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Chad BurnettChad Burnett
16:28 30 Oct 23
I hired Mullen & Mullen following a motor vehicle collision. I could not be more pleased with the Dallas personal injury lawyers I selected. They are the real deal! I was always kept in the loop on case developments. My attorneys sent the at-fault liability carrier multiple demands to make them agree to pay the policy limits. My lawyers also sent my own insurance company several demands to get them to offer me nearly the policy limits. A lot of attorneys would have given up and just recommended filing a lawsuit but Mullen & Mullen kept pounding the insurance companies until they did the right thing. This saved me a tremendous amount of money and time. I'm so very grateful that I found ethical, tenacious, and skilled attorneys to represent me. Mullen & Mullen gets my highest recommendation if you need a Dallas car accident attorney.C. Burnett
Diane WallaceDiane Wallace
17:43 26 Oct 23
Mullen and Mullen did an absolutely brilliant job representing me in an injury lawsuit and getting me maximum settlement results. I recommend them highly!
Mari HksMari Hks
17:38 04 Oct 23
Highly recommend this law firm, Josh took care of my case he was very nice and professional along with everyone else.
Zac CanidaZac Canida
17:14 26 Sep 23
I’m only 22 and this was the first case I’ve ever had, I got recommended Mullen and Mullen by a friend who has used them plenty of times and said nothing but good things about them. I have yet to see or hear anything that contradicts her statements! Everyone on the Mullen and Mullen team has been super helpful and kind to me by explaining everything that had and needs to be done to get the case in the right direction. Greg especially has been very helpful by keeping me updated and answering any questions I might have about the situation, he’s been an amazing help and I’m glad I was able to get him assigned to help me get what I deserve from my car accident. Very professional and fast responses, If you are ever injured in a car accident I 100% recommend this team to fight for you, ask for Greg!
sisay Aberasisay Abera
15:50 13 Sep 23
Highly recommend this law firm, filled with very nice and professional people who put their clients first. Josh took care of my case and were able to reduce my medical bills significantly which was awesome! Very pleased and glad I had them to work on my car accident case.Thank you, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm
Terrie RachallTerrie Rachall
20:13 28 Jul 23
Joe Morrison with Mullen and Mullen was fantastic representing me for an injury on someone's property. He kept me updated through the entire 2 year process. If I had any questions, Joe took the time to personally take my call and provide answers. Joe negotiated a settlement very quickly and ensured I received a fair settlement. I highly recommend Mullen and Mullen and would hire them again if I need help in the future. Best experience with any lawyer I have ever had!!
Alex MalcolmAlex Malcolm
22:05 17 May 23
I was injured in a motorcycle accident, and Shane Mullen took on my case with determination and empathy. His attention to detail and commitment to my case led to a favorable outcome. I'm grateful for his hard work and highly recommend Mullen & Mullen Law Firm.
I was involved in a car accident in Dallas texas off mockingbird. I was T bone by someone who had ran a red light. Me being a young female, I felt lost and taken advantage of by the other parties insurance.I chose Mullen Mullen because they were the only law firm who physically wanted to meet me and hear my side. They helped me with all on the medical assistance that I needed . Although it was a lot of therapy, I was really happy with the doctors they sent me to. Josh was very welcoming and I honest in the process. Every time I felt so at ease after speaking with him. I am so happy I had him on my case. Very hands on. Highly recommend!!!
Camry AdamsCamry Adams
16:21 14 Dec 22
Karen Lavigne is my name, and I had a great experience with Mullen & Mullen. Josh and Jessica was very patient and informative. If I had to decide again on which law firm to go with it would be Mullen & Mullen. Very transparent about ALL of my money down to the penny. I definitely recommend.
14:57 01 Oct 22
It Honestly baffles me to see ANY negative or low reviews on this law firm. My case is far from over, however, I have never known a lawyer or law firm to not only give you their personal cell phone number but to also respond within 15 minutes. Never a complaint on the 10 plus text messages asking questions or the 2-3 paragraph e-mails. Never telling you it's to late or they are off the clock. They are NEVER off the clock. This firm has two or three lawyers dealing with numerous clients and STILL manage to do all they can to make you feel you are the only one. Try to remember they are human. They truly do everything to put you and your recovery first. The process is long but not something they have any control over. They don't control the Dr. Appointments or your recovery. They will help you find amazing Dr.s then it's up to you to be proactive in your recovery and keeping your appointments. It's been over a year and a half since my injury and my amazing, patient, and hardworking Attorney Joe has been here with me every step of the way. Hundreds of 5 star reviews. 3 or 4 low ones. You do the math.
Paul SPaul S
21:36 05 Sep 22
Mullen and Mullen are the best personal injury team in DFW. When you hire Mullen and Mullen, you have the best personal injury attorneys in DFW. You are getting the best support staff in the state of Texas.Knowing every case is unique. My case took 3 years to complete. My team was professional in the face of a lot of stalling tactics. Without a bat of an eye, the team turned up the heat on the defense for the best possible outcome for all parties.Without details, this group changed not only my life. Mullen and Mullen helped me change my outlook on life after the accident.The most important lessons I learned: 1) Do not try to navigate an personal injury case no matter the cause 2) Listen and follow the advice of your attorney. Get the best in Texas.Shane and Paul, thank you from me and my family.
Larry JohnsonLarry Johnson
17:00 06 Jul 22
I would like to thank Mullen and Mullen for the great service I received. I was involved in an accident and they really helped me out. I worked with the paralegal named Josh and he really made everything a simple process. Josh did a wonderful job and I couldn't be happier!
yolanda Rodriguezyolanda Rodriguez
23:17 15 Jun 22
I love they way they work and communication is the best, they will reach out to you and see if you need anything. Questions you have them they will answer you. Josh is an excelente person that help me so much he was always there for me and if I called him he would return my call as fast as he could. He explained everything I asked and I was really comfortable with him. Josh you are an awesome person. Thank you for everything. I love their services n I would highly reconmand them. Mullen and Mullen are there for you as soon as you call them.
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In the last four years, our firm made Top Verdict’s “Top 50” Personal Injury Settlements in Texas list 44 times, and the “Top 100” list 70 times.

