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The 3 Most Likely Injuries to Result from a Rear-End Collision

What injuries can happen to you if another driver rear-ends you? Find out. And learn what to do to protect yourself legally and financially. 
Did you get rear-ended recently? Know someone who was? 

Various types of car accidents are more likely to cause certain injuries. 

What could happen if you get rear-ended? 

Any of these injuries may result: 
1. Whiplash
“Whiplash” happens when your neck moves back-and-forth rapidly due to a forceful impact. 

Its name comes from the fact that your neck moves quickly like the cracking of a whip. 

Symptoms of whiplash don’t necessarily show themselves immediately after your auto accident. 

They may take a few days to show. 

Whiplash can result in pain and stiffness in your neck, loss of motion in your neck, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and pain or numbness in your upper back or arms. 

Some people may also experience blurry vision, poor sleep, irritability, difficulty concentrating and remembering, or depression. 
2. Traumatic Brain Injuries
Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) […]

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How Daylight Savings Increases the Risk of Car Accidents 

You may not think that when daylight savings happens your risk of a car accident increases too. But it does. Find out why and what you can do about it.
Seven states have passed bills to eliminate the time change daylight savings brings. Arizona and Hawaii don’t actually observe daylight savings at all.

Legislators believe there are enormous health and economic benefits to doing so. But, enacting these changes requires congressional approval, so they haven’t happened yet.

Strangely, daylight savings brings the unanticipated problem of more time spent driving in the dark. Darkness decreases visibility, which increases car accidents.

On weekends, for example, 72% of pedestrian fatalities caused by car accidents happen between 6 PM and 3 AM. And 57.3% of all pedestrian fatalities happen between 3 PM and 12 AM.
Why Does Driving in the Dark Lead to More Accidents?
Your eyes do adjust to lower light levels. However, you still see less than you […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Settle Quickly After Your Car Accident

If you get in a car accident, should you settle it quickly so you don’t have to deal with all sorts of stress and hassle for months on end?
You know how obnoxious and frustrating it is to deal with the aftermath of an auto accident.

You have to go to doctors, recover from your injuries, see how your insurance company values your car, and so on.

And this could drag on a long time. To get your full settlement, you know it may take months of negotiating or even years, if you have to go to court.

It seems like it would be a lot easier to just accept that initial offer they make quickly after your automobile accident.

Then, you can just get past all the stresses and hassles and get on with your life.

Well, it’s your choice. So you can do whatever you want. But, understand that you’re likely leaving a lot […]

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Injured in an Auto Accident and the Other Driver Has No Insurance?

What Happens When You’re Injured in a Car Accident and the Responsible Party Has No Insurance?
 What could be worse than getting in an auto accident and suffering severe injuries that require months to heal?

How about an irresponsible driver who causes the car accident and doesn’t have car insurance?

It happens.

Texas law requires every driver to carry insurance when operating a motor vehicle. But, waving a magic wand and requiring everyone to do so by law doesn’t mean that everyone will follow through.

So, what happens when you get hit in a car accident and the other driver doesn’t have car insurance?

There’s a few possibilities:
The Other Driver Isn’t Off the Hook
You may feel some desire for revenge. You want that other driver to experience some pain and suffering so they understand the consequences of their actions.

Depending on the extent of your injuries and the value of their assets, it may be worth your […]

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When Does a Car Manufacturer Have Fault for an Accident?

You get hurt in a car accident. It’s not your fault. So who’s responsible? The other driver? The car manufacturer? Someone else?
Car manufacturers make amazingly safe vehicles an overwhelming majority of the time.

But, they’re prone to doing things wrong from time-to-time.

For example, Takata had a huge airbag recall because their airbags would explode and shoot metal shards all over the interior of cars. 15 people died in the US, while 250 were injured.

And Takata? It eventually went bankrupt.

This was not only the largest defective product liability issue in automotive history… it was the largest product liability issue for any product. Ever.

It ended up affecting around 37 million cars and 50 million airbags.

They had to take responsibility for their faulty manufacturing. But when does an auto manufacturer have legal liability for their actions… and when don’t they?

Let’s clear up the issue:
Negligence Isn’t Necessary…
As long as a car manufacturer’s actions led to […]

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What Happens When You Slip and Fall on Government Property?

