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What Can You Do If Insurance Co. Denies Your Injury Claim?

Insurers exist to make a profit. Learn what you can do if your injury claim is denied from the attorneys at Mullen & Mullen.
It seems odd they call themselves “insurance” companies, doesn’t it?

One definition says insurance is when “an individual or entity receives financial protection or reimbursement against losses.”

However an insurance company’s goal is to pay you nothing at all or as little as possible. That’s how insurance companies profit.

They’re not in the business of making sure you have financial protection for certain situations and losses. They’re in the business of making money.

And of course, they’ll analyze your situation in depth to see if there’s a way they can limit or eliminate what the law obligates them to pay.

To make sure the law favors them, they lobby Congress and the Senate aggressively. In 2017, they spent the second most on lobbying, right behind pharmaceutical companies: $160.5 million, according to Investopedia.

While it’s […]

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Texas Dog Bite Law: 5 Common Misunderstandings

Can you win money just because a dog bites you? Not so fast. Learn more about dog bite law in Texas from Mullen & Mullen Law Firm.
If a dog bites you, is the owner responsible?

Well, that depends on the facts surrounding your case.

Learn more about dog bite law in Texas and understand some of the basics of how it works so you can protect your own rights and can get the compensation you deserve:

If a strange dog bites me, is the owner responsible?

That really depends. Many Texans believe they’re automatically entitled to compensation by the dog’s owner or their insurance company.

That’s not the case.

Texas’ dog bite law requires you show the dog acted aggressively in the past and that the dog’s owner acted negligently in some way.

Make sure you take pictures of any wounds you receive and gather witness info as soon as you can.

One exception is if the […]

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How to Avoid the 3 Most Dangerous Types of Car Accidents

Pileups, head-ons, and rollovers are the three most dangerous types of auto accidents. Learn how to avoid them if possible in this post from Mullen & Mullen Law Firm.
You can’t control what happens to you in life. You don’t have any guarantees, just like everyone else.

But, you can minimize your risks and maximize your safety.

And that’s what you have to do when you’re on the road. You can’t control whether the other driver gets drunk or high, or both, before driving.

But you can, for example, avoid driving late at night or early in the morning on Friday or Saturday when someone’s most likely to drive drunk or high.

So, take a minute to learn about these dangerous types of traffic collisions, and what you can do to minimize your chance of involvement in each:

1. Pileups

Weather is one of the leading causes of pileups. Snow, fog, ice, or rain send one driver […]

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What Types of Car Accident Injuries Get Misdiagnosed? 

Unfortunately, doctors can make mistakes when diagnosing injuries following a car accident. Learn what these mistakes are and what you can do about them.
Nothing’s convenient when you get into a car accident. And unfortunately, simply being in a car accident opens the door for more stress than you expect.

For example, up to 10 – 20% of all medical issues may be misdiagnosed. That includes car accident injuries.

Imagine going to the hospital for help after a serious car accident…only to come out with the wrong diagnosis or none at all!

You could have a medical malpractice claim on top of your car accident claim.

You might not too. Law allows medical professionals to make mistakes also. But, that doesn’t change what happens to you when they get it wrong.

So, let’s take a look at common car accident injuries that even smart doctors get wrong sometimes:


Even though it’s a common car accident injury, […]

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Has Coronavirus Put Your Car Accident Claim on Hold?

Has COVID-19 put a halt on your car accident claim in some way? Here’s what you can do if you get in an auto accident during the coronavirus pandemic.
Do you think society will ever grind to a halt again like it has in the wake of coronavirus?

We’re in unprecedented territory. And the judicial system loves to operate on precedent.

For the first time ever in Texas history, courts announced on Friday, March 13th that court access and procedures would be restricted during COVID-19.

And since coronavirus may linger until who knows when, no one knows when those restrictions will end.