2023 Top 20 Personal Injury Settlements
2021 Texas Top 10 Motor Vehicle Accident Settlements Mullen & Mullen
2021 Texas Top 50 Personal Injury Settlements Mullen & Mullen
2020 Texas Top 10 Motor Vehicle Accident Settlements Mullen & Mullen
2019 Texas Top 20 Settlements All Practice Areas Mullen & Mullen

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Top Medical Malpractice Lawyers Who Settle For More


If you were injured due to medical malpractice, our skilled Dallas attorneys fight tenaciously to ensure the maximum available settlement while offering you the lowest contingency fee. We handle your case the way we would want our own case handled.

Mullen & Mullen is consistently recognized by TopVerdict for obtaining some of the largest recoveries in the entire state of Texas. In the last 4 years our firm made the “Top 50” list 44 times, and the “Top 100” list 70 times. Our stellar results allow us to offer a below industry standard 29% pre-suit contingency fee which means more money in your pocket.

Our experienced local team has an incredibly strong work ethic and truly cares. We’ve been privileged to serve North Texas for over 40 years. This is our backyard. Call (214) 747-5240 now for a free consultation and some excellent advice.


Our Results Speak For Themselves

Gross Settlements Before Fees & Expenses

We have achieved numerous multimillion-dollar settlements across all practice areas, but we are restricted from displaying some very large results due to settlement confidentiality. Here are a few recent results without confidentiality agreements:

Work Accident

Wrongful Death

Vehicle Accident

Vehicle Accident

Vehicle Accident

Premises Liability

Why Choose Mullen & Mullen to Handle Your Case?

