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If you were injured by a dog bite, our Frisco attorneys will vigorously fight for justice and strive to secure the maximum available compensation for your case. As documented by, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm successfully represented 19 of the Texas “Top 50” personal injury settlements in 2021 (awaiting results for 2022). No other Texas firm achieved as many appearances on the list as we did. This exceptional track record enables us to confidently assert that we will secure the highest settlement possible for you.

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Frisco Dog Bite Attorney

Did someone else’s dog bite you or your loved one?

It could be years before you get back to normal again. You may even be permanently disfigured. And you may feel terrified of meeting new dogs, or that your neighbors may have a loose dog running around the neighborhood.

Then you have the medical bills. You may lose some income because you can’t work. And you may not be able to do what you like to do or spend time doing fun things with your family.

And those aren’t even your worst problems!

As you go out and interview dog bite attorneys in Frisco, you may run into ones that see your case as just another number.

Rather than fully investing their time and energy into your claim, they slam you through their process. They do it as fast as possible to maximize their own profit.

You feel like a farm animal herded through the chute. And then you end up with much less money than you should have received because the dog bite lawyer was in fact not overly concerned with your claim.

And that’s where Mullen & Mullen comes in!

As a small firm of three dog bite attorneys, we give your case the time and attention it deserves. That leads to much higher settlement values, which includes the $500,000 we won for a toddler seriously injured in a dog attack (and the medical bills were only $3,000).

Just Google “Mullen and Mullen Dallas” or “Mullen & Mullen Frisco” to read more than 200 nearly perfect customer reviews.

Each of our dog bite attorneys has more than a decade of proven legal experience. Many personal injury firms have a senior attorney supervise the case while inexperienced junior attorneys and paralegals do most of the real work.

We also don’t employ a single inexperienced junior attorney or paralegal. That means a seasoned lawyer with more than a decade of experience does all the real work on your claim.

And it all translates to you having a higher chance of winning your claim than you get with other firms and winning more money when you do!

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Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison

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But That’s Not All! Here’s What Our Frisco Dog Bite Attorneys Give You

Experience and skill should always be the primary consideration when choosing a dog bite lawyer.

In addition to that, Mullen & Mullen offers you even more that you can’t get with other dog bite lawyers:

  • Don’t pay any medical bills until after you win your claim. Sounds unbelievable at first, doesn’t it? But it’s 100% true. If we take on your claim, we have specially negotiated relationships with medical professionals and institutions that allow you to not pay your bills until after you win your claim. This applies even if you don’t have health insurance. And there’s no out-of-pocket costs.
  • A reduced case fee of 29% (versus 33.3% regularly). If your claim settles out of court, we charge just 29% of your final settlement value as our case fee. And about 90% of all claims settle without having to go to court.

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  • Additional cost savings through an employed private investigator. Most dog bite attorneys in Frisco subcontract private investigation services. But we employ a private investigator, which costs less. The savings get passed on to you. Plus, Mike Foster has been with us more than a decade. That means he knows all the right questions to ask and most powerful evidence to gather so that you have the most potent case possible.

Top Choice Awards presented us with “Top Choice Injury Law Firm in Dallas” five consecutive years.

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What Should You Do If You Become a Victim of A Dog Attack?

We’d like to tell you that you should focus on protecting yourself and taking care of your injuries. Unfortunately, you need to focus on gathering evidence too if you can.

You can get the most useful evidence in the moments immediately following your dog bite. The longer you wait, the more likely evidence will disappear or be destroyed.

If someone else’s dog bites or attacks you, you should:

  1. Get emergency medical care, if needed. You may or may not need emergency medical care. If you don’t think you do, you should at least visit your doctor within a few days after your dog bite. This gives you legal protection, evidence, and credibility, all of which you may need later.
  2. Get contact information. Make sure you have the name, phone number, and physical address of the dog’s owner. Get the same from any witnesses and neighbors. They may be able to testify that the dog’s behavior had been aggressive in the past.
  3. Take pics of the attack scene. Shoot as many images as you can. Focus on your injuries or torn clothes. Make sure you have images of the general area that could show the dog owner failed to adequately restrain their dog. It would also be wise to shoot a video and narrate the story as it happened from your perspective.
  4. Report the situation to local police and the animal control shelter as soon as you can.
  5. Keep the clothes you wore when you were attacked. Store them safely in a garbage bag or box. And do not wash them…that could destroy valuable evidence!
  6. Keep all communications related to the situation. This includes medical bills, receipts, medical products you buy, insurance company letters, and emails. Don’t worry about organizing them. Just keep them all in the same place so they aren’t lost.
  7. Never talk to the insurer or sign anything before first talking to a dog bite lawyer based in Frisco. You may unwittingly destroy your ability to recover compensation for your injuries.

How Do Our Frisco-Based Dog Bite Lawyers Address Texas’ Murky Dog Bite Law?

Oddly enough, and unlike other areas of personal injury law, Texas law does not exactly spell out what you can get compensated for if a dog bites and attacks you.

The only clearly defined standard in place is the “one bite rule.” Basically, this means a dog’s owner gets one free bite for which they cannot be held legally responsible.

But there are exceptions to that! If you can show the dog acted aggressively in the past, or that the dog’s owner failed to properly restrain the dog, you can win compensation even if this is the dog’s first bite.

Unfortunately, the burden of proof falls on you. But if you have experienced dog bite attorneys on your side, like the ones at Mullen & Mullen, you have a great chance of proving your claim and winning fair compensation for your injuries.

Speaking of compensation…here’s what you can potentially win compensation for:

  1. Medical bills
  2. Pain and suffering
  3. Lost income
  4. Property damage
  5. Mental anguish
  6. Punitive damages

Punitive and mental anguish damages can be difficult to recover.

Punitive damages are meant to provide an additional level of punishment to the dog owner because of particularly reckless and irresponsible behavior on their part. The legal goal is to send a message to the dog owner to clean up their act, and to discourage other would-be negligent dog owners from engaging in similar behavior.

“Mental anguish” damages refer to the shock and horror witnesses of dog attacks experience. However, the witness must be a closely related family member, and the injuries must be severe or fatal.

How Do Dog Owners in Frisco Try to Minimize What They Have to Pay

No dog bite claim is easy to win. Dog owners can successfully defend themselves also. Texas follows “modified comparative negligence” when it comes to dog bites.

This means that you can be held partially responsible for your injuries too. A dog’s owner may try to say that you provoked the dog in some way. They might also try to claim that they had no knowledge their dog would act aggressively. And they could claim that you trespassed onto their property.

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You’re smart to act fast if you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog. The longer you wait, the more time the defendant has to destroy evidence. Judges and juries, should they become necessary, believe you less and less the longer you take.

And you could exceed the statute of limitations and not even be able to file your claim. If you wait longer than two years from the date of the incident, the court will throw out your claim.

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