Win more with our dog bite attorneys in Fort Worth. Won 19 of TX’ “Top 50” Settlements in 2021. No win no fee. – And don’t pay any medical bills until after your claim is won!

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$500,000 Settlement for Child Attacked by Dog
$500,000 Settlement for Child Attacked by Dog

Bitten or mauled by someone else’s dog?

There is absolutely no cost to you unless we settle your dog attack case. Get medical treatment upfront with no out of pocket, even if you don’t have health insurance or can’t afford your deductible.

Mullen & Mullen has been in DFW for 40 years, and our attorneys combined have 95 years of experience. We have the skills required to maximize your recovery.

It could be years before you or your loved one fully recovers. You may even have permanent physical disfigurement. And you may feel emotional trauma that seems never ending.

On top of that, you have mounting medical bills from large medical institutions who only care about money, lost income because you can’t work, perhaps a child who’s lost their innocent and optimistic outlook on life, and you may not be able to do the things you love with the people you care about most.

Plus, you have another problem too. And it’s one you probably don’t even realize.

That lies in finding a dog bite lawyer in Fort Worth with the proven legal skill and personal desire to get you the money you deserve.

Because not all dog bite lawyers in the Fort Worth area are the same. Just like any other professional service you hire; you have many options. And you’re wise to evaluate each.

For example, you may talk with the firm you see advertising on TV all the time. While they will take on your case and likely win you some money, they really focus on settling your claim as fast as possible, so they maximize their own profit per hour.

What about large firms?

Well, they often have an experienced senior attorney who only supervises the inexperienced junior attorneys and paralegals…who do all the real work!

In either case, you can easily miss out on six figures or more…and you might even lose your claim entirely!

Personal Injury Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison
Attorneys Shane Mullen & Joseph Morrison

Mullen & Mullen’s Attorneys Will Get You the Most Money Possible

You also have a third option. And that lies in Mullen & Mullen. We’re a small firm of three dog bite lawyers that puts its decades of experience and proven skill in winning claims worth as much as $500,000 to work for you.

Unlike other firms, we don’t employ a single inexperienced junior attorney or paralegal. That means a seasoned lawyer with at least 15 years of experience does all the real work on your claim.

And that half-million dollar claim just mentioned? The injured child had just $3,000 in medical bills.

Money doesn’t fix your physical and emotional pain and suffering. But it’s how you hold irresponsible dog owners accountable for their actions and maintain your standard of living.

Need more proof not from our own lips? Just Google “Mullen & Mullen’s Reviews” and read our more than 325 nearly perfect client reviews.

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In addition, Newsweek, Thomson-Reuter’s Super Lawyers, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Forbes, and many other notable organizations have recognized us for our legal expertise.

But That’s Not All! You Get Even More with Mullen & Mullen

A lawyer with a track record of success winning dog bite claims who cares to get you the most money you deserve is what you want. That way, you have high confidence you’ll end up with the maximum money possible for your injuries.

And to sweeten the deal even more, Mullen & Mullen offers you the below additional incentives when we take on your case:

  • Don’t pay any medical bills until after you win your claim – Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But we can assure you that, if we take on your claim, you will not have to pay any of your medical bills until after you win your claim. We have specially negotiated relationships with medical professionals and organizations of all kinds that make this happen.
  • Pay a reduced case fee of 29% (regularly 33.3%) – As long as your claim settles without having to go to court, and about 90% of ours do, you pay just 29% of your final settlement value as your fee. It costs us less time and money to win your claim, and we pass the savings on to you.

Discounted 29% Attorney Fee Special Offer Badge (small)

  • Additional cost savings thanks to our private investigator – Nearly every other dog bite law firm in the Fort Worth area subcontracts a private investigator’s services (rather than employing one). This costs a lot more money. Instead, we actually employ a private investigator in-house. Not only does this save you money, but we’ve worked with Mike Foster for more than a decade now. He’s super sharp and does an amazing job of digging up the most compelling evidence that gets you the most money possible for your injuries.

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Let our experience and proven track record of success go to work for you. Get the best chance possible of winning the most money you can get for your injuries.

Get all your questions answered. And maybe even learn legal strategies other lawyers have overlooked, as many of our clients do.

But you won’t feel any pressure to hire us on the spot. Simply relax, tell us what happened, and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

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Common Defenses to Dog Bite Injuries and How We Overcome Them

No one wants to pay for your injuries. Not the dog owner. And not their insurance company.

When it comes to dog bite cases, you have the burden of proof. The general idea is that you must show it’s “more likely than not” (greater than a 50% chance) that the dog in question caused your injuries.

And then you need to argue for fair compensation for those injuries.

When it comes to dog bite claims, dog owners and insurers will more than likely use one or more of the following defenses:

  1. You Trespassed

You can only recover compensation for your injuries if you were legally on the dog owner’s property when attacked. You can’t hold someone responsible for your injuries if you were illegally on their property. So, they may try to show that you weren’t invited onto their property and that you were in fact trespassing.

Having witnesses available helps overcome this defense.

  1. You Provoked the Dog

You potentially have responsibility when it comes to dog bite claims too. The defendant may try to say you got too close to the dog, took something from him, teased or tormented the dog, or engaged in other behavior likely to agitate him.

Provocation doesn’t necessarily need to be intentional. It can be something as simple as a child stepping on a dog’s tail.

Usually, this is pretty hard to show. If you have witnesses, or if the dog has a history of aggression, it’ll be difficult to prove that you provoked the dog somehow.

  1. You Were Warned

A simple “Beware of Dog” sign can be enough to absolve a dog’s owner of responsibility, assuming they also properly restrained their dog.

However, if you can show the sign was not clearly visible at the time of the attack, you may still be able to win your claim.

  1. You’re Not a Trustworthy Person

Insurers will use whatever information they can find against you. Rather than looking at the facts of your situation, they may choose to attack you personally.

They may scrutinize your social media accounts for evidence that questions your character.

The simplest defense? Temporarily shut down your social media accounts until after you’ve won your claim.

If the insurer has already gotten a hold of evidence that questions your character, we’ll simply present evidence of your good character.

  1. You Knew the Dog Was Likely to Harm You

This defense comes into play frequently with any kind of professional who performs a service for your dog. So, this would include veterinarians, their assistants, groomers, pet sitters, and kennel operators.

As a professional, you know any dog may bite you. But you knowingly and voluntarily take the risk to help a dog in some way.

In most cases, the court will see this defense as valid, and you won’t be able to recover compensation. However, if you’re an employee of a company that provides professional services for dogs, you may still be able to recover compensation if you were unnecessarily exposed to danger.

For example, the dog’s owner tells you the dog doesn’t like men. But you’re a man, and your boss, despite knowing that fact, makes you provide care for the dog. If you get attacked, you have a good chance at winning your claim because you were unnecessarily exposed to the risk of injury.

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If someone else’s dog bites you, you need the best attorney you can find. And one with the passion to get you the full compensation law allows for your injuries.

And you can afford the best because Mullen & Mullen only collects a fee after you win your claim. So, give us a call today. And learn what we can do for you. Remember, we won’t put any annoying sales pressure on you to hire us on the spot.

Simply get your questions answered. And make your decision when you feel ready. We won’t put any pressure on you to hire us on the spot, and we’ll come to your home, office, or hospital room if it makes it easier on you! Virtual consultations and sign-ups available.


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