According to, our Dallas attorneys consistently achieve some of the highest recoveries in the state of Texas. As a matter of fact, in the last four years, we’ve made their Texas “Top 50” Personal Injury Settlements list 43 times, and their “Top 100” list 70 times. For example, in 2021 one of our claims made the Top 10 list, eight made the Top 11-20 list, and ten made the Top 21-50 list. When you factor in our reduced 29% contingency fee, we are confident we will help you recover more. At Mullen & Mullen, we pride ourselves on routinely recovering full policy limits for our clients without the necessity of costly and time-consuming litigation.

According to, our Dallas attorneys consistently achieve some of the highest recoveries in the state of Texas. As a matter of fact, in the last three years we’ve made their “Texas Top 50 Personal Injury Settlements” list 43 times. For example, in 2021 one of our claims made the Top 10 list, eight made the Top 11-20 list, and ten made the Top 21-50 list. When you factor in our reduced 29% contingency fee, we are confident we will help you recover more. At Mullen & Mullen, we pride ourselves on routinely recovering full policy limits for our clients without the necessity of costly and time-consuming litigation.

We have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic technology through well-established relationships with medical doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, neurologists, counselors, and other healthcare providers in the entire DFW Metroplex. You receive the quality medical attention you need from local providers near where you live or work. These providers specialize in treating people hurt in accidents of all kinds and they know how to properly document injuries to meet the legal burden of proof in your personal injury case. These providers are also willing to delay billing collections until after your case is resolved so you can focus on recovering without additional stress. Physicians that don’t routinely treat accident victims as part of their practice usually turn away patients over fear of being involved in the legal process or fear of health insurance companies refusing to pay accident-related healthcare bills. Please call us at 214-747-5240 for a free consultation and some advice.

Even if you don’t have health insurance or can’t afford your deductible, Mullen & Mullen will secure you the quality healthcare and state-of-the art diagnostics you deserve with no upfront out of pocket costs.

Shane, Joseph and Regis have almost 100 years of combined experience practicing personal injury law. That doesn’t even include the combined experience of the attorneys that serve as of-counsel to Mullen & Mullen at no additional cost to our clients. Our firm continues to evolve, but we never forget our Core Values. We do the right thing, handle cases the way we would want our own case handled, and we truly listen to clients. We have over 40 years of local knowledge, and that matters!

Some lawyers forget that they represent the client, but we never have. Our legal team will make YOU the priority. You are the boss, and we will respond quickly to your requests for case updates and assistance. We guarantee that when you need to speak to your counsel, you will speak directly to your counsel, not to a paralegal or secretary, because that’s the way it should be.

Most firms hire an investigator to help develop evidence on your case and charge you back for that service. Our firm, however, has 2 full-time accident investigators on staff and we offer their services to you for free. This is another way we will maximize your compensation.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Video footage is worth a lot more. Our in-house videographer allows us to capture the true impact the accident has on your life beyond mere words on a piece of paper.

When necessary, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm uses cutting edge technology like 3D imaging videos to fully demonstrate the extent of our clients’ injuries to the insurance companies. This also helps maximize the value of your claim.

Mullen & Mullen’s attorneys live and work right here in Dallas, and always have. We believe in paying our success forward by helping people in the North Texas community, and are dedicated to supporting these local charities.

About Our Highly Skilled Attorneys

Attorney Shane V. Mullen, Managing Partner
Shane V. Mullen, Attorney at Law

Shane V. Mullen, Managing Partner

Our Managing Partner, Shane V. Mullen, has been handling personal injury cases for 21 years. He is “Top-rated” by Thompson Reuters who named him as a Texas Super Lawyer 3 consecutive years. Shane is also a lifetime member of both the Million & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums, solidifying his expertise in handling significant cases. He is also an esteemed member of Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys of America, further attesting to his exceptional legal prowess. Shane brings hard-won, battle born knowledge to your case.

Attorney Joseph R. Morrison, Senior Associate
Joseph R. Morrison, Attorney at Law

Joseph R. Morrison, Senior Associate

With 18 years of personal injury experience, Attorney Joseph R. Morrison has established himself as a highly skilled legal professional. Notably, he served as counsel of record in a case that garnered recognition from as a top 5 Premises liability (slip and fall) verdict in Texas. The defendant in this case was a Fortune 500 company with an annual revenue exceeding 11 billion. The specific case, Jeffrey Young v. ConAgra Foods, Inc., showcased Joe’s exceptional abilities in achieving favorable outcomes.

