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Who Bears Fault in Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents?

If you get injured in a motorcycle accident, who is at fault? You? The other driver? Another person or entity? Find out in this post from Mullen & Mullen.
You get injured in a motorcycle accident. But whose fault is it? Yours? Another driver’s? Someone else’s?

Find out in these common types of motorcycle accidents:
You Fall Down While Heading Into a Curve
This one could be on you, but it could also be on the government entity responsible for maintaining the road. If the road was properly maintained, you likely have responsibility. But – if the road had a special defect – the blame could be on the government entity responsible for maintaining the road and/or for creating the defect.
A Car Turns Left in Front of You
This is the most common type of motorcycle accident. Many lawyers see situations where the driver of the car looks right at you, but then turns […]

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The 3 Most Misunderstood Auto Insurance Terms

Does your auto insurance work like you think it does? Read and understand these commonly confused terms so you’re not hit with any surprises.
The Texas Department of Insurance recently released its full description of auto injury and policy.
YEAH BABY! Let’s break out the champagne!

…Says absolutely not one single living person.

But, this is an opportunity to learn exactly what some commonly misunderstood auto insurance terms mean.

Because your layperson’s understanding doesn’t always match what insurance companies, courts, and lawyers think.

That’s not a criticism of you.

More or less – it’s how it works.

So take a second to understand what a few insurance terms truly mean:
“Comprehensive” Doesn’t Mean All-Inclusive
Accuse the auto insurance industry of being intentionally misleading – and you’d be right.

Remember, it’s their goal to not pay. And if you can obfuscate (confuse) the meaning of words, you get a lot of power to shift payment away from yourself.

“Comprehensive” in auto insurance means […]

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New Medicare Rule Costs More Money Than It’s Designed to Save

Medicare passed a new requirement that puts additional reporting burden on insurers. Designed to save Medicare money – it’s actually costing them. Learn what you can do in this post.
Ready to get angry at the government?

If you don’t already have enough personal reason to do so, I’m sorry, but we have more fuel to add to your fire.

The federal Medicare program and some states’ Medicaid programs have mandated reporting of personal injury awards by insurers to slow down the time they have to pay so they can improve their financial position.

This research comes from RAND.

Who the heck is RAND?

As a consumer, you may not have much of a need to know about RAND’s research.

But, they research important public policy issues and then relay this research to the government to improve its operations and save you money.

RAND is 100% non-profit, and is completely non-partisan. Their $308.7 million in funding comes from […]

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New Research Reveals True Frequency of Lower and Mid-Back Injuries from Frontal Car Accidents

Should you be more concerned with frontal-impact car crashes? Or are they just as, or maybe even less, likely to hurt you than other crash types? The answer might surprise you. Learn the truth in this post from Mullen & Mullen.
When people get in car accidents, just how often do they really injure their middle and lower spine?

Until recent join research performed by doctors from the Medical College of Wisconsin, University of Maryland, and US Department of Transportation, no one’s really understood the truth.

And you’ll be surprised by the results they found.
Why Did Researchers Do This Study Anyway?
Up until this research was performed, no one had done any injury assessment for thoracic (mid-chest) or lumbar (lower) spine injuries. That’s not just true in America – it’s true throughout the entire world. The information from this study could then be used to inform auto manufacturers so they can make safer vehicles […]

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$112,500 Settlement for Herniated Disc Injury Accident in Dallas, TX

$112,500 gross recovery for herniated disc injury car wreck in Dallas, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney on case where the liability insurance carrier’s initial offer was only $17,500.
Our client was driving a truck northbound on Webb Chapel Road in Dallas, Texas. He brought his vehicle to a stop to allow a pedestrian to cross the road. An inattentive motorist failed to timely apply her brakes and rear-ended his truck. Our client sought treatment the next day for neck pain.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client complained of numbness and tingling in his left arm the day after the wreck. His doctor diagnosed cervical radiculopathy and referred him to physical therapy. Shooting pain from your neck into your arms, hands, and/or fingers is a troubling sign that could indicate the presence of a herniated disc. It is very important to immediately let your physician know if you experience numbness, tingling, or […]

