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The day you hire us, mention this internet only special offer and you’ll receive a DISCOUNTED 29% CONTINGENCY FEE on cases that settle without the filing of a lawsuit. 90% of personal injury claims do settle without litigation. Reduced attorney fee does not apply to dangerous drug injury cases.

How Our Contingency Fee Works

Question: What is the typical personal injury contingency fee percentage contract in Texas on cases that don’t require that a lawsuit be filed?

Answer: 33.3% of the gross settlement proceeds.


Question: What contingency fee percentage does Mullen & Mullen offer on cases where a lawsuit does not need to be filed?

Answer: 29% of the gross settlement proceeds upon request.


Question: How do you request the 29% discounted contract rate?

Answer: You must request the discount on the date you retain our legal services. If requested you will automatically receive the discounted contingency fee contract rate.

An Example: On a $500,000.00 settlement our discounted contract would likely save you roughly $20,000.


Question: Why can you offer this discount?

Answer: We offer this discount because we’re confident in the quality of our settlements.

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