Case Study: $30,000 Concussion Settlement in Cedar Hill, TX

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This policy limits settlement of $30,000 was for a concussion caused by a car wreck in Cedar Hill, TX. Client’s medical bills were only $11,000.

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle heading northbound on Joe Wilson Road that came to a stop at the 4-way stop sign at Parkerville Rd. They proceeded to make a left turn to travel westbound on E. Parkerville Road. Unfortunately, a distracted driver disregarded the traffic control device and caused a major auto accident.

Our client had to be transported to Methodist Charlton Medical Center by the Cedar Hill Fire Department. His hospital bill alone was $17,624.80 after he underwent diagnostic studies and was diagnosed with a small right side facial laceration and closed head injury.

Remember: Mullen & Mullen Law Firm assists victims in obtaining the medical care they need and deserve at no up-front cost. We are also able to assist clients in having health insurance liens and hospital bills reduced.

In this case the client was only at the hospital a few hours but got stuck with a huge bill. We were able to convince the hospital to accept $11,000.00 as full and final payment of the bill – a reduction of over $6,000.

Comment from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our attorneys routinely able to get hospitals and health insurance companies to reduce the amounts of their liens. In this client’s case the hospital did not have to reduce their bill but we stressed principles of fundamental fairness.

As a result of the reduction, the majority of our attorney fees came from monies the client would have had to use to reimburse the hospital. This allowed him to maximize his recovery and eliminate the debt associated with his case.

Following his hospital visit our client underwent very brief physical therapy. His laceration fully healed and his leg pain and abdominal pain quickly resolved. He had no real neck or back complaints.

We really fought to get the liability insurance carrier to pay the limits on this claim. They argued that the client’s injuries quickly resolved and, therefore, pain and suffering was very minimal.  They stated the driver of the vehicle, our client, was also partially at-fault for the accident.

I stressed the objective nature of the initial injuries and violent nature of the auto accident. A full policy limits settlement was eventually tendered and I was really happy for the client because it meant he’d be able to pay the hospital bills and related charges while still putting a fair amount of money in his pocket.

The settlement for this claim involving a concussion as a result of a car wreck in Cedar Hill, TX was $30,000. Attorney fees were $8,000. Case expenses were $219.29. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $8,341.97. This is an outstanding result for one hospital visit and limited follow-up care.

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