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What If an Overtired, Fatigued Driver Hits You? Do You Have a Case?

After an auto accident, the other driver yawns several times. It’s clear they’re tired. How does that affect your claim? Find out in this post.
Say you’re driving along and having a good day. Nothing’s going wrong. Everything seems to be going your way.

Then, all of a sudden, another driver hits you, causing a serious car accident. Fortunately, you experience non-life-threatening injuries. But, you do have a severely sprained ankle, which causes you to miss a few days from work and requires weeks of physical therapy.

At the scene of the auto accident, you can tell from the look in the driver’s eyes that he or she is exhausted. Were they up drinking all night before? You don’t know what they were doing. Regardless of what they actually did, it’s clear they’re pretty tired.

Do you have a claim?
Standard Situations Involving Drowsy Drivers
Not every case has exactly the same details. But they do […]

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When Multiple Defendants are Involved in a Truck Accident

Do you know that you might have to sue multiple parties if you are involved in a truck collision? Learn why truck accidents can be a real legal nightmare in this post.
Almost everyone would agree that getting hit by an 18-wheeler would be a real nightmare and absolutely terrifying.

But, the damage to your vehicle and likely severe injuries make for just the beginning.

The resulting legal battle can be a real mess to sort out too. Fortunately, if you have a good personal injury lawyer, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Why could it be a mess?

Simple… you can have many more defendants than meets the eye, even if you and the 18 wheeler are the only vehicles involved in the accident.

Let us quickly explain why.

Theoretically, the driver, trucking company, company who performed any maintenance on the truck, and manufacturer of the cargo being hauled could all be responsible […]

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Texas Roads Continue to Get Deadlier, Says the Most Recent Data

The death toll on Texas highways increased another 3.59% in 2016. Learn how to keep yourself safe by understanding these statistics.
The fatality rate on Texas roads rose to 1.44 deaths per 100 million miles, which represents about a 3.59% increase from 2015.

This data comes from the Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Facts for 2016.

The total 2016 death toll increased 5.45% to 3,773 from 3,578 in 2015.

Look, I understand statistics in and of themselves are…well…pretty boring.

But, don’t just look at these statistics and shrug them off. Let them inform you on your own driving so you know how to give yourself the best chance of being safe.

You don’t want to become one of these statistics for the 2017 version of the calendar, right?

So, let these stats show you what to do (and not do):
Wear Your Seat Belt
Maybe you feel cooler when not wearing your seat belt…like you’re taking a risk or being rebellious […]

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How Self-Driving Vehicles May Affect Future Personal Injury Law

Self-driving cars will own the highways of the future. But that brings about many complex legal situations. Learn how this could affect personal injury law.
Cars can actually drive themselves legally in specific areas of California, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

When they’ll actually be on the road 24/7/365 driving in even the most treacherous of conditions, though, is another subject. Lior Ron, the co-founder of Otto, a self-driving tech company, predicts it will happen in baby steps slowly over time.

First, it will become available in the city during low-traffic hours (1-5 AM), only using wide traffic lanes, and in places where you don’t find many pedestrians. Then, as the technology increases in sophistication, more difficult driving conditions will be accommodated.

And eventually, cars will drive themselves completely during all hours of the day. And they won’t even have gas or brake pedals. But, that time may be decades away yet.

Regardless of […]

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When Can Independent Contractors Get Workers’ Comp?

Independent contractors can get workers’ comp in one fairly common situation. Learn what it is and what to do in this post.
You can never get worker’s comp if you’re an independent contractor, right? Not quite. There is one situation where you can. If you’re an “independent contractor” in name only.

For example, your company calls you an “independent contractor” and has you sign a W9, but they really treat you like an employee.

It’s actually common. It happens in the trades a lot. And it’s getting more common because for office workers because of the explosion in remote working.