Joe is a distinguished member of The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers, solidifying his standing among the nation’s most esteemed legal practitioners. Furthermore, his membership in both the Million & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums further attests to his expertise in handling substantial cases.

Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum member

Million and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum

Both Shane and Joseph are lifetime members of the Million & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums, meaning they have each settled cases in excess of two million. This solidifies their expertise in handling significant personal injury cases.

Regis L. Mullen, Founding Attorney
Regis L Mullen, Attorney at Law

Regis L. Mullen, Founder

Our Founder, Attorney Regis L. Mullen, has 56 years of personal injury experience. Regis received his Admission to practice law in 1967. Previously a Litigation Supervisor at Allstate Insurance Company, he knows all the tactics liability carriers use to deny or reduce personal injury settlements. Drawing upon his profound comprehension of the inner workings of the insurance industry, Regis established a law firm dedicated to meeting the legal needs of injured individuals in North Texas.

About Medical Malpractice Cases

Mullen & Mullen Law Firm has been fighting for the rights of North Texas medical negligence victims for over 40 years. We have the knowledge, skills, experience, and financial stability to take on medical professionals and the big insurance companies they are aligned with. Our firm serves as co-counsel on these cases with some of the best litigators in the entire State of Texas at no additional expense to you.

All of us rely on doctors and other medical professionals to render services in a safe and reasonable manner when we are sick or hurt. Most of the time these services are rendered professionally and competently. Sometimes, however, the standard of care is violated, and people are injured or killed in negligence cases involving doctors, hospitals, surgical facilities, nurses, nursing homes, or other healthcare facilities.

Dallas medical malpractice claims are often challenging due to changes in Texas law specifically designed to cut back on these types of cases.

It is imperative that you contact an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney as soon as you suspect medical negligence has occurred.

Many times medical malpractice happens in one of the following situations:

  • A doctor offers an incorrect diagnosis
  • A doctor fails to diagnose something they should have
  • An error is committed during a surgery or procedure
  • Medication is prescribed without regards to possible side-effects or without considering the interaction with other prescription drugs a person is currently taking
  • Services are provided to the wrong patient
  • Procedures are not followed correctly or proper procedures were not even in place
  • A baby was delivered incorrectly
  • Patients suffered abuse or neglect
  • Patients were not properly monitored or supervised

The above list is not exhaustive. Any treatment below the minimum standard of care could be the basis for a Texas medical malpractice case. If you were harmed, or a loved one was killed, due to possible medical negligence, please call (214) 747-5240 to speak with our Dallas medical malpractice attorneys as soon as possible for a free consultation.

Our lawyers and co-counsel handle Texas medical malpractice claims on a contingency fee basis. You only pay us if we obtain a financial settlement for you or a loved one.

The Ultimate Guide to Filing a Texas Medical Malpractice Claim

Medical negligence is one of the most difficult types of malpractice cases to prove.

According to a Forbes post, medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., but only 15% of all personal injury suits filed are based on medical negligence. Plus, 80% end up in the client not getting any financial compensation whatsoever. You must have a very strong trail of evidence to establish medical negligence.

What do you have to show to win a Dallas medical malpractice Claim?

To establish medical negligence, you need to demonstrate the treating professional deviated from the “standard of care” – which is what a reasonably prudent medical professional would or would not have done under the same or similar circumstances.

Here are some basic requirements you must demonstrate to win your medical malpractice case:

A Doctor-Patient Relationship Existed

You need to show you hired the doctor and that he/she agreed to be hired. For example, if you have a consulting doctor who doesn’t treat you directly, you may not be able to sue them for medical negligence.

Your Doctor Acted with Negligence

We talked about this above. In addition to taking action that a reasonable doctor would take under the same circumstances, you should also know you’re not entitled to get the best care possible. Your doctor’s care simply must be “reasonably skillful and careful.” If your doctor doesn’t act in that way, then you may have a medical negligence case.

