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Three Best Rated®, an online service with more than 1.7 million monthly customers, named Shane V. Mullen one of its three best personal injury lawyers in Dallas, TX for 2019. He also received this award for 2018. The distinction came following his passing of a rigorous 50-point analysis.

“I always aim to get personal injury clients the biggest settlement possible, while also providing compassionate service. And it’s a formula, apparently, they love,” said Shane. “At Mullen & Mullen we have business practices other law firms don’t.

For example, we employ a private investigator rather than contracting one. This saves client’s money on top of the reduced contingency fee we offer which is below the industry average. We also have relationships with medical professionals and institutions who delay billing until completion of their claim, which saves them a ton of stress.

We intentionally keep our firm small, so each case gets attention, oversight, and personal service from an experienced attorney who genuinely cares. This leads to bigger wins than larger firms who use junior attorneys.”

Three Best Rated’s intensive analysis aims to reveal truly the best local businesses in a variety of niches. They aim to empower consumers, so they always have a truly exceptional experience.

Some of the key aspects of the company’s 50-point analysis include checking:

  • Social media accounts to prove the legitimacy and engagement of followers. Many small businesses artificially inflate these numbers.
  • That the company uses online chat to provide instant service.
  • The ability of the company to keep their website up-to-date.
  • If the company keeps their copyrights and trademarks up-to-date.
  • The previous award history of the company. An active, and verifiable, history indicates a more reputable business.
  • An analysis of complaints against the company, including methods for identifying fake complaints.
  • Any pending legal actions against the company.
  • All reviews about the company, including processes for identifying and removing any companies with fake reviews.
  • The company’s price against the local market rate to ensure fair costs for consumers.

The process truly yields the three best companies for Dallas consumers in each category. “I’m honored Three Best Rated chose me as one of their Top Three personal injury lawyers for 2019, and I’ll do everything in my power to continue to be selected,” added Shane.

Personal injury victims in the Dallas/Fort-Worth Metroplex who want compassionate service and the maximum compensation they can get should visit

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