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Yes. Coronavirus could make driving more dangerous because certain risks could increase. Find out what they might be.

As if coronavirus isn’t causing enough disruption already!

We’re slowly experiencing more of the unexpected trouble coronavirus causes.

For example, have you noticed problems with your internet service or cell phone reception? Some people have.

So far, those particular problems haven’t been huge. But they have happened.

Speaking of coronavirus disruption, it causes problems with driving too.

Here’s what to look out for:

More Drivers Are Not Carrying Insurance

Not too sure what you can do about this one, other than making sure you pay your own insurance and have adequate uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

It’s totally reasonable to think that since so many people are losing their jobs, they won’t have money to pay their auto insurance.

That doesn’t justify them driving without car insurance. However, some will. And you can bet the number of people driving without insurance will increase.

The number of unemployed has skyrocketed at a historically high rate.

The week of March 21st saw more than 3 million unemployment claims filed. And the following week doubled that, with more than 6 million.

To put this in perspective, unemployment was at about 3.5% in February. That rate grew to 17% after just those two weeks – and more is coming!

And the highest unemployment rate in American history was 24.9% during the Great Depression.

Hopefully not too many more people will drive without insurance. But it is something to prepare for.

More People Driving with Dangerous Mechanical Problems

Because more people won’t have the money they need to get by, it’s not unreasonable to also think they’ll let mechanical problems go longer.

Yes. The economic stimulus will give $1200 to every American adult, and more to families with dependents.

However, how will people choose to spend that money?

Will they need to put their mortgage, rent, and groceries first?

It’s impossible to know. They might rationalize that, since they don’t need to drive to and from work as much, they can let mechanical problems go a little longer.

Again, we don’t know the extent to which this problem will appear. But, it’s not unreasonable to believe it will happen to some degree.

Watch Out For Semi-Truck Drivers

Many trucking companies work their drivers to the bone in a normal economy.

Now, with consumer runs on essential living items like groceries, truck drivers have even more of a demand placed on them.

Plus, they’re having a harder time accessing food and water because states are totally shutting down restaurants.

So, more work and lesser sustenance makes for a great recipe for exhaustion…and more driving mistakes!

In a normal economy, fatigue is already a leading cause of semi-truck accidents.

Again, we don’t know the extent of the problem. But it’s also not unreasonable to believe it will happen to some degree.

Working from Home May Not Be So Bad After All

All in all, perhaps it’s a good thing you now have to work from home. We don’t know how much more dangerous the roads could get.

But, certain risks do have factors which make it likely those risks could increase.

Be a little more vigilant for these things. Take appropriate safety measures. And stay safe out there!

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