The Doctor’s Negligence Must Cause Your Injury

If you’re already sick or physically injured and you get treatment, did your current ailments cause further problems, or did your doctor’s actions cause them? Usually, this means getting a medical expert to testify it’s “more likely than not” your doctor’s negligence caused your injury.

Your Injury Led to Specific Damages

Even if your doctor was negligent, you can’t suit him or her if the actions didn’t cause any harm. If you experience additional physical pain, mental anguish, or medical bills you may have a provable medical negligence claim.

What is the Statute of Limitations in a Dallas medical malpractice case?

In Texas, you have 2 years from the date of injury (or death in the case of a wrongful death claim) to file. If you wait longer than 2 years, you can never file a lawsuit for that particular injury or death again. Most injury lawyers offer free consultations for medical malpractice cases. If you believe you or a loved one were the victim of medical negligence, get in touch with a qualified attorney today at (214) 747-5240.

How much can you win in a Texas Medical Malpractice Claim?

Depending on the type of medical negligence damages, you have certain limits you can recover in Texas cases.

With Texas medical malpractice cases, what’s one of the first things that goes through practically everyone’s mind? Big dollar value payouts to victims and their survivors. However, these settlements are not as common as they seem. That’s because they’re sensational stories, the kind people pay attention to in the media. Sometimes outliers get reported the most and appear to be typical. The truth? Those situations are actually fairly uncommon.

However, legislators in Texas believed unfairly large settlements to medical malpractice victims inflated physician insurance premiums too much. As a result, in 2003, and in the years since, they passed tort reform in Texas that caps the amount of damages you can receive in medical malpractice cases.

Here’s how it works right now:

“Non-Economic” Damages are Limited

“Non-economic” damages refer to damages you can recover that are not purely economic in nature. Traditional non-economic damages include pain, suffering, mental anguish, and impairment.

You can generally recover $250,000 from each doctor, healthcare provider, or hospital, and a maximum of $500,000 total. Some possibility exists to recover more non-economic damages but that requires a very extensive analysis and is beyond the scope of this basic overview.
If the above amount sounds unfair to you, know that it is a highly controversial law and you wouldn’t be the only one disagreeing with it.

Economic Damages Are Not Limited

“Economic damages” refer to your cost of past, present, and future medical care, reimbursement of lost income, compensation for loss of earning capacity, and any other financial loss directly attributable to the medical professional’s negligence. Those types of damages are not capped in Texas.

Do You Have a Texas Medical Malpractice Case?

Time for some straight talk. Texas medical malpractice claims are super-tough to prove. Many personal injury lawyers make you answer a barrage of questions to see if they have a good chance of winning your case. Most will want to review extensive medical records before agreeing to represent you or your family.

They do that for a couple of reasons:

  • The law makes it purposefully difficult to prove medical malpractice to reduce frivolous lawsuits and insurance costs for medical professionals
  • It takes a lot more money out of lawyers’ pockets to hire expert witnesses to prove your case, so there’s more risk on their part. An expert report is required early on in the process which makes these cases very cost prohibitive – especially when factoring in the cap on non-economic damages.

What types of Texas medical malpractice cases have a high chance of winning compensation?

Negligent Prenatal Care

Both the child and mother can experience harm if doctors are negligent in this way. Circumstances include doctors failing to identify a mother’s medical condition, failing to identify birth defects present in the baby, failing to identify an ectopic pregnancy (one where the baby develops outside the Fallopian tube), or failing to diagnose a disease that the baby could catch.

Negligence During Childbirth

Usually, the news isn’t good when birth injuries happen. They dramatically affect a child’s life for years, and sometimes their entire lifetime. These birth defects can also cause serious harm to the mother too. Doctors often cause medical errors by failing to anticipate birth complications, failing to respond to signs of fetal distress, failing to order a cesarean section, or incompetent use of a forceps. Sometimes they even cause cerebral palsy.

