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Attorney Settles Soft Tissue Injury Car Wreck in Dallas, TX for $60,000

$60,000 settlement for soft tissue injury car wreck in Dallas, TX. Fantastic recovery by attorney for client with pre-existing degenerative disc disease.
Our client, who formerly served in the United States Army, was driving west on interstate 30 in the left lane near 2nd Avenue. Traffic started slowing due to congestion. The at-fault driver was not paying attention and rear-ended our client’s automobile. They both pulled over to the right shoulder and waited for law enforcement to arrive. The Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report, arising from the car accident, placed 100% blame on the inattentive motorist.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: I really enjoyed representing this client. He went to his primary care physician (PCP) following the car wreck and complained of neck and back pain and contacted our office shortly thereafter. Our attorneys assisted him in locating a rehabilitation clinic that would delay billing for his medical services until the conclusion of his […]

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Sickle Cell Crisis Injury Car Accident in Dallas, TX Settles for $117,500

$117,500 gross recovery for probable sickle cell crisis injury car accident in Dallas, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney included almost full liability and underinsured motorist policy limits for client.
Our client was traveling southbound on the Hwy 75 service road in Dallas, Texas, going through a green light at Churchill Way. An inattentive motorist driving on Churchill Way failed to yield the right of way and turned in front of her when it was unsafe to do so. The vehicles collided and our client was forced to seek emergency medical treatment at the hospital due to the injuries she sustained in the Dallas, TX car wreck.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: This was a unique case. Our client presented to the emergency room with chest pain. The admitting physician diagnosed probable sickle cell crisis and noted that the substantial chest contusion she sustained in the motor vehicle accident could have caused this. She […]

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4 Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Steal Your Accident Settlement

Don’t fall for these tricks from insurance companies after an accident! They’ll try anything they can to reduce or eliminate your accident settlement.
Those huckster insurance companies… what’ll they come up with next?

In Texas, the unfortunate reality is that insurance companies have laws written in their favor. That’s the world you live in, whether you want to or not. They have power like this in many states. But, Missouri, where our other office is located (in St. Louis), has much fairer laws.

It’s too bad things are that way. But, they are.

Insurance companies do give a lot of lip service to covering your accident and injuries fairly. It makes them look good. And it minimizes the chances legislators would ever get on their case.

But, don’t fall for it! When you watch their actions, a far different story comes to surface.

Law may not call it “theft,” but that’s precisely what insurance companies do. And […]

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Attorney Settles Lumbar Injury Car Wreck in Fort Worth, TX for $115,000

$115,000 gross recovery for lumbar injury car wreck in Fort Worth, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney for client injured by corporate employee in a rental vehicle.
Our client was traveling eastbound at or near 100 NE 23rd Street in Fort Worth, Texas. A driver in the course and scope of his employment for a large corporation was operating a rental vehicle traveling northbound at or near the 2300 block of North Main Street. The employee was inattentive and ran a red light causing a major impact with our client’s automobile. The investigating officer for the Fort Worth Police Department placed 100% fault on the inattentive motorist in the Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report arising from the loss. Our client did not seek emergency medical treatment at the hospital.

Remember: Texas recognizes the doctrine of respondeat superior – which holds an employer legally responsible for the wrongful acts of an employee if said […]

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4 Costly Mistakes Auto Accident Victims Make

Making any of these 4 mistakes can take away money from your final settlement amount, or eliminate it entirely. Learn what to do in this post.
Ever been in a situation where you know your every move will be scrutinized? And, that you have a high probability that no matter what you do next will be the wrong thing?

Maybe you had a boss like that. Or, maybe you’ve been in that situation with your spouse.

That’s kind of what it’s like with the insurance company after a car accident. They’re looking for you to make a mistake. They scrutinize your every move, greedily rubbing their hands, ready to smite you the second you mess up.

While insurance companies have great power, you the consumer have power too. And as long as you’re careful, you won’t make any mistakes that could negatively impact the value of your case.

Avoid making these:

Making A Recorded Statement […]

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Slips, Trips, Falls – When Can’t You File an Injury Claim?

