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What Makes a Dog Owner in Texas Liable for Your Injuries?

Texas follows a somewhat odd “one free bite” rule regarding dog bite liability. However, that doesn’t give dog owners a free pass in every case.
A dog bites you.

Is the owner financially responsible?


Look, I’d love to give you “yes” and “no” answers. But the fact is that the law doesn’t make it that simple. And when you think about it, that’s fair. Because, you want to deliver a just and fair result based on the particular situation.

So take a look at some of the ins and outs of Texas dog bite law:
Texas Is a “One Free Bite” State
Typically, an owner gets legal protection on their dog’s first bite (unless liability can be based on other grounds). In other words, if it is the dog’s first bite, and the dog had shown no signs of aggressive behavior before, there’s a possibility the owner won’t be financially liable for your injuries.

However, exceptions to […]

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4 of The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Are most dogs dangerous? No. Are some? Yes. But most can be reigned in with training, and proper care, time, and attention from the owner.
Find out 4 of the most dangerous dog breeds to avoid in this post.
Every dog wants to be a “good” dog. Unfortunately, some think that means biting and attacking innocent people because their owners haven’t taught them it’s not okay.

Just because you see a dog without an owner, or one that’s barking aggressively, doesn’t mean you will get attacked.

Some dog breeds are more dangerous than others. Here’s some of the most dangerous that you should watch out for. And – if you can – meet the dog with the owner so the dog understands you’re not a threat:
Pit Bulls
This one should come as no surprise. You hear about vicious pit bull attacks on the news all the time.

Interestingly, the phrase “pit bull” in and of itself […]

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When to Avoid Talking to the Insurance Company Following an Auto Accident

The responsible driver’s insurance company calls you to discuss your auto accident. Should you talk to them? Or is it better left to a lawyer? Learn how to make a smart decision.
You have a voicemail on your phone from the other person’s insurance claims adjuster. They want to talk to you about the auto accident involving their driver.

You got a fast response. They seem nice.

Wait a minute…why are you getting such great service from an insurance company? Don’t fall for it!

Insurers act fast because they want to get to you before lawyers that cost them money get involved. They also know they can get you excited with how fast they can get you cash. They’re hoping you’ll make a hasty decision that saves them a bucketful of money.

So, should you talk to the claims adjuster yourself? Or, should you discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer first?
When to Handle […]

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What Damages Can I Recover for My Slip and Fall Injury?

Hurt in a slip-and-fall because of someone else’s negligence? Find out what you may be able to recover, depending on where you injury happened.
What can you get for your injuries?

We could write a whole book on this subject.

Do know that a lot of it depends on the skill and experience of your lawyer. Work with a rookie straight out of law school, which does happen at volume firms, and you can end up with a lot less than what you might get with an experienced lawyer at a small private firm.

Take a look at various types of places you can get hurt at, and what monetary damages you might be able to recover:
A Slip-and-Fall on Private Commercial Property Open to the Public
Let’s start with the most common injury: you’re legally on someone else’s private property, usually a large store of some kind. You slip, fall, and get hurt.

Fortunately for you, […]

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What You Need for a Successful Slip And Fall Suit

Slip and fall accidents happen. If one happens to you, make sure you understand these key points to winning your injury claim so you know what to expect.
You’re on someone else’s property. You slip. You fall. You’re hurt.

Does the property owner owe you compensation?


You need to show the following to win your claim:
That the Property Owner Owed You a Duty of Care
Property owners have different responsibilities for those on their premises. This depends on your status while on their property:

Invitee: Property owners must show you a duty of care because they’ve invited you to be on their property. Usually, you’re a customer or a client.
Licensee: In this case, you’re on the property with permission, but the property isn’t open to the general public. An example would be inviting a professional to perform a repair.
Trespasser: Property owners have no duty of care for trespassers. However, they may not […]

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$500,000 Settlement by Attorney for Child Dog Bite Injury Claim

$500,000 gross recovery for dog bite injuries to a toddler. Outstanding settlement by attorney on case where the medical bills were less than $3,000.
Our client, a two and a half year old toddler, was attacked by a dog at a residence she was visiting. She was bitten in the face and suffered multiple lacerations to her cheek, chin, and eyelid. She had to be transported from the residence to the emergency room by ambulance.

