Texas Personal Injury Law

Think you have a claim? Learn the truth before you get deep into the process. Don’t believe these common myths!

What image flies through your mind when you hear the words “personal injury?”

Do you think a bunch of negative things about the victims and their lawyers?

At least a bit of that imagery is based in reality. But much of it gets shaped by the media and our own misconceptions.

Learn some common myths below:

  1. Myth: pursuing your claim is fast and easy

You will certainly hear this from lawyers that advertise on television. And it’s half-true.

They can settle your claim fast and easy. But what you don’t hear is that they’re going through your case as fast as possible to maximize their own profit. Often, lawyers with little experience in negotiations settle your claim.

It gets done faster. But you don’t get the full compensation you deserve. You can leave thousands of dollars on the table.

  1. Myth: worker’s compensation meets all your needs

You do get compensation for work-related injuries, but worker’s comp is far from adequate.

Yes, you may get some medical expenses for your injuries covered and receive some funds for your lost earnings. Remember, however, that often times Workers’ compensation carriers refuse reasonable and necessary medical services you may require. Often carriers will require injured workers to receive medical services from “company” doctors that are most concerned with protecting the employer – not the injured worker.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help but generally don’t cover the full value of your injuries or lost wages.

Should you be financially punished for your employer’s or coworker’s negligent behavior?

  1. Myth: you’re being greedy by pursuing financial compensation

The truth is most injury victims have experienced a life-changing injury. And most would prefer to not have experienced the injury at all.

Your ability to provide for your family and yourself may be significantly impaired when you are injured. It would be an injustice for injured victims to not be made whole following an injury they suffered through no fault of their own.

  1. Myth: personal injury lawyers are greedy

This myth gets shaped by the outrageous and extreme cases that hit the news headlines. Plus, the media distort the facts to sensationalize them and get more attention. So lawyers appear in a negative light more than their fair share of the time.

Let’s be honest: a rare few are greedy. But most want to stand up and come to the aid of good people who don’t have the legal knowledge to do it for themselves. They want to see fair and equitable justice served for individuals.

  1. Myth: most claims are frivolous

Again, I have to be fair. Some claims are absurd. For example, Richard Overton sued Anheuser-Busch for $10,000 because he was “emotionally distressed” when drinking Budweiser didn’t facilitate “scenic tropical settings [and] beautiful women” in his own life.

Stupid, right? That case got dismissed.

But the vast majority of claims are real and fair. A large medical company makes a hip implant they say is safe. But then several years later it fails, and the person experiences extreme pain and out-of-control medical bills.

Or, you get injured at work and your employer says it’s your responsibility, when that isn’t the case.

Most cases are 100% legitimate, but involve a dispute about the facts of the situation.

And if you’ve been bodily injured, contact a lawyer today.

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