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$45,500 Recovery for AC Joint Separation Injury Car Wreck in Carrollton, TX

Attorney settles AC Joint Separation injury claim for $45,500, caused by car wreck in Carrollton, TX. Outstanding gross recovery on case where client required only physical therapy and medical bills were below $5,000.

Our client was a passenger in an automobile traveling northbound in the middle lane of Sam Rayburn Tollway in Carrollton, Texas. The at-fault motorist was operating a vehicle behind them in the same lane, was inattentive, and failed to control his speed causing the front of his car to violently collide with the rear of the auto our client was in. The at-fault motorist admitted consuming alcohol to the investigating police officer. Field sobriety tests were performed but the officer determined he was not intoxicated.

Comments from Attorney Shane Mullen: Even though the officer determined the at-fault motorist was not intoxicated I consistently raised his consumption of alcohol to the insurance adjuster. It was my strong opinion that jurors […]

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$200,000 Settlement for Rotator Cuff Injury Auto Accident in Dallas, TX

Partial rotator cuff injury from auto accident in Dallas, TX settled by attorney for $200,000. Client recovered after injection and surgery.
Our client was a passenger in an SUV that was stopped at a red light near Lombardy in Dallas, Texas. A negligent driver of a commercial vehicle was not paying attention and rear-ended the SUV she was in. Property damage was significant.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client’s initial complaints at the ER included neck pain, pain in both upper extremities, and pain in both lower extremities. It quickly became apparent, however, that her primary injury was to her right shoulder. She began extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation efforts. An MRI was ordered when her pain persisted which revealed a partial thickness rotator cuff tear.

Remember: Some partial thickness rotator cuff tears can be greatly improved with physical therapy and/or injections. In fact, sometimes partial tears will even heal on their […]

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Ready Or Not: 18 to 21 Year-Olds’ May Soon Get Right to Drive Semi Trucks

Internet sales are fueling high demand for cross-country shipping, while many don’t have an interest in a career driving a semi truck. 18 to 21 year-olds’ may soon get the right to drive 18-wheelers. Learn more.
Would you trust your 18-year-old behind the wheel of 80,000 pounds of metal and cargo?

That’s what some trucking industry leaders and lawmakers want.


The trucking industry currently has a shortage of 51,000 drivers. And this, despite many truckers routinely making $42,000 or more per year.

What’s causing the shortage?

The Washington Post surveyed dozens of drivers ranging from 4 months to 40 years of experience. And they found what you’d expect. Drivers don’t like:

They rarely see their family
Other drivers, the police, and retailers give them little respect
They sit all day, can’t find healthy food, and put on lots of weight
Their risk of divorce goes sky high
The pay isn’t that good if you adjust […]

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$350,000 Settlement for Commercial Truck Accident Injury in Dallas, TX

Attorney settles Dallas, TX commercial truck accident claim involving lumbar annular fissure disc injury for $350,000. Outstanding gross recovery considering MRI did not reveal herniated discs.
Our client was operating an SUV and was stopped at a red light located near HWY 12 and Lombardy in Dallas, Texas. The at-fault motorist, a commercial truck driver, was traveling behind our client’s vehicle and was inattentive, failing to control his speed. His large truck rear-ended our client’s automobile causing significant property damage to same.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client had to seek treatment at the ER due to the nature of his injuries. His initial complaints were headaches and some blurry vision. A couple days later his head symptoms had resolved but he was reporting pain and discomfort in his neck, back, right knee, and right foot/ankle.

When the client’s pain persisted an MRI of the lumbar spine was ordered. The MRI revealed […]

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7 Things to Do Immediately After a Semi-Truck Accident

Follow this list of seven things to do after a semi-truck accident, from the attorneys at Mullen & Mullen, to keep safe and protect yourself legally.
It sometimes feels like semi-truck drivers don’t think they have to share the road with you, doesn’t it?

Accidents happen. Some drivers are careful and put safety first. Others make mistakes because of all the pressure they feel to deliver as much as they can as fast as they can. And some are just plain reckless.

Unfortunately, because they have so much weight and momentum, semi-trucks cause more severe injuries and vehicle damage than the typical accident.