You can take actions that reduce or eliminate your ability to get compensation for your injuries. Learn how this can happen in this post.
Just because you slip-and-fall on someone else’s property doesn’t mean you immediately score a big payday.

The media often shapes the perception that anytime someone gets hurt, they’re entitled to millions of dollars. And they also present personal injury victims in a selfish negative light too.

Remember the grandma who spilled hot McDonald’s coffee on herself and got $3 million for it?

Well, that wasn’t the truth at all. Stella Liebeck, 79 at the time, was a passenger. And McDonald’s company policy then was to serve scalding hot coffee that could cause severe burns in seconds. She wanted to settle the case for $20,000, which would cover her medical bills and lost income. McDonald’s offered $800 in return.

Outraged, the jury assessed $3 million in punitive damages. The judge reduced that […]

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Attorney Settles Broken Heart Injury Car Accident in Dallas, TX for $63,540.88

$63,540.88 gross recovery for stress-induced cardiomyopathy injury car accident in Dallas, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney for client included all available injury claim policy limits.
Our client was traveling westbound on IH-20 in Dallas, Texas in the far left lane. An inattentive motorist changed lanes when it was unsafe to do so and struck a vehicle traveling in the left center lane before subsequently striking our client’s automobile. Our client went to the emergency room following the collision.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: This was a very unique case. Our client sustained relatively minor neck and back injuries in the collision but her main complaint at the emergency room was chest pain. She was eventually diagnosed as having sustained a myocardial infarction secondary to Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. It is a temporary heart condition with symptoms that mirror those of a heart attack but it is not caused by any sort of cardiovascular disease.

Remember: […]

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Attorney Settles Disc Injury Car Wreck in Frisco, TX for $76,000

$76,000 gross recovery for lumbar herniated disc injury car wreck in Frisco, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney for client injured by a commercial vehicle.
Our client was traveling northbound on the Dallas North Tollway service road in Frisco, TX. He brought his vehicle to a complete stop at a red light. An inattentive driver in the course and scope of her employment failed to control the speed of her automobile and rear-ended his car as the light was turning green. They exchanged insurance information in a nearby parking lot but police were not called to the scene.

Remember: Large delivery vans and 18-wheelers are not the only commercial vehicles on the road. Even a small passenger vehicle can be a covered automobile under a commercial insurance policy if it is used in the course and scope of one’s business. It is imperative that your accident attorney check vehicle ownership records to ascertain if the at-fault […]

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3 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Slip and Fall Cases

Did you slip, trip, or fall, and get injured? Did it happen to someone you love? You might have these questions. Find out what they are, and the answers.
Been in a “slip and fall” situation? Have a loved one who has? Just curious?

Slips and falls, or “premises liability” claims as the law calls them, get a bad rap. Remember all those hidden camera shows in the 1990s and early 2000s that exposed people faking these in stores to score a big pay day?

Most Texans are honest citizens like yourself, just looking for fair compensation in the event they’ve been injured due to the negligence of a person or business. After all, if someone else’s carelessness causes your injuries, they should help you cover them.

If you’re in that situation, take a minute to learn more about this type of legal claim:

Is your case a “slip and fall” claim?

Slip and […]

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Attorney Settles Drunk Driving Car Accident Injury in Plano, TX for $70,000

$70,000 gross recovery for aggravated lumbar disc bulge injury car accident in Plano, TX caused by drunk driver. Outstanding settlement by attorney, well in excess of the client’s past and future medical expenses.
Our client was headed northbound at or near the 1000 block of Central Expressway in Plano, Texas traveling in the right lane. Traffic was congested and our client was forced to bring her car to a stop. An inattentive motorist behind her failed to control the speed of her vehicle and to timely apply her brakes. The at fault driver rear-ended our client’s automobile and was subsequently arrested for drunk driving.

Remember: If an intoxicated motorist causes an accident you are likely entitled to punitive damages based on their reckless conduct. Also, in the event a drunk driver does not have automobile insurance, and you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage on your policy, you may be able to file a […]

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