settlement for a claim involving soft tissue injuries as a result of a car accident in Lancaster, TX at $18,500. Attorney fees were $5,180. Case expenses were $226.40. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $6,213.36.

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