Medication Errors

Doctors make more than 1.5 million medication errors that harm Americans each year. Medication errors usually happen when the incorrect dosage is given. The nurse may give the patient the wrong amount. The doctor could simply write the wrong dosage. Or the equipment that provides the medication malfunctions.


As of 2015, this may be the leading cause of medical malpractice. Infections, tumors, heart attacks, blood clots in your lungs, and heart disease are the most misdiagnosed conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions are complex and don’t have consistent, straightforward symptoms in every person so errors are often made.

Surgical Errors

Here, we’re not talking about amputating the wrong body part (most of the time). Those stories make the headlines, but that’s because they’re sensational. They rarely happen (although they do in some cases) but would certainly qualify as medical malpractice. More commonly, a surgeon damages a nerve, fails to control bleeding, or leaves some sort of medical product inside the patient.

If you’re considering filing a Texas medical malpractice claim, contact our lawyers to discuss your potential case now at (214) 747-5240. Please note almost all medical malpractice cases require litigation to obtain a recovery.

Can you sue a Dallas doctor for misdiagnosis?

To prove you were misdiagnosed and to be able to claim financial damages under medical malpractice, you need to demonstrate:

  1. You had a relationship with the doctor you’re suing (Sometimes many doctors are involved and you have to make sure you have the right one.)
  2. The doctor acted negligently i.e., not in a reasonably skillful or competent manner
  3. Your doctor’s negligence proximately caused your injury or injuries (or death in the case of a loved one)

In most cases, it’s the second and third points that get the most debate.

Some Examples to Clear This Issue Up

At a practical level, you must show one of these two things happened in the case of misdiagnosis:

  • Your doctor did not include the correct diagnosis, while a reasonably skilled and competent doctor would have done so
  • Your doctor made the correct diagnosis, but didn’t do the appropriate testing or refer you to specialists to confirm the diagnosis

Medical Malpractice Cases are the Hardest to Prove

Legislators have made medical malpractice difficult to prove to discourage frivolous lawsuits and the inflation of liability insurance costs (that they think get passed on to you and other patients). Winning a medical malpractice case requires clear evidence and powerful expert testimony (which is not inexpensive).

We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t pursue a case but it’s important to know the realities associated with medical malpractice cases in Texas. Contact our Dallas medical malpractice attorneys for a free case evaluation.

Why Do So Many Americans Die from Medical Malpractice?

It’s tough to sort out what’s really going on with any wide-scale problem like medical malpractice. There are several possible reasons though.

One theory, presented by the New York Times, is that having too much treatment actually causes more medical errors. For example, they note that since 1996, the number of MRIs ordered has increased by 4 times, while the percentage of doctor visits leading to the prescription of at least 5 drugs has tripled.

Some of these are necessary. But many are not. One survey they cited had orthopedic surgeons saying 24% of the tests they ordered were not medically necessary. They did these tests to protect themselves from lawsuits.

Some of these are necessary but many might not be. One survey they cited had orthopedic surgeons stating 24% of the tests they ordered were not medically necessary. They did these tests to protect themselves from lawsuits.
Another possible cause is difference in care you might receive at different hospitals. For example, an article at says if patients treated in the bottom 10th percentile of hospitals from 2000 – 2002 instead got treatment at the best hospitals, about 4,000 lives would have been saved.

In addition, Life Extension Magazine proposes at least some of these preventable deaths are due to the fact that medical systems don’t consider these factors when analyzing human health:

  • Stress and its negative effects
  • Not enough exercise
  • Excessive caloric intake
  • Highly processed foods grown in chemically damaged soil
  • Exposure to thousands of different environmental toxins

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Call (214) 747-5240 to talk to a Dallas medical malpractice attorney right now. We won’t put any pressure on you to hire us on the spot. Simply learn how we’ll approach your case and get some excellent free advice. Make your decision only when you feel 100% ready. Do remember though, that the Texas statute of limitations gives you just 2 years from the date of your accident to file a claim.

We’ll come to your home or hospital room if it makes it easier on you! Phone and Zoom consultations are also available. You can call us, or use the form or chat feature on this page to request a free consultation now.

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