This settlement of $250,000 was for a client with a leg injury caused by slip and fall at retail store in Gainesville, TX involving disputed liability.

A man broke his leg when he slipped and fell in water inside a retail store in Gainesville, TX. He underwent surgery for the injury before retaining Mullen & Mullen Law Firm to represent him.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: I personally accompanied our in-house private investigator, Mike Foster, to Gainesville, TX to meet with the client and develop the evidence we would need to win his slip and fall case.

Premises liability claims are often challenging, but our personal injury law firm in Dallas has a very good track record handling them. A major reason for this is Mike’s ability to assist clients by securing affidavits, locating witnesses, taking necessary photographs, submitting open records requests, etc. He is a real asset to us and always goes above and beyond for clients.

Another reason for our success is that our attorneys are directly involved in the cases right from the get-go. Sometimes you have to get out from behind the desk and truly walk in your client’s shoes. I accompanied the client to the scene of the incident and was able to gather small details that later assisted in settling his personal injury claim, and was also able to develop key evidence by interviewing store employees.

The client’s past medical bills were roughly $50,000, and he lost significant range of motion in his knee as a result of the broken leg he sustained. We submitted a settlement proposal to the store and focused heavily on our client’s non-economic damages. His lack of range of motion in his knee constituted objective evidence of physical impairment.

The demand letter sent a clear message that we had done our homework and were prepared to go to battle for the client. Our settlement proposal incorporated sections of pertinent medical records and was supported by a medical timeline movie presentation.

In addition, we had a 3-D medical imaging company prepare an enhanced X-Ray of our client’s broken bone that more clearly illustrated the extent of his injury and the interplay of that injury with his pre-existing knee condition. We have the financial resources necessary to properly develop personal injury cases and spare no expense in assisting clients.

The settlement for this claim involving a leg injury that required surgery as a result of a slip and fall at a retail store in Gainesville, TX was $250,000. Attorney fees were $70,000. Case expenses were $2,830.37. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $133,302.06. This is an outstanding result for a highly disputed premises liability claim.

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