Her mother reached out to us after they had begun negotiations with the liability insurance company. The carrier had already made a significant offer but the family wanted to make sure they were obtaining the best possible result for their child. We greed to restrict our fee to only applying to any portion we could obtain beyond the current settlement offer.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Prior to retaining our personal injury law firm, the family contacted some […]

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$205,000 Settlement for Lumbar Radiculitis Injury Car Wreck in Lewisville, TX

$205,000 settlement by attorney for lumbar radiculitis injury car wreck in Lewisville, TX. Outstanding result achieved for client suffering aggravation of pre-existing disc bulges.
Our client was driving his SUV northbound in the right lane of 300 Denton Tap Road in Lewisville, Texas. The at-fault motorist – in the course and scope of his employment – was operating a pickup truck behind him and failed to timely apply his brakes. The at-fault motorist was inattentive and caused his commercial vehicle to collide with the rear of our client’s vehicle.

Comments from Attorney Shane Mullen: An MRI of our client’s lumbar spine demonstrated primarily degenerative findings. The client had multiple diffuse disc bulges and an osteophyte complex. He was in significant pain and discomfort and it was readily apparent that the wreck had caused a previously asymptomatic condition – degenerative disc disease – to become symptomatic.

Remember: You do not have to suffer a […]

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Who Bears Fault in Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents?

If you get injured in a motorcycle accident, who is at fault? You? The other driver? Another person or entity? Find out in this post from Mullen & Mullen.
You get injured in a motorcycle accident. But whose fault is it? Yours? Another driver’s? Someone else’s?

Find out in these common types of motorcycle accidents:
You Fall Down While Heading Into a Curve
This one could be on you, but it could also be on the government entity responsible for maintaining the road. If the road was properly maintained, you likely have responsibility. But – if the road had a special defect – the blame could be on the government entity responsible for maintaining the road and/or for creating the defect.
A Car Turns Left in Front of You
This is the most common type of motorcycle accident. Many lawyers see situations where the driver of the car looks right at you, but then turns […]

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The 3 Most Misunderstood Auto Insurance Terms

Does your auto insurance work like you think it does? Read and understand these commonly confused terms so you’re not hit with any surprises.
The Texas Department of Insurance recently released its full description of auto injury and policy.
YEAH BABY! Let’s break out the champagne!

…Says absolutely not one single living person.

But, this is an opportunity to learn exactly what some commonly misunderstood auto insurance terms mean.

Because your layperson’s understanding doesn’t always match what insurance companies, courts, and lawyers think.

That’s not a criticism of you.

More or less – it’s how it works.

So take a second to understand what a few insurance terms truly mean:
“Comprehensive” Doesn’t Mean All-Inclusive
Accuse the auto insurance industry of being intentionally misleading – and you’d be right.

Remember, it’s their goal to not pay. And if you can obfuscate (confuse) the meaning of words, you get a lot of power to shift payment away from yourself.

“Comprehensive” in auto insurance means […]

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New Medicare Rule Costs More Money Than It’s Designed to Save

Medicare passed a new requirement that puts additional reporting burden on insurers. Designed to save Medicare money – it’s actually costing them. Learn what you can do in this post.
Ready to get angry at the government?

If you don’t already have enough personal reason to do so, I’m sorry, but we have more fuel to add to your fire.

The federal Medicare program and some states’ Medicaid programs have mandated reporting of personal injury awards by insurers to slow down the time they have to pay so they can improve their financial position.

This research comes from RAND.

Who the heck is RAND?

As a consumer, you may not have much of a need to know about RAND’s research.

But, they research important public policy issues and then relay this research to the government to improve its operations and save you money.

RAND is 100% non-profit, and is completely non-partisan. Their $308.7 million in funding comes from […]

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