What should you do to make sure you gather a fair settlement if you find yourself involved in a semi-truck accident? Here’s a quick check-list:
1. Get Everyone to Safety
Check yourself first. If you are seriously injured, make caring for your own injuries your priority. Once you’re good, check on everyone in […]

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What Damages Can I Recover for My Slip-and-Fall Injury?

Hurt in a slip-and-fall because of someone else’s negligence? Find out what you may be able to recover, depending on where you injury happened.
What can you get for your injuries?

We could write a whole book on this subject.

Do know that a lot of it depends on the skill and experience of your lawyer. Work with a rookie straight out of law school, which does happen at volume firms, and you can end up with a lot less than what you might get with an experienced lawyer at a small private firm.

Take a look at various types of places you can get hurt at, and what monetary damages you might be able to recover:
A Slip-and-Fall on Private Commercial Property Open to the Public
Let’s start with the most common injury: you’re legally on someone else’s private property, usually a large store of some kind. You slip, fall, and get hurt.

Fortunately for you, […]

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What To Do If You Encounter a Strange Dog Alone

You come across a strange dog with no owner in sight. How might you handle the situation so you don’t end up in the emergency room? You have a better chance of making it through safely with a few preventative measures and cool, calm thinking.
It’s a terrifying moment.

You’re out on a daily run or walk, just minding your own business. Suddenly, you see a dog you know to be dangerous quietly staring at you with his ears perked up in the air.

He’s deciding whether to charge you, or to just let you pass by.

What do you do?
Avoidance Always Works Best
To the extent within your power, avoid being in a neighborhood if you know a dog routinely roams loose there.

If you know your neighbors have a fence that you believe a dog could jump over if motivated enough, simply go another route.

And make sure to report your concern to the local […]

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What Makes a Dog Owner in Texas Liable for Your Injuries?

Texas follows a somewhat odd “one free bite” rule regarding dog bite liability. However, that doesn’t give dog owners a free pass in every case.
A dog bites you.

Is the owner financially responsible?


Look, I’d love to give you “yes” and “no” answers. But the fact is that the law doesn’t make it that simple. And when you think about it, that’s fair. Because, you want to deliver a just and fair result based on the particular situation.

So take a look at some of the ins and outs of Texas dog bite law:
Texas Is a “One Free Bite” State
Typically, an owner gets legal protection on their dog’s first bite (unless liability can be based on other grounds). In other words, if it is the dog’s first bite, and the dog had shown no signs of aggressive behavior before, there’s a possibility the owner won’t be financially liable for your injuries.

However, exceptions to […]

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4 of The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Are most dogs dangerous? No. Are some? Yes. But most can be reigned in with training, and proper care, time, and attention from the owner.
Find out 4 of the most dangerous dog breeds to avoid in this post.
Every dog wants to be a “good” dog. Unfortunately, some think that means biting and attacking innocent people because their owners haven’t taught them it’s not okay.

Just because you see a dog without an owner, or one that’s barking aggressively, doesn’t mean you will get attacked.

Some dog breeds are more dangerous than others. Here’s some of the most dangerous that you should watch out for. And – if you can – meet the dog with the owner so the dog understands you’re not a threat:
Pit Bulls
This one should come as no surprise. You hear about vicious pit bull attacks on the news all the time.

Interestingly, the phrase “pit bull” in and of itself […]

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When to Avoid Talking to the Insurance Company Following an Auto Accident

The responsible driver’s insurance company calls you to discuss your auto accident. Should you talk to them? Or is it better left to a lawyer? Learn how to make a smart decision.
You have a voicemail on your phone from the other person’s insurance claims adjuster. They want to talk to you about the auto accident involving their driver.

You got a fast response. They seem nice.

Wait a minute…why are you getting such great service from an insurance company? Don’t fall for it!

Insurers act fast because they want to get to you before lawyers that cost them money get involved. They also know they can get you excited with how fast they can get you cash. They’re hoping you’ll make a hasty decision that saves them a bucketful of money.

So, should you talk to the claims adjuster yourself? Or, should you discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer first?
When to Handle […]

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