The IRS doesn’t like it too much because it gets companies out of paying taxes, while depriving workers of rights. For example, this Government Accountability Office report says the IRS missed out on $1.6 billion in tax dollars in 1984. That’s $3.664 billion in 2015 dollars. On top of that, a Department of Labor report suggests […]

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Attorney Settles Hip Injury Car Wreck in Denton, TX for $302,500

$302,500 gross recovery for hip injury car wreck in Denton, TX. Great settlement by attorney at all available policy limits.
Our client was a passenger in a vehicle traveling southbound on Teasley Lane in Denton, TX. The driver of the vehicle was impaired and collided into the back of a utility vehicle that was parked in the right lane for utilities construction. Property damage was massive and our client had to be taken to Denton Regional Medical Center via ambulance due to the nature of the injuries he sustained.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: I knew right away that our client had sustained significant injuries to his left hip. He was examined by numerous physicians. The majority of doctors agreed he would require a total hip replacement at some point in the future. Due to his young age it was also likely he would need at least one revision of that procedure. […]

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In An Accident What If The Other Driver Says “The Light Was Green!”

You get in an accident. The other driver claims the light was green. It wasn’t. How do you overcome that? It’s easier than you think.
Disregarding a stoplight (or stop sign) is a leading cause of traffic accidents. And sometimes, it is one other drivers try to manipulate so they don’t have to be liable. In some cases they lie outright, and in others they honestly remember wrong. Both happen.

Let’s say you saw the light, and it was undoubtedly red. For now, it’s your word against someone else’s. You don’t want to have to make a claim with your insurance company because that will cost you some money and likely drive your premiums up. And you shouldn’t have to take responsibility if you were abiding by the law.
What Can You Do?
You’ll most likely have to go to court for this kind of accident case. The other driver’s insurance adjuster will be nearly […]

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The Top Conditions Leading to Slip and Fall Injury Claims

What conditions cause the most slip and fall injuries? Find out how to avoid getting hurt in this post from the attorneys at Mullen & Mullen.
It’s that time of year again. The weather is slowly cooling down. And before you know it, winter is going to be upon us. That leads perfectly into the first condition that causes many slip and fall injuries:
Ice and Snow
Slip and fall injuries involving these elements happen most commonly in parking lots and on sidewalks. In regard to the law, there’s no specifically defined time limits or accumulation limits before a property owner becomes “negligent.” In fact, the real question under current law appears to be whether the ice or snow resulted from natural accumulation or unnatural accumulation.

Many courts are hesitant to allow the recovery of damages if the ice or snow that caused the slip and fall injury was the result of natural accumulation, i.e. […]

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Things We Put in Your Demand Letter to Maximize Your Settlement

Your demand letter may be your most powerful negotiating tool. Learn how we construct it to position your personal injury claim in the strongest way possible.
Your demand letter is possibly the most critical tool in the settlement negotiations process.

Don’t worry – you won’t be writing it. Your personal injury lawyer will because it’s critical to present all the facts and circumstances in a way that positions you well.

We’re not talking about manipulation or exaggeration here. This is a settlement tool we need to use on your behalf to make sure you don’t get run over by the insurance company.

Once we’ve compiled all the information and facts about your injury case (all medical bills and records, any necessary witness affidavits, etc.), we can create your demand letter.

Here are some tactics that might be used to craft the strongest possible demand letter on your behalf:
The Individual Facts of Your Case
The insurance company […]

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How to Overcome Falsified Truck Driving Logs After an Accident

Truck drivers or their dishonest employers sometimes falsify driving logs. Here’s how our attorneys overcome this after a truck accident, with your help.
Companies that employ fleets of truck drivers – and the drivers themselves – are not above altering driving logs. They have motivation to alter or falsify logs so they don’t have to pay as much, or at all in the event a truck driver causes a wreck.

They know the cost of settlements for truck accidents. And, they have teams of professionals and lawyers in place ready to defend them.

Not that every company with a fleet of trucks for shipping is dishonest. But, some are. This does happen, and don’t try to live in a fantasy world where it doesn’t on occasion.

Many companies push their drivers to work absurd 60+ hour weeks. That leads to fatigue, driver errors, and accidents. And, sometimes drivers “fudge” their logs to make up […]

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