This settlement by attorney of $100,000 was for an artery injury caused by a car wreck in The Colony, TX. Client was also alerted to a life-threatening condition.

$100,000 Settlement for Artery Injury in The Colony, TXA woman was injured in an automobile accident when she was rear-ended in The Colony, TX and retained Mullen & Mullen Law Firm to represent her. The at-fault party was inattentive and failed to apply his brakes. He violently rear-ended our client’s car causing it to spin.

The client sustained multiple injuries in the car wreck. She had immediate neck and back pain as well as headaches and nausea.  The client did not have health insurance and lacked the resources to obtain the medical treatment she needed and deserved.

Mullen & Mullen was able to assist her in acquiring medical care and therapy under the direction of a well-respected medical doctor. The physician ordered medical imaging that revealed the client had experienced a left vertebral artery dissection as a result of the car accident. As a result of that diagnosis he referred his patient / our client to a Neurologist for additional evaluation and treatment.

Remember:  Our law firm works with a vast array of medical professionals and facilities to ensure our clients get the medical treatment they need and deserve following a motor vehicle collision, premises liability accident, or other incident causing injury.

The network of professionals that work with our office include chiropractors, medical doctors, orthopedic surgeons, pain management doctors, neurosurgeons, medical imaging facilities, durable medical equipment providers, pharmacies, surgical facilities, and even hospitals.

Senior Associate Attorney Joseph Morrison submitted a settlement demand when the client concluded her extensive treatment. He was able to obtain the policy limits from the at-fault motorist’s insurance carrier. More importantly, he was able to assist the client in receiving comprehensive healthcare from a number of specialists given the significant injury that was discovered following the accident.

Remember: Our injury law firm has been in Dallas for almost 40 years and has developed relationships with a substantial number of medical professionals and medical facilities. We can typically help injured victims receive all medical services that might be required following an accident.

The settlement for this claim involving a vertebral artery dissection resulting from a car wreck in The Colony, TX was $100,000. Attorney fees were $28,000. Case expenses were $467.09. After negotiating significant reductions of the substantial outstanding medical bills, the client’s net recovery was $27,894.64.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison:  Our client sustained significant injuries in this wreck and we were quickly able to recover all available insurance proceeds. Unfortunately, the available proceeds were not enough to begin to truly compensate her for the injuries she sustained and the at-fault motorist did not have sufficient resources to justify the filing of a lawsuit.

What was most important in this case was that we were able to help a client without health insurance to obtain the comprehensive healthcare services she truly needed. The thorough treatment she received alerted her to the left vertebral artery dissection she had sustained.

Had this condition not been diagnosed she certainly would have been at risk. Personal injury cases aren’t just about money. At the end of the day one of my jobs as a personal injury lawyer is to make sure my clients get the absolute best medical care possible.

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