For now, ”essential” cases will continue as normal. Essential cases currently include:

Temporary restraining orders
Family violence protective orders
Criminal magistrate hearings
CPS removal hearings

Noticeably missing from the list is civil suits of any kind, including car accident claims.
What Should You Do If You Get in a Car Accident?
Ok. So, it’s completely reasonable […]

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$580,000 for Herniated Disc in Plano, TX (Policy Limits Settlement)

Attorney recovers policy limits of $580,000 for lumbar herniated disc injury as a result of a car accident in Plano, TX. Client underwent multiple epidural steroid injections.
Our client was operating a motor vehicle in Plano, Texas traveling westbound on Legacy Drive attempting to cross the intersection at southbound Preston Road with a green light. An inattentive motorist disregarded his red light and caused his automobile to collide with our client per multiple independent witnesses. The Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report arising from the incident attributed 100% fault to the inattentive motorist.

Comments from Attorney, Shane Mullen: Liability was established early in this case. Our client is grateful that the independent witnesses to the collision stayed at the scene and took the time to let the investigating officer know what they had observed. Motor vehicle accident cases can often turn on people being good Samaritans and volunteering their time to make sure […]

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Does Not Wearing a Seatbelt in a Car Crash Affect Your Insurance Claim?

Can you recover money for your injuries in Texas if you weren’t wearing your seat-belt? Find out the answer to that and other questions in this post.
Getting in an auto accident causes a thousand questions to race through your head. And you know law is complex. So it’s possible many things will come up that you didn’t even know to think of.

Here are some Plain English answers to 6 common questions:

Can I still recover money if I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt and the other driver was at fault?

Yes you can. Some states don’t let you recover money at all. But in Texas, the Supreme Court is more sensible than that and ruled in 2015 the amount you can recover, but it can be reduced.

There are no guarantees on how that will actually work out for you. But make sure you wear your seatbelt anyway… you don’t want to […]

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What to Do if the Police Won’t Respond to Your Crash

Many police departments have changed how they respond to car accidents because of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what to do if they don’t show up.
You might live in a big city with a busy police force already known to not show up for minor car accidents.

Surprised? It happens.

And with coronavirus wreaking its havoc, this problem now happens more frequently. In fact, CNN wrote an article about it.

And, it may even happen in communities where it’s never happened before.

So, let’s say you get in a car wreck. You call the police and wait quite some time. No one shows. It appears as though they’ll never come.

What do you do if it looks as though the police won’t come at all?

Relax…You’re Not in Uncharted Territory

If the police won’t come to the scene of your accident, don’t get anxious. All is not lost. You can still take steps to protect yourself legally if […]

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4 Auto Accident Situations that Require an Attorney

You don’t need to hire an attorney for every situation. But you should in these types of auto accident cases. Learn more from Mullen & Mullen.
Should you or shouldn’t you hire an attorney?

That’s always the question. On the one hand, you want to make sure you get fair treatment from the other driver and their insurance company following a car accident.

On the other, hiring an attorney means months and maybe years of stress, dealing with the lawyer, assembling paperwork, and possibly going to court.

So, how do you make the call? When should you pick up the phone and call a personal injury lawyer?

These trigger events should lead to you reaching out for legal help:

You Suffer a Serious Injury or Permanent Disability

Sometimes serious injuries are obvious. But believe it or not, serious injuries can also be completely overlooked.

Injuries like whiplash and traumatic brain injury (TBI) can take weeks or months […]

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Should You Seek Medical Attention After a Car Accident During Covid-19?

Need medical attention after a car accident during the spread of COVID-19? Should you change how you approach getting it? Big mistake! Find out why from Mullen & Mullen.
What should you do if you get in a car accident and COVID-19 is taxing the medical system?

Here’s what to do:

Undoubtedly Get the Medical Attention You Need

Some police and emergency personnel have opted to screen calls so they only spend their time responding to more serious crashes.

For example, some will ask if one of the drivers needs to go to the hospital or if a “major crash” happened.

If not, they refuse to come. That could happen to you.

Regardless of what the police do or don’t do, get the medical attention you need. It’s essential to winning and maximizing the value of your claim.

Worried about contracting COVID-19 at the doctor’s office? Then follow the social distancing procedures you hear about so much […]

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