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Our Dallas Attorneys Will Maximize Your Lawsuit if Your Child Suffered Because of The Peloton Treadmill

Has your child suffered abrasions, fractures, or even death from being sucked underneath the Peloton Tread+?

The problem has become so widespread that both Peloton and the Consumer Products Safety Commission have issued public warnings. A Federal safety recall has been announced by the CPSC, but Peloton is fighting it.

Since this is a new issue, not many personal injury attorneys know how to win legal claims for injuries the Peloton Tread+ causes.

While Peloton has publicly acknowledged the issue, they’re still a publicly traded $30 billion company. They have vast financial resources they can use to hire the best attorneys available.

Mullen & Mullen has the experience and proven track record of success required to win your claim. And hiring our injury law firm gives you a greater opportunity to possibly win more than with other firms.

Why Should You Trust Mullen & Mullen to Win You More Money Than Other Personal Injury Law Firms?

There are many reasons. For starters, we have a small legal team of three experienced attorneys who have decades of success winning personal injury claims.

And unlike some larger firms, who assign inexperienced junior attorneys to do most of the real work on your claim, our experienced attorneys work together and do all the heavy lifting.

Look at some of the impeccable credentials our Peloton Tread+ injury attorneys will put to use on your behalf:

  • Managing Attorney Shane Mullen has won 4 claims worth more than $1 million each. In 2019, he won the fourth largest car accident claim in Texas. The claim was valued at $2.05 million.
  • Attorney Joseph Morrison has more than 20 years of experience. His client won more than twenty times the pre-suit offer in John Douglas v. Cameron.
  • Finally, Attorney Regis Mullen, Shane’s father, has more than 40 years of experience. He is also worked for insurance companies and knows all the possible defenses any large company might use.

In addition, Mullen & Mullen does not hire paralegals. This means the attorneys do the real work on your injury claim. And that leads to you winning more money just like AJ M. and his wife, who had this to say:

“Fantastic service by the Mullen & Mullen firm but [especially] from Joseph Morrison, who personally represented my wife and me. He was always available via text, which shocked me. If ever I had a question, I could speak directly to him and not a proxy. The communication and service were better than I could have hoped, and we received a larger settlement than we assumed.”

How Does Mullen & Mullen Put More Money in Your Pocket in Ways that Other Firms Can’t?

First, we do not contract out a private investigator’s services. Instead, we employ Mike Foster to do all private investigation.

It costs much less to employ a private investigator. Plus, Mike has been with us more than a decade and knows all the right questions to ask to find the most compelling information necessary to help us win your Dallas Peloton Tread+ injury claim.

We also have relationships with medical professionals and institutions who will delay billing until after your claim is settled. This will save you a ton of stress and time so you can focus on helping your child recover.

And finally, if your case settles out of court, you will pay just 29% of the final settlement value as your fee (usually personal injury lawyers charge 33.3%). 90% of the claims we handle are settled out of court because of the experience and skill used to argue your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Peloton Tread+ Injuries

Peloton Tread+ injuries are just now coming to the attention of the public. Learn more about the Peloton Tread+ and how to protect your child from the life-threatening injuries it causes:

How is the Peloton Tread+ Causing Injuries?

Injuries happen with the Peloton Tread+ when it is running without parents present. Children or pets play on it and find themselves suddenly sucked underneath by the tread.

Watch this video to see exactly how the accidents happen. Warning: the video may be disturbing.

How Can You Keep Your Children or Pets Safe?

At this point, no one knows for sure if the Peloton Tread+’s locking device works as intended. To guarantee the safety of your children and pets, you’re wisest to simply get rid of the Peloton Tread+.

The CPSC recommends you stop using the Peloton Tread+ immediately if you have small children. To date, 39 small children have suffered injuries, with one losing their life.

If you can’t get rid of it and must use it, keep your Peloton Tread+ in a locked room. And keep all objects, including any exercise equipment, away from it.

Also, remember that the company recommends that children under 16 not use the Tread+.

What Is Peloton Doing to Deal With The Issue?

While Peloton is fighting the CPSC’s desire to recall the Tread+, they do support warning consumers about the potential safety issues.

Per the company’s officially printed product instructions, they are publicly telling all Tread+ users to keep children, pets, and all other objects clear of the Tread+ at all times.

CEO John Foley also acknowledged the dangers in a March 18th letter posted publicly on the company’s website.

The CPSC cannot force a recall of the Tread+. They can ask Peloton to do a voluntary recall. However, they must successfully sue the company to force a recall of their product.

At the moment, Peloton is unwilling to do a recall and believes the Tread+ is safe when used according to their directions.

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