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Texas roads are dangerous. But you can certainly minimize your chance of being injured or killed by a drunk driver by following simple steps.

Have you ever been blackout drunk?

A lot of us have been at some point in our lives.

But most of us did this back in our younger years with friends and avoided getting behind the wheel.

The American Addiction Centers performed a recent survey of 600 Americans, and 36% admitted to driving while “blackout drunk.”

In other words, they had absolutely no capacity whatsoever to take in their surroundings while driving. They more than likely couldn’t even remember driving. And at best, they might remember bits and pieces the following day.

Another surprising finding was that 10% of those surveyed who had been convicted of a DUI in the past believed it was fine for them to drink and drive!

Here are the leading reasons people tell themselves they can drink and drive:

How do drunk drivers justify their behavior? And what can you do to protect yourself?

The problem is that if someone decides to drink and drive, they’re going to do it. If they’re an alcoholic, they can be so obsessed with alcohol that they simply don’t care how drunk they are when driving.

Truthfully, no one can stop them. And the average drunk driver drives drunk around 80 times before their first arrest.

You can’t wait for laws to change. You can’t wait for the police and the government to implement new social policies for preventing drunk driving.

So the best you can do is take action yourself. And here’s what you can do:

Don’t Drive after Midnight on Friday or Saturday

Of course, these are the most common days to go out to the bar and get loaded. If you can at all avoid it, simply don’t drive after midnight on Friday or Saturday.

And follow this practice especially around any major holiday.

Use Extra Caution at Intersections

Drunk driving accidents frequently happen when drivers under the influence blow through red lights or stop signs.

When you get a green light, consider waiting just a couple seconds and looking both ways to make sure no one’s coming before you hit the gas.

Do the same at stop signs.

What Roads to Use

Stay on 2, 3, and 4-lane highways and off rural roads as much as you can. Highways give you extra room to avoid drunk drivers, and they more frequently have police.

Drunk drivers often want to take less-traveled rural roads they know the police don’t patrol as frequently.

Keep Your Attention on the Road

Distracted driving is a leading cause of fatal auto accidents too. So, don’t look at your phone. Don’t put on your makeup or eat.

And make sure you’re not highly fatigued while driving.

Keep your attention focused on the road so you give yourself the best chance to avoid drunk drivers.

Texas roads can be dangerous. But you can certainly minimize your chance of being injured or killed by a drunk driver by following these simple steps.

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