The personal injury lawsuit game changes a lot when you’re hurt on government property. Find out why and what you can do so you get fair compensation.
You’re walking down the street to nearby city hall. As you go, you cross over from private property occupied by a business to government property.

Even though you’ve moved forward just another couple feet, your slip-and-fall happened while on government property.

And now the rules change. A lot.

Texas government has written itself special rules to reduce liability in such cases. You could make the argument this reduces the burden on taxpayers.

…But it also means you have much more difficulty recovering fair compensation if you slip and fall on government property.

Here’s what’s different:
Far Shorter Time to File Your Claim
Called the “statute of limitations,” you have two years to file your claim when injured on private property.

However, when you suffer an injury on government property, this falls to […]

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$100,007 Car Accident Settlement by Attorney for Herniated Disc Injury

$100,007 settlement by attorney for herniated disc injury from a car accident in Dallas, TX. Client had two epidural steroid injections to obtain relief.
Our client was driving in the far left lane traveling southbound on IH 35 in Dallas, TX when suddenly, and without warning, a negligent motorist in the far right lane attempted to cross multiple lanes of traffic. This caused her automobile to violently collide with our client’s vehicle.

Comment from Attorney Joseph Morrison: This was a major property damage wreck. It is inexplicable that a driver would attempt to cross so many lanes at one time on a major highway like IH 35. From the onset of the claim we let the liability adjuster know that we believed the at-fault driver’s actions were not only negligent but completely reckless.

Our client went to the Emergency Room with immediate complaints that included right shoulder pain. He was prescribed pain medication […]

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$151,944.50 Auto Accident Settlement by Attorney for Cervical Herniated Disc Injury

Cervical herniated disc injury due to auto accident in Dallas, TX settled by attorney for all available insurance policy limits of $151,944.50
We assisted our client in obtaining a total policy limits offer pre-suit. Our client was operating an automobile traveling southbound on the Dallas North Tollway. Traffic was heavy and she had to bring her vehicle to a stop. She had been stationary roughly 2 or 3 seconds when she was rear-ended by a negligent driver who was not paying attention and failed to timely the brakes.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client had immediate complaints of neck pain, back pain, and head pain. It became apparent that physical therapy alone would not be adequate to control her discomfort when the results of a cervical MRI revealed herniated discs. In addition, a neurologist diagnosed a concussion as a result of the auto accident.

Our client was forced to undergo several procedures including […]

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How to Protect Your Teen Driver from An Auto Accident

You never want to get a call from the police about your teen driver being in a serious (or fatal) auto accident. But what can you do to help prevent that? Find out below.
On May 13, 2019, a teen driver’s Saturn was split in half when they lost control while driving on the East Freeway in Houston.

The driver was killed. But the driver’s brother was expected to survive.

…It’s the nightmare story every parent of a teen driver doesn’t want to hear.

In the case of this accident, the story doesn’t reveal the true cause. Police did conclude alcohol was not a factor.

Regardless of the causes, the story reminds you of the dangers of teens driving.

As a responsible parent, you want to know everything you can do to keep your teen safe.

And the good news is there is plenty you can do. Here’s some ideas:
Set Strict Boundaries and Consequences with Your Teen’s […]

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Is a Car Manufacturer Liable If Your Airbag Fails?

Who’s liable if your car’s airbag fails? The manufacturer? Someone else? No one? Learn how Mullen & Mullen helps you prove fault.
You’re in a car accident serious enough that your airbag should have come to your aid.

But it didn’t deploy!

Who’s fault is that? The car manufacturers? Someone else’s? What does that mean for you if your injuries were caused by the airbag’s failure to deploy?

Airbags have been legally required on all vehicles in the US since 1995. And for good reason. In 2016, they saved 2,756 lives.

But your airbag doesn’t do you much good if it never deploys.

Here’s how liability might be determined if that happens to you:
Texas’ Strict Product Liability Law
In Texas, the manufacturer is strictly liable for your injuries if you are injured as a result of a defect in a product.

Whether or not the manufacturer was negligent in the making of your car’s airbag doesn’t matter. Negligence […]

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