Mullen & Mullen Releases New Car Accident App to Help Save Drivers’ Lives, Reduce Serious Injuries, and Make Collecting Evidence Easier

Mullen & Mullen’s new, free, one-of-a-kind car accident app can help save drivers’ lives, prevent serious injuries, and help them more easily collect the information necessary to negotiate with insurers or win legal claims.

Dallas, TX January 22, 2019 – The NHTSA reports 37,000 fatalities and 2.35 million injuries happen on American roads each year. Further, they say more than 30% of those who lost their lives or experienced severe injuries could have lived or walked away with minor injuries if help were notified faster.

To save more lives and reduce the frequency of severe injuries, Mullen & Mullen has released a unique app that automatically notifies drivers’ emergency contacts if they are involved in a car accident. The app also includes several features which make gathering evidence about the crash easy and centralizes all that information in one convenient location.

“We identified a gaping need for an app of this kind,” said Managing Attorney Shane Mullen. “And it’s a phenomenal asset for drivers because not only can it save their life, but it collects data, such as traffic patterns, which drivers may not even be aware of. Plus, since lay people may not be aware of all the evidence to gather about their accident, or if they’re too severely injured to do so, it acts as a formidable weapon when negotiating with insurance companies or if a lawsuit becomes necessary.”

The app, available for both Android and iOS, contains several useful features:

  • Automatic detection of an accident using existing smartphone sensors. Upon identification of an accident, the app prompts the driver’s smartphone to send help notifications to a pre-selected list of emergency contacts.
  • A complete set of forms which helps drivers collect all the necessary information from the accident scene. This includes driver, witness, and passenger information, plus all other necessary data that comes into play when dealing with insurance companies or complex legal claims.
  • Automatic GPS locating, which gathers information on traffic patterns and driving conditions.
  • Camera, video recorder, and text notepad to help drivers record all necessary evidence at the accident scene.
  • An emergency services locator to help drivers identify the nearest hospitals and urgent care clinics.
  • A pain journal, which allows drivers to record the pain they experience. This can become extremely valuable evidence if a lawsuit becomes necessary.
  • An expense tracker, which allows injury victims to record all the financial costs related to their accident. This strengthens victims’ chances to get these expenses reimbursed by insurers or through lawsuits.

Drivers who want to skyrocket their chances of avoiding a fatal accident or one that ends in a serious injury, and drivers who want to easily collect powerful evidence that maximizes the financial compensation they can receive can download the app free at Google Play or the App Store

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