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Attorney Settles Shoulder Injury Slip & Fall in Dallas, TX for $125,000

$125,000 gross recovery for shoulder injury slip and fall in Dallas, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney at over three times the incurred medical bills.
Our client was injured in a slip and fall at a truck stop in Dallas, Texas. In the process of falling he sustained a tear in his left shoulder that eventually required surgery. The client resided in Oklahoma.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client did not have health insurance. Our injury law firm has long-standing relationships with medical providers throughout the State of Texas and we are routinely able to assist uninsured clients in receiving the medical attention they need and deserve.

In this particular case the client sustained a significant injury and I had to locate medical providers in another state – Oklahoma – who would be willing to agree to delay billing our client until the conclusion of his case. Mullen & Mullen has been fighting […]

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2018 Accident & Injury Scholarship Winner

We are pleased to announce the winner for our 2018 Regis L. Mullen Accident & Injury Scholarship: Desiree Graziano. Below is her story.
It was March 1st, 2002 and I was patiently waiting for my current boyfriend to come home to go out to dinner with our friends.  It was getting late, so I proceeded to go to his house to look for him.  At around 8:25 I was driving on County Rt 26A when apparently a deer ran out in front of my car. I swerved so I didn’t hit the deer, but struck a telephone pole, rolled my car and was ejected out the back window.  I don’t remember any of this, this is what I am told happened. I awoke in Albany Medical hospital on March 19th after being in a medically induced coma and in ICU this entire time, to find out that I had been in […]

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Representing Uber & Lyft Drivers & Passengers Injured in Auto Accidents

Attention Uber & Lyft Drivers & Passengers: If You Were Injured in an auto accident in Dallas-Fort Worth we can help!
We are a boutique personal injury law firm in North Texas that has been assisting injured victims for over three decades. We have a 4.9 rating on Google and rely on positive word of mouth – not silly lawyer television ads – to drive our family business.

We have had the honor and privilege of representing numerous Uber and Lyft drivers and passengers who have been involved in motor vehicle collisions they were not responsible for. We certainly understand that Uber and Lyft drivers face an increased risk of being involved in an accident given the nature of their work.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to potentially save thousands of dollars. Most personal injury law firms across the country charge clients a 33.3% contingent fee on the gross settlement […]

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What’s the Connection Between Auto Damage and Injury in Car Accidents?

Should you feel embarrassed if you come away from a pretty tame auto accident with severe injuries? Probably not. And now science supports this. Learn more in this post.
A psychology professor once showed his students a film of two cars getting in an accident.

A few days later, he divided the students in two groups and asked them each one of these questions:

Did glass shatter when the cars hit one another?
Did glass shatter when the cars smashed into one another?

Students asked the second question recalled broken glass in the auto accident at a 30% higher rate than those asked the first.

One problem: no glass shattered in the video.

The case demonstrates the way your human mind works: you can draw conclusions that didn’t actually happen when scenarios get presented to you in different ways.

So, when you see two cars completely trashed, you immediately think of someone unconscious going to the […]

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4 Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Steal Your Accident Settlement

Don’t fall for these tricks insurance companies use to steal your accident settlement! They’ll try anything they can to reduce or eliminate the money they owe you. Learn more in this post.
Those huckster insurance companies…what’ll they come up with next?

In Texas, the unfortunate reality is that insurance companies have laws written in their favor. That’s the world you live in, whether you want to or not. They have power like this in many states. But, Missouri, where our other office is located (in St. Louis), has much fairer laws.

It’s too bad things work out that way. But, they do.

Insurance companies do give a lot of lip service to covering your accident and injuries fairly. It makes them look good. And it minimizes the chances legislators would ever get on their case.

But, don’t fall for it! When you watch their actions, a far different story comes to surface.

Law may not call […]

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