Should you settle your claim quickly after your accident?

auto accident

If hurt in an accident, should you settle your insurance claim quickly to avoid months of hassle and stress? Learn what to do.

You know how obnoxious and frustrating it is to deal with the aftermath of an auto accident. You have to go to doctors, recover from your injuries, see how your insurance company values your car, and so on.

And this could drag on a long time. To get your full settlement, you know it may take months of negotiating or even years, if you have to go to court. It seems like it would be a lot easier to just accept that initial offer they make quickly after your motor vehicle collision.

Then, you can just get past all the stresses and hassles and get on with your life. Well, it’s your choice. So you can do whatever you want. But, understand that you’re likely leaving a lot of money on the table.

And that money could go towards paying for all the expenses involved in your wreck. The insurance company’s offer likely won’t even cover all your true expenses.

So, while you get a quick offer that avoids a lot of stress and hassle now, that all can come back at you in much greater force later.

Don’t Fall For the Insurance Company Acting Like They’re Your Friend Routine

Immediately after a collision, you’ll feel like you have a new best friend in your insurance company. They make you an offer. They respond rapidly to your phone calls. They’re really nice. They might even offer to rush your check to you overnight.

Why can’t you get this kind of service with them all the time? Simple: insurance companies are in the business of making money, not paying it out.

Their goal in the process is to give you a quick cash offer that gets you excited so you make a rash decision and accept their low-ball offer. That way, they save money by not dealing with a lawyer and paying you what they truly should later on.

Do You Really Need to Hire a Lawyer?

Maybe. It could turn out that your claim is small enough such that lawyer’s fees would run too high and eat up most of the financial damages you would get back.

It could also be that the insurance company is giving you a fair and reasonable offer. That does happen sometimes. But, the good thing to know about any personal injury claim is that lawyers will review it for free.

So, you can at least learn whether you should accept the insurance company’s offer or not. And, you might learn that you can get much more than the insurance company offers.

Since a review of your potential case is free, and because injury attorneys only take a percentage of your final winnings after your claim closes, that means you can afford the best attorney in Dallas for your personal injury.

So now you know the full story.  And you can make the best decision if you find yourself the victim